I have had .. something going on in the background.

I have, or may have, hinted about this but in all honesty I did not know what I would find when I .. got there.

I found a lot.

In fact it was far worse than I could ever have imagined .. far, far worse.

A post telling some but not all for now will be appearing very soon.

It also looks as if I will be treading in murky waters long since forgotten and never thought I would see again.

I .. have had to alter a lot of my plans.

Things look to be somewhat more up close and personal .. at least that is what I am now expecting and even .. planning for.

There is a series of threats to some very young lives .. I have been spending time with.

But I did take them Bird Watching .. kinda ..

Oh and I was told about the site of an explosion I need to look up and read about .. in a place called New Ferry in the Wirral..

One thing I am well known for is not being confined to a single area of expertise. I am not someone that sticks to a single specialist subject.

I have many but along the way some other things started to get my attention .. such as the world I live in not actually appearing as it does, or rather how they like it to appear.

Site of Explosion at New Ferry taken around 20th August 2018 ..

Annnd some wildlife at Colwyn Bay, North Wales ..


Gatekeeper Butterfly at Colwyn Bay


White Wagtails ..


Redshank ..


Oystercatchers ..


I think these are young Grey Wagtails ..


Curlew ..


Super rare Wader Pigeons LOL ..


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