I have always found things that I have found bizarre.

I have always heard things that I have found bizarre. These might be theories in the crazy side or even now political opinions.

What I knew was that I would always find things that I would find bizarre and that they would likely get ever more bizarre.

There were some things I did not expect though..

That I would find the entire news networks right across the western world of both Europe and North America along with the UK of course.

I also did not expect to find people on YouTube to be not only battling against these bizarre groups as well as the news networks but I also did not expect them to have the huge numbers of followers that they do!

I was relieved for so many reasons.

I never expected the news networks to be so naïve that you started to wonder if they actually knew the realities of events occurring and that they were encouraging it for some agenda, whether this was for the owners of such networks of for governments for favours?

I am also always telling people that at the same points at either end of the political spectrum the case for whose worst does not apply. At each end the treatment of people is just as bad.

Also I have long since proved that their attitudes towards asylum seekers of a particular origin was wrong. I have always stated that on this Jeremy Corbyn was wrong and that is why he is not Prime Minister and I very much doubt he ever will be.

I have long since proved .. TWICE!

I have the recorded data to prove this and I also used that data to stop an event by involving other .. parties. Parties that eventually called me, when they lost track of me, and called me a genius.


Yeeeaaaaah ..

I am going to do this for a third time.

I was somewhere .. else for 8 days .. maybe 9 I lost track.

In the last couple of days I am home again and I am running around buying stuff to prepare for something .. big. Well .. a whole series of big things.

I have a reputation for .. rocking the boat in such events and my actions and my liaising with certain .. organisations is on record.

After one day I was spotted by someone and they asked who I was. Due to the nature and seriousness of the events that have taken place, you cannot get much worse in all honesty, a report would have been made. It would absolutely without a doubt included my presence. I was far away .. very far away from home and my presence would have set some .. off on one.

This report would have then been given to other .. organisations and within something like 24 or 48 hours there was some .. reactions. Or more accurately actions but curiously took place in a very short space of time before my presence being reported.

I saw six different people in 24 or 48 hours.

This .. event was so horrific that there was only one thing that could have possibly made it worse and that the threat that exists bbe carried out in part of as a whole.

There is even a webpage listing on .. hmm let me just check again ..

It is listed on

The initial hearing took place on August 18th 2017.

I already have a bloody ammunitions store over this one and can absolutely direct the blame to the attitudes of the extreme left and the news media.

I have done this many times before. From a distance.

I wont be at some extreme distance this time. I will be very up close and personal at some point and will continue to be throughout.

I will also take apart the offending community and show them up to be chancers and complete liars as well as show that they do have the exact attitudes that I have been attributing them with for a very long time now.

Neither side is going to like it and .. we are only in the very early stages yet and the lengths I am always prepared to go to are very, very .. far!

But there is this damned news press attitude that is so extreme left they appear to be not only fucking blind idiots but have wrecked hundreds if not thousands and maybe even millions of lives because of their cavalier attitude to certain areas. To certain .. people. A people that just take everything they want and use and abuse those that help them and then stand there stating we have a cheek and no right to challenge them in any way shape or form.

Because they are superior.

I will just state that .. I have heard from an extremely reliable source that a local Imam had demanded that the charges in a court case should be dropped. This man is guilty. As it turns out I am now hearing that the Home Office is investigating because the person facing ten years in prison did not come from the country he claimed to have come. Three quarters of a million pounds has also vanished into thin air. I am told this was because of gambling. Yeah .. no amount of gambling would get through three quarters of a million pounds. Oddly now that I am speaking to people I know about this they have all said the same thing. That leaves just one possibility and .. well if you could have seen my face.

Back into battle with the devil himself!

Our case should have hit the headlines before now. Instead they did a film called ‘The Three Girls’.

This time around ..

  • I have many more viewers each month than I did the last time I did this

  • I am going to be very, very close and personal with all the goings on

  • I am forced to make a huge alteration to my plans

  • Hilariously while this is going on the DWP and Job Centre are negating an agreement they had with me when I accepted to go self-employed and are screwing me over

  • Forms for self employment were long since signed and due to be self-employed from the 1st September .. except .. a load of crap has happened and I have paused shopping for the things I need

  • They had already screwed me over when they removed PIP payments for a disability I have they said they would never go after

  • I also have one solicitor

  • I have also had a family member steal £35,000 from me and others

  • I was to approach a solicitor about that with everyone’s backing

  • My disability causes various pains, skin conditions, loo problems and short term memory issues

  • Did I ever mention I had memory problems?! LMAO

Yeah so .. all that happened!

