Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

Straight after posting about the fecking incompetence, naivety and stupidity of the government and public services someone mentions this in the news?!


Well it’s a start.

A start that’s twenty five years too late no matter how you look at it.

They had better be able to lay their hands on some bloody big shovels.

Although this inbuilt fear is referred to as ‘cultural sensitivities’. Cultural sensitivities?

That’s the fucking understatement of the fucking millennia!

I wonder if the revelation of the slavery report when they are still unraveling the paedophile rings, plural though they have both been quiet for many months, made someone come out and say it?!

But then maybe the not so blind, naive and stupid see this as a way of getting their careers to leap several tiers at once?

I would.

So I imagine others works too?

A chance to propel themselves into the limelight and doing something positive for the British people for a change?

Nahh. We could never be that lucky.

But then .. my luck of changing and along with being right in the middle of a shed load of restructuring .. I’m also weeks away from starting a long string or reveals.

Yeaaah I’ve not been stating too much about what I’ve been doing. Other than the .. big purchases I’ve been making, I’ve been to to other things for a very long time. Also something was spring upon me that I’m going to turn into a weapon.

Let’s just say that a very, very major public service consisting of two household names and linked to a third has tried to fuck me over.

They are right in the middle of fucking me over and we are taking hours away instead of days.

Unfortunately for them there is a whole bunch of paperwork that’s going to expose them if they insist on continuing along their present path. I can say that the documentation will be the least of their concerns.

The one thing you do not do is allow me to ask some very awkward and some trick questions.

The awkward and the tricky are never, ever obvious and quite the opposite in fact.

It was annoying but weird when it happened. I was not only led into a trap but I was also blatantly lied to. Twice. By two different people and within twenty minutes of each other?!

I pulled both of them in turn and explained the truth to them.

One looked away and shrugged her shoulders.

The other said “Oh I’m just giving you an example” to which I answered “Well try a correct one!”

To add to the mystery .. she was talking on the very thing she lied about.

Hmm funny how I was lied to twice in twenty minutes by two women?

Huh, do you think that they thought it would be a good idea to hire women because they are good liars? Lol.

Hmm .. come to think of it .. they are all women there. Oops .. no, there is one guy I can think of. I have never spoken to him though.

Huh? Now that I think about it and never have before .. much of the public services staff seem to be women??

That’s funny I thought there was supposed to be some problem with women getting cushy jobs?!

I bet all the staff working in the sewers are women too? Oh .. no .. wait?


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Child sex abuse an ‘affront’ to all groups, says Rudd –


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