Well I am now up to a total of two, though technically three, lenses for my new Sony A99 II DSLT camera!

After purchasing the camera and a 70-200mm f28 lens and after what was a screw up for the second time in this order process .. and after racing down to Sussex with one brother, one niece and one very young nephew I ended up picking up the stuff I had ordered that their web page screwed up. Lol.

I noticed the problem with the order immediately and emailed the store and they ssaid that it was OK and that the order had gone through.

The following day I was told it was held back due to an item being out of stock. This was frustrating as the main part of the order was the lens and a very expensive one at that, though to be fair there are others out there a lot more expensive than this one and on my wanted list too! Annoying as the item out of stock was a 8ml bottle of sensor cleaner that I did not actually need straight away. Just ordered it just in case there was a mishap.

They offered to split the order but the next day when it was originally due to turn up I had another email to say that there was an error when I ordered it .. the same error they said was OK!

So at 3pm in the afternoon I text my brother about it who had been enjoying a day off and he said “Why don’t WE go down there now?!” So we did.

It got worse as after getting the order together their computer said “Do not take payment” lol and they did not know what it meant. Turned out it was for them upstairs because for all they knew I did not have the funds to pay for the items.

So .. the store was Park Cameras, in Burgess Hill in Sussex, and if you want to order from them online .. do NOT do it using Google’s Chrome ass I realised that this was where the problem lies .. when a phone number of theirs did not display properly.

Nice store. Very nice store and plenty on display, though if your into Sony gear apparently Sony are revamping their Sony cabinets.

Saw the new Fuji medium format camera in there, GFX-50 is it?

Got talking to an older and friendly chap about Nikon and Leica and a bit about camera history. Yeah I might technically be new, like one idiot comment seem to insinuate, but my first SLR was a Minolta X-300 and that was a current camera when I owned it.

My first digital SLR was a Canon D350. But I never used it to its full potential and a friend’s wife bought all my gear off me. Oooh yeah I was building a mountain bike that ended up in What Mountain Bike Magazine. Based on a Litespeed Ocoee Titanium frame. Sorry . could not remember why I sold it at the time. Taking a camera out with me on a bike had not occurred to me at the time but then I did not reckon on cycling so far I was actually getting to some neat nature spots and would find orchids too?!

Anyway .. after leaving Park Cameras we decided to go to Ditchling Common which was an old haunt of ours when we were kids. I used to live in Brighton for a bit to when a teenager and used to cycle to Ditchling Common. Vera Lynn used to live not far from there.

Of course as is the norm for me and has been this way since I bought my car . the weather was utter crap and it actually started to rain as soon as we got out the car at Ditchling.

Oh and I had one of my funny .. turns.  I have mentioned this to my GP and for so long now I have now mentioned it to two GP’s. I also mentioned it very recently because it is sparked off by being in a vehicle but only trains thus far. I do not travel very far on my own due to my health conditions anyway, or at least didn’t before buying a car. But I did catch a train once a week to go just two stops and sometimes I was OK and other times it would suddenly feel like the train was falling through a hole in the ground and I would grab a hold of a bar in a knee jerk lie reaction.

I had been OK on the journey but had forgotten to take the pills for it. He missed a roundabout exit and he then nearly took a wrong one and jerked the car to the right and WHAM! No we did not hit George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Their was like a slow motion feeling it kinda felt like .. or like there was a tiny delay in my ight or something and boom. I grabbed a hold of the door handle and was uttering “Oh shit! No-no-no!”

Now for an examplee of my short term memory issue..

I would have given anything to not have felt like that or to make it go, it did but took about 20 minutes and once we were back on the M25..

Except after I got home I remembered that I had the effing pills in my bum bag the whole effing time and is what the damned bag was bought for!! Go figure!

As for the person that commented on my mistake and was probably the on that gave me my first vote .. aa down vote! Feck you!

I fucking hate instant experts and fanboys. The funny thing is when I looked into how I made the error .. it looks like that the only fucking difference between the model lens I called mine originally and the real thing only had one, or technically two, differences. One has a ‘M’ after the ‘G’ and a gold ‘G’ label?! Yesss technically one is an E-Mount and one is an A-Mount lens.

But I kept thinking to myself “Jesus Christ, has fanboyism gotten so bad that they are even turning against products produced by the same company that produced theirs?!”

And just when I thought things could not get any sadder than they already were?!

Sorry but your not tech people at all. I see this everywhere and in computing it is AMD v nVidia or AMD vs Intel and in cameras it is Nikon vs Sony or Canon vs Sony or Fuji vs Sony, one moron likes to do all three. Then there is gaming and it its XBox against PS4 or both of them against PC gaming. Even in the game titles you get it. It is fecking madness.

What makes it worse is the morons that do it fail to see that they are morons and not tech enthusiasts are experts of any kind! Lol.

What with all that and the Social Justice Warriors, the left versus the right and all the fake news crap and the convenient mainstream news reporting and I cannot help but wonder where the world is heading to?

Anyway here is an unboxing video of my latest lens ..


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