Well then?

Absolutely no problems to controlling the housing market, not modernising and ancient and outdated system and taking away the welfare state.

Placing both disabled and poor people on the street .. according to their own words over the years there are no fears to sleeping on the street.

Coming from organisations that think themselves as being very left, politically. Yeah, no problems whatsoever.

Oh wait ..

There is slavery and not only does it exist, as just one threat of many to everyone, but they bite claim is in every major town and city?!

Huh?! I wonder if any parallels will be drawn with the paedophile ring problem?!

This is what you get when a far left attitude, which largely consists of blindness, naivety and stupidity, affects and infiltrates the government and public service sector.

Someone has to make the sacrifice and it’s not those in the public service sector our government. It can’t be those where the government or public services can be given that ‘R’ word label they fear so much.

Well .. that only leaves one, doesn’t it?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Modern slavery and trafficking ‘in every UK town and city’ –


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