Crap! I was supposed to post this several days ago .. ooooh it must have been that morning I got ”the call? Lol

I .. I didn’t know whether to laugh out very over this.

Scientists have just figured out that ice melts at different speeds.

Because of Algae.

Umm .. forgive me if I’m wrong but haven’t we had scientists on areas of large amounts of ice all over the world for bloody years? Decades even?

They have only just figured out that algae grows on ice and this absorbs more heat from the sun and therefore it melts more rapidly?

I love the way they reported to viewers that algae are tiny plants?! Lmao!

Oh dear oh dear.

Would it be safe to assume then that they have also not factored in what would happen to the speed the ice was melting of a volcano dumped ash on it over several square miles?

Ooh I bet then they have not considered could occur if a whole series of volcanoes erupted and dumped ash on several different large areas of ice??

Oh dear.

It’s funny I say that as it stays fresh in my mind that there had been a flurry of volcano activity recently.

Dark ice melts faster? Jesus Christ! All the bloody funding for all these years and .. dark ice melting faster has just been discovered?!

I’ve been avoiding buying black shirts and sports vests for bloody years.

I wonder if I should provide them with my email in case they want any other glaringly obvious answers that I wouldn’t even consider to be scientific?

Other breaking news: Water is wet too.

It’s funny as the very first thing I thought of after I managed to get over this stupid science report? It was the possibility of the right number of volcanoes going off in a short enough period of time that dumps volcanic ash on just the right amount of ice.

I mean if you think about it .. volcanoes don’t have to be in the immediate vicinity of any permanent ice sheet. The particulates rising high enough and getting blown by winds going on the right, or wrong depending how you look at it, direction?

Algae? Hmm .. yeah it makes a difference but whether it’s to a degree that’s significant to us is another matter. Because just like plants algae, or at least the types I am familiar with, need food.


Take a guess where you can get nutrients from for plant life? I’ll give you a clue .. the land surrounding these things are always the most fertile? VOLCANOES!


How long do you think it would be before the penny drops?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Sea level warning as Greenland darkens – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-40686984


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