Hmm ..

I see the mainstream media, or at least the BBC, are still reporting on anything that occurs with this inevitably ill fated hyperloop vacuum, magnetised .. pod … train?

When I first heard about this I thought it was completely bonkers. No that’s not changed nor will it ever change. It’s bonkers.

It couldn’t possibly work the way they described it. I was completely overjoyed when I discovered someone detailing the science and debunking the idea.

I mean the first thing I thought was, well let’s leave aside the huge and obviously problem of a vacuum tube with the pressures involved and God knows how many miles long. Yeah let’s leave that aside and consider just two things. I could not help but wonder about the issue of heat. Also the issue of Earthquakes.

A sun beating down on mile upon mile of metal tubes will have an effect. Even if it’s a very small one .. with the speeds involved and close proximity the the tube walls to that of the pod? Yup .. no. An Earthquake had the same affect but just amplified in movement of the tubes and happening very, very quickly.

Also creating a vacuum in a very large pipe that is hundreds of miles long? That must take a monumental amount of energy? How would they get around that?

Then there were these daft claims about being solar powered as well as the 650mph speeds.

But every daft little test that they do and the speed years they perform get reported on.

The letters test run reached the speed of 192mph and they are celebrating that? Sorry but there have been cars around that can beat that speed and are in physical contact with the ground. But floating on magnets and nor do they have a vacuum tube.

Huh .. I fell asleep two maybe three nights ago when I typed this out and due to the number o things going on, house move, being .. umm investigated, three sets of tools to buy for .. and starting a business, going self-employed in the process, my health conditions, pain and memory problems and .. umm .. oh yeah still going out filming and photographing things with a new and professional camera I am trying to familiarise myself with. Do not know whether I will move my belongings directly to a new home or into storage temporarily .. and .. umm .. ooh yeah going away for a week or two during all this!

Probably forgotten some stuff? Lol.

Yeah the hyperloop?

I love new technology and new gadgets, I really do.

But sometimes I see things that are either just impossible to achieve even on first thoughts, prove to be impossible to create. Yet whenever I read about anything there is always some dastardly plan that involves receiving billions of pounds or dollars.

There are so many chancers out there and so many fake (news), I have a more derogatory word for them, scientists just trying and wanting so hard to be on TV that it is scary.

I also see the powerful and/or world leaders taking forever to meet up and then making decisions based upon bad, unproven or flatly wrong data.

Oddly and during the few days this did not get finished and published .. I see a strange video by an American photographer called Jason Lanier. He showed a video where in a couple of places he was doing a shoot and he was told he had to leave unless he paid $500 for permits on what basically, wll would be in the UK, public land anyway.

In the comments section there was someone called Dana, I think it was, that resolutely answered several times in a very lengthy way to everyone that complained about this and defended the laws. Yes there were indeed laws .. but they seemed to miss the point that they were stupid laws.

I think that what they and a couple others were actually thinking is that Jason Lanier made a lot of money as a photographer and that he was being tight, had a bit of envy if you ask me, and that Mr Lanier was making it worse for the rest of us. They actually made that last statement which I thought was weird.

Who exactly is ‘the rest of us’? Because it is abundantly clear that anyone just shooting with a camera, say like a tourist, is OK and will not be bothered. If your not a tourist then you are a photographer, even if it is just a hobby there is always a point that if you stick to it long enough and have a good eye for a picture .. you become a professional or at least semi-professional photographer.

In one place in the video the guy asking him questions was actually polite, unlike the previous guy who was a fucking selfish and rude half-wit. Yeah? Disagree? Yeah well after saying that he did not have thirty minutes to hang around to prove to himself that the shoot was not a commercial one and after Mr Lanier not answering the question of when he will leave this dumb-arse then said “Right, well I will stay here until you do!”

Now if it were me .. I would have sat in my car for thirty minutes, got out and gone over to him and then said “Right, you said on camera, dumb-arse, that you did not have thirty minutes to watch and check us over thirty minutes ago? YOUR STILL HERE?! I am now going to sue your arse!”

Now this is something I never would have thought would occur in the UK and indeed some UK based comments stated that it did not. Until someone that lives near the River Thames commented that him and a bunch of other people with cameras and tripods down by the river from 1am to 3am taking pictures of an eclipse of the moon, I think it was, were told to leave. Because they had tripods. You cannot take those types of pictures without tripods. Worse still is they were taking pictures o the fucking moon!

It gets worse .. one chap was actually from California and had flown all the way to London just to take a picture of this eclipse with Big Ben as part of the scene! Yeah he was a little pissed .. understandably. Lol, poor chap!

The number of comments about this ongoing thing in America that included the line “The Land of The Fee” was hilarious. It also seems that if your brave just a little bit you get charged? Lol.

Personally and if it were me I would have told each of these arseholes to fuck right off and that is after belittling them and giving them a lecture about common sense and that the government do not own everything and therefore charge a fee for everything. Nor do they own a moon or any of the scenery.

I am going to pause this here but .. I am going to try to think of some very obvious problems with this charge for everything attitude. I did think of some the other night but have forgotten them! Lol.

Where so you draw the line? Also like a great many people said .. if they are now doing this, what will be next? Yeah the comments of charging for air were a bit over the top but it is creeping ever closer to that kind of thing. I mean as far as being ridiculous is being concerned it is not that far off.

As an argument someone said “So when a big multi-million dollar movie is being filmed and my house is in it, technically they owe me money?!” and this .. defenders argument was to say “Well most people would say “Hell Yeah” to their house being in a movie”. What? That’s your argument? I really could not stop laughing when I read it or their repeated postings of the law to prove their point.

Just because it is the LAW does not make it right as their are a lot of idiotic laws and neither does it not make it ridiculous.

Before I pause and go off somewhere consider this .. each time, as it appears to have been for time in memorial, a law is passed this law has to bee enforced. That means more people, more courts and more lawyers and look where that has gotten us?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Hyperloop One: Passenger pod tested successfully – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-40811172

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