I needed to get several things before I could effectively launch things into a higher stratosphere.

In fact waiting around for that issue to take place I wondered just how long it would take me to complete everything I need to do?

Before I could get anything else or in fact DO anything else that I need to do there was one thing I needed before all others. Something hat would help me acquire everything else a lot easier.

This something would also be key to expanding what I do.

I also would help me from coming home each time I have to leave the house and being effing knackered!

I was torn over what to do .. I had basically narrowed things down to two things and I did flip-flop between them, it has to be said.

Just like something else from two years ago I found myself waiting on others and waiting for something to end. From something that occurred way back in January 2017 where it is now almost August 2017.

There was delay after delay and not much in the way of reasons given as to why this kept happening and dozens of conversations have taken place over it. Very literally.

Along with this issue coming to an end .. well .. something else has occurred. An old story from a couple of years back is suddenly .. back on the agenda. Very literally it would seem?!

So it looks like that this old story involving public service corruption, the Police and some secret service agents might just now be about to unfold?

It is now beginning to look that it iss very possible that a great deal more, than even I expected, conclusions, reasons and events could be disclosed on here?

Trust me on this one .. if this other .. event is now coming to a close right now and roughly a few weeks after the one that ended now .. this would be just so surreal.

Anyone that has been coming here a long time may know exactly what it is I am referring to and if hey worked out that one and have workeed out this one too .. well I am williing to bet they just might be thinking ‘WOW!’ or even WTF?!’

I know I am.

Also .. what occurred is actually not over because only 50% of what was, was .. spread out. This kind of made things more difficult while at he same time was going to force change upon me. Though onee very, very major change I had contemplated for years. Though without the very primary tool I needed above all else made that change impossible .. due to my health conditions.

Not any more ..

I spent today firs waiting for someone to arrive at my home and then check something out. I then went on a journey where a certain connection failed and stalled the proceedings. After waiting outside and chugging on a cigarette I was then told we were ready to go.

This first thing I needed above all others could have taken weeks to find and acquire. I was half expecting it to.

It did not …


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