Oh how I laughed.

So yet another news report comes out into the open that highlights the hypocrisy of those on the left, or more accurately like to give the impression that they are left?

You had better believe it.

Oddly it comes just as the same organisation in said report also creates a world wide reaching tsunami with a big change that has never occurred before in something like 54 years.

My hated BBC released it’s employee salary details.

Once again the world goes mad, or rather a relatively small, yes .. fraction wise, get triggered, start posting comments online that then gets a majority of the other side triggered.

Triggering the trigger happy!

So a list of people that are paid hundreds of thousands per year has caused mayhem because women are missing from the lists in a big way.

It is funny how this push for equality when it comes to paying salaries simply fail to realise we live in a capitalist society. But they want communist like things to occur in certain areas. That suits them or benefits them.

Whether this is right or wrong I cannot say. Because I do not know the details.

Now it could well be that it just turns out that men are more popular on TV and I would imagine this would certainly be true for certain times of the day? For instance someone on TV during the working hours has more woman watching them than men? Due to stay at home wives or mothers that prefer to bring up their own children and not pay for someone else to do it? Just throwing that out there off the top of my head, of course.

I have no issues with any woman being the star of something and in some cases getting the same pay but .. I simply cannot even bother to read this stuff, especially if it is lengthy. Because your speaking about people that earn hundreds of thousands per year, in this instance. In others, say like movie stars, your talking about millions or even tens of millions. Sorry .. cannot get invested with that.

Every single time I speak to anyone about this, mostly men but some women, I get the same things said to me. ‘If thre was a woman that could beat Muhammad Ali then yeah, OK’ was a very recent one and I had never thought of that myself. I claimed the main one I always do, ‘Well if they fill the same amounts of seats and play over the same amount of sets in Tennis?!’ and then I said about just having one Tennis tournament at Wimbledon with both the men and the women playing each other.

The way I see it is that a bunch of people want to force evolution and evolution simply cannot be forced. In some things.

I also stated that until the seats are filled to almost capacity and for the same ticket prices in women’s football you cannot expect the same salaries as the men which are already beyond ridiculous. And to my mind these salaries in this day and age and with all the financial turmoil felt recently, are nothing short of insulting to most people.

I have noticed some bloody big purchases in football this summer and we still have around 5 weeks to go yet!

I was deeply involved in the gay community some years ago and I have been asking people recently if they know what they call ‘straight’ people? No one seems to know and I have not come across anyone in ten years that is aware of what they call straight people.

I know this because they would talk to each other, tell each other stories in front of me and the ‘label’ would slip out. Then the person that uttered it or someone else would pull a face and it would go silent. I would then look around to see them all looking at me, they would then apologise and I would burst into laughter. They would then be surprised at this and all burst into laughter.

We are called ”SCUM’.


Before I tell you my initial thoughts about that label I will first tell you what a my friend said to me once. It was she I was close with .. matey .. pally you might say. Butch, gay, Scottish lesbian. Let us get that out of the way.

One day we sat in a pub having something to eat on Holloway Road in North London. She turned to me and said “Do you know what? You have totally changed me since we have been friends!” I asked how this was so and she answered “Before I met you I would never walk into a straight pub, bar or restaurant .. but .. you hang around with me, hang around with my friends and will just go anywhere and do not give a f*!k!” I burst out laughing and asked if she was serious. I had not personally noticed anything myself. But I was .. both a little flattered and pleased that I had, had a positive effect.

There were very likely other things they benefited from with me.

I have not seen them in over ten years now.

Now do you know what I thought at the time? With the label of ‘scum’? I thought that this had come about because they had obviously gotten a hard time from other people throughout their lives for being gay.

Do you know something else they learnt from me? You do not have to be an idiot as well as straight and in turn I learned that things are just the same in the gay community. The relationship problems are really not that different to those that are straight. My friend had broken up with her lover while we were friends. I was someone sh could talk to. Even about her relationship.

People are just that, people.

So do you know what else I also think these days along with the evolution being forced when it cannot? I see parties bashing others over the head because they have had a hard time. So much so that they want the entire system, or at least parts of it, to go swinging the other way and so much so that when it gets there it will be equally unfair.

Sometimes these things are just plain bonkers and extremely expensive and that no public service or private company would ever put into practice. You know like having forty two different toilets, opr some ridiculous number?

What makes all this even worse is that they are just the entertainment monkeys. They appear on TV in some program or others or even in the news and an audience made up of Seals that clap their hands like furious idiots each time they say or do something they like. They then expect more money next time?! Riiight.

In the case of the news they are even twisting the facts to suit their leftist leaning narrative or plainly lying their fucking socks off. Oh and lest we forget that they avoid some very massive stories like they are afflicted with the black plague!

None have saved lives and in fact it could turn out that many times over the past the news has caused breakouts of violence? But I am sure that others have looked into that and probably published things that make it look very likely that they did, or did indeed actually do?

What is certain is that none of them have saved any lives that I know of while doing the entertaining monkey bit?

But a walk through the local Sainburys and it appears that all of the tabloids have these salary discrepancies all over their front pages?!

But wait a minute .. everyonee in entertainment and everyone in sport too have agents? This has been the case for a very, very long time and everyone fucking knows it. What everyone and their brother, and sister, also knows damn well is that these agents work to get the best salaries. Ergo they are going to be very different and that goes between one man and another and a man or a woman.

Right, have you got that? Has that little obvious truth for a long, long time sunk in yet?

They use agents and the agents work to get the best salaries/contracts for their clients. Someone does this for them. Not them themselves .. someone else.

Would it not be prudent to approach the agents and ask them why there is a discrepancy?

It is clear that they are either clearly cut off from reality or they simply do not care and think that 90% of the public are blithering idiots? Well they might have something there? It is entertainment and these forms of entertainment, indeed all forms of entertainment, all exist in a capitalist society.

What is bizarre is they speak about control of the media in other countries, North Korea being a prefect example, and yet they do the exact same thing. That is until something so big happens that they simply cannot avoid it without it looking completely obvious to absolutely everyone.

The BBC operate in the exact same regard as the NHS in this instance.

NHS cannot ignore things like Cancer in patients but anything else that is not going to kill someone or result in football size blisters, making it fucking obvious, they can avoid dealing with by lying about. I know .. I lived through it .. for twenty years plus. Though I only started to suspect around .. umm .. somewhere between 2005-2007. Took another 5 years before I knew for certain. Another couple of years to record them and then get the proof.

Proof. Unquestionable and undeniable proof. So I told them necessary authorities what I had and yet I expected them to do nothing too. So what I did is just .. told them what I had and guess what? No one asked for the proof. Added to this .. the PHSO worked on it for two years and then told me they did nnot know who in the hell I was and that the person that was dealing with me they had never heard of either. I told them if they was going to be a corrupt organisation perhaps they should not put the names of their employees in the email addresses, which I told them I still had.

Oddly enough I never heard from the PHSO ever again.

They lie. They ALL lie. Sorry .. just a simple fact that can never be disproved while I have been able to prove it for many years now. The late Michael Meacher even asked if he could use my data and recordings in the House of Commons.

You the reader not willing or wanting to believe because you would rather shove your head in the sand only hurts you.

The emails and many recordings are here .. and have been for a very, very long time.


I tell the truth .. people refuse to believe and the whole time there are all these bloody wars! A long list could be made up of the wars going on at the moment, many of which wont be covered either at all or factually by the mainstream media. When nI say mainstream media I mean the biggest names in at least the UK and the USA. Europe? I just do not know but I have read reports that it is the same elsewhere. Sweden, for example?

They leaned one way and they got it wrong. But they blatantly refuse to accept that they are wrong and their ideas are wrong. Maybe this is just because they do not want to admit that they are wrong or that they have this Utopian idea in their heads and refuse to accept that is wrong?

By refusing to admit you are wrong when it is quite obvious to everyone else you are actually doing a number of very bad things ..

  • Forcing the public to distance themselves further and further from you and more and more with each passing day

  • Making the situation far, far worse

Maybe this has happened in the past and no one noticed it? Maybe in the seventies or eighties? I do not know. But I can tell you one thing ..

  • I predicted this

  • I will be here to emphasize the above so no one is under any illusions

  • The illusions will end


Yeah I did say from the outset that what I set out to do would take a long time.

Oh .. speaking of which .. I spent money and a hell of a lot of time doing what I have done and I have been blogging for almost five years, in just a few weeks, and was preparing for the blogs at least four years before I started. An argument can be made for a lot longer as I have medical notes and letters going back to … umm 2003? Th things that they lied about (according to them got wrong) goes back 20 years. Yes siree that is definitely a zero after that two! Lol.

I have been thanked by people that even include a man of the cloth. Yup, him and his family were lied to as well. I proved it for him after they spent a number of years suspecting it. He simply listened to one particular recording where they lied clearly. Lol.

Disabled people have had cars, support and money taken away along with many others to the point that over 100,000 people have died as a result (google ‘Calum’s List’). That is people dying and a damn site more than those that died in Grenfell Tower. So where is its news story? Name me one news outlet that covered that? Or the fact that the NHS have been falsifying test results?

No but we are supposed to feel sorry when a far left leaning organisation is paying the top men close to £2.2 million (stupid BBC’s fault) and the ladies a few hundred thousand? Or was it a little less than £100,000? Cannot recall . Mind gone blank yet again. Sorry along with the dozen pains my memory blanks are just another symptom among the 100 I have because of the disability of Fibromyalgia that the DWP now claim I do not have .. well, I mean to say that they claim it is not a disability

Ooh