Thus far people I know are absolutely stunned. One is away on holiday and only knows bits and pieces and even he is stunned.

Previous theories forced upon me went south for the winter.

It was funny because one was so sure of his theories and he said .. “How many times did she get drunk?” and I replied “Other than me as there was as street party waiting for me she never drunk. She refused drinks offered the first night and alcohol was not even talked about in the 8 days I was there” to which he replied with a surprised “oh”.

People are so quick to come up with their opinions about situations and/or people they either know nothing or very little about and on this occasion have not even met and then do not like it when they are proved wrong.

I get fucking morons all the time on YouTube stating crap or just name calling. One called me a drama queen because I was warning people about dodgy PC tablets from PC World. He even said I was talking bollocks when in the video there was no less than THREE separate tablets of the same model.

Only one type or person would comment and say something as fucking stupid as that .. a PC World employee, owner or fanboy. Except I find it hard to believe that anyone could fanboy over a store.

A drama queen? Over a couple of repeatedly faulty tablet PC’s? Are you fucking mad?!

And that is what I love about what I do, because as much as it frustrating I can get people to expose themselves for the fakes, corrupt or just plain idiots that they are.

They think themselves so highly intelligent and they are so sure of themselves and then they go and say something stupid. A fucking drama queen over faulty tablet PC’s?!

You bloody moron!!

That .. was something that in the bigger picture was pretty .. trifle, strange as it may sound to read that. But it is.

Drama queen?

Yeah .. someone who has had dealings repeatedly with Police, their forensics along with MI5 and GCHQ with the latter interested in hiring me many years ago. Kinda glad I didn’t to be honest.

Yeah .. about to do that once again!


Drama Queen?! Laughing my fucking ass off I was over that. I thought to myself how much of an idiot I could have made him or her look purely be searching through my 3,000 posts and finding the ones where what I am involved with is huge and where I saved many lives and averted fatal tragedies and I bet you anything that MI5 and GCHQ would never have believed I would find out about what they did.

Funny that? They call me genius and then think I am too stupid to find out what actually went down?! Yeah .. takes me a little time sometimes but it does eventually come.

Took something like a year or more and then someone who was a security guard where something went down with MI5, talked about it and it eventually got back to me.


Never mind the acknowledgement or the praise. I achieved that which I set out to do.

It is THAT to which they are all aware.

I am now aware all over again.

In fact I will go as far as stating that a recent event left me in tears. Tears that lasted for one hundred miles … the whole of the M53 to the M56 and somewhere on the M6 before it ceased. Albeit only momentarily.

So the press then?

Fucking morons, or evil people with an agenda to achieve power, are about to come unstuck. Because they still push their naïve narratives and yet there has been several .. no, sorry dozens of stories that have proved that they are part and parcel of what has been effectively destroying the lives of many people.

Ooh .. maybe .. just maybe this has not hit home with the wider public because no one, or at least not many, have been able to show the stories in comparison to these extreme left attitudes?

Maybe it is also because none of these people that do accuse the news networks of these leftist narratives have been up close and personal?

Or and possibly ‘and’ maybe there are very few people that can explain things in the ways that I do? Well .. on a good day of course. When I lay out the facts and realities and I no doubt go on rambling rants from tie to time? Sometimes I am in pain or I am tired or maybe my memory is just going blank on me?

Or maybe I am in the middle of chasing bad guys and lighting fires under the seats of a great any people in a long list of organisations?

Yeah from now until at least February 2018 it is now going to be the latter.

Yeah I have kinda expected something for several months now. At first it was just a glimmer of a theory that I then just ignored. Then a couple of months ago that theory became a little more focused in my mind.

Eight days ago I discovered the theory to not only be true but actually far worse than I imagine and the worst one of all.

Well .. they do not call it a ‘historical case’ for nothing.

But what do I mean about these attitudes in the western press? The blindness to the extreme left or the agenda to protect those of the extreme left and to help them flourish?

Yeah well this Romanian guy called ‘Vee’ on YouTube can not only explain it better than I can he can show you clips of CNN and them revealing this clear attitude.

A number of people in the studio and while speaking about the incident at Charlottesville in America one guy said that both sides were bad, when they remarked that Donald Trump’s response was not good enough and biased against the left. No one agreed with her, including a black woman, and when asked why he considered the extreme left to be as bad as the extreme right he gave the absolutely best answer you could give. It was one that I have given to people over and over and over again and even made me wonder if he had read my blog?!

He simply said “Your asking me to choose between Hitler and Stalinism!”

The man should have dropped the mic and simply walked out!



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