Well it had to happen sooner or later.

Except .. I did not realise what it was at first.

On my YouTube channel I try to inform people of the truth in many things, though mainly it is done via blogging but with the odd video to back it up. I actually plan on some big changes very soon.

Now I have a video for bloody ages back where I showed no less than three, 3, Advent Tegra Note tablets. Been there a couple of years and a few people have agreed, told me about them being cheated by PC World and even a few links.

Rather bizarrely I noticed that the video got quite a few dislikes? For telling the truth and trying to be informative?

Well .. I only noticed this because in just a few days I have had two very peculiar comments by people that .. well do not have much in the way of a profile. I think the first one had joined YouTube in the recent past?

Anyway first I had someone claimed that they was a PC World employee and that all staff used to laugh at people like me that bought this particular tablet as it was obviously crap and that people that bought them do not know tech?!

I roared with laughter over that because anyone who was into tech would have known that these might have been badged Advent but that did not mean they were made by PC World, in fact it was EVGA a graphics card manufacturer and was either the most powerful tablet PC at the time or not far from it.

I pointed this out and put it to him that he must have therefore known they were all faulty used ones they were selling and I asked if this was the case? He simply put ..

“scrub lol”

Then someone whined about my video and I must have mentioned wanting to sue the NHS in the video as someone put ..

“Suing the NHS?! WTF?!”

Ugh. The world is full of morons that listen or read something and then without knowing fuck all about the situation decide that you are wrong. I mean the fact that I have recorded evidence of it a dozen times over .. yeah that counts for nothing because these people blessed with divination powers are obviously very powerful?

Then I had another one and it stated I was cringey and there was another “WTF?!” about suing the NHS and I was like “Yawn!”

Why the fuck are people so fucking stupid and dense and they even went on to say there was no way that I had a degree in applied computing .. actually putting “My Ass!”

So I went and looked at their profiles because in my experience people that want to argue online but who are not too sure if they will win normally make up second accounts, or even more with some people, so they can disappear when beaten.

Yeah so .. actually three people in a row whining and a bunch of dislikes. When they acted as if the NHS was God himself I also put that they should go and watch videos on YouTube by Sargon of Akkad and Tim Pool. BEFORE I looked at a particular profile that had fuck all in it and two subscribers. The video feaured on their profile was one about gay couples .. I thought “Uh-oh? IS this … ?” I then read the About me and boom! LBGQT3LOON’s was mentioned.

It aalso stated about keeping up the fight. Lol.

I though “Ooooh for fuck sake, these some of these extreme left loons have found me!”

Well I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. I thought I had at least six months before I started getting the vile and the screaming that others more well known than me usually get?

But no.

Hopefully it will just quiet down again?

Really not in the right period of my life to deal with these people that call everyone names and other nasty things and then have the cheek to accuse them of being childish on top when only one of them has been calling the other names. Lol, I think that is just so fucking hilarious!

It is in the comments section of the video below with one being called Skyelar something or the other and the others you can find. Not many comments on that one. I just put that on my channel to warn others about faulty goods being sold to people and I later found out I was one of many doing this.

As I said to this Skyelar .. I have helped many people and even had men of the cloth thank me after listening to my proof that the NHS lie.

What made me wonder about the .. group that these people might belong to is that they .. well they really are ignorant of the facts when it does not fit their narratives or feelings.

I mean they havee missed the obvious here .. I do not have one Advent PC Tablet and nor do I have two Advent PC Tableets in the video, I have no less than THREE Advent PC Tablets in the video I still have and was refunded for on every single one of them well over a year after purchasing them. PROBABLY because they saw my YouTube videos and got all the staff to hit the dislike button, lol.

They are not ver going to come back to my channel, at least under the same name lol, but I am to stop helping people because .. they said so? LMAO!

THREE identical tablets owned by THREE different people, all of which were repaired between two and five times but I am talking shit, of course…


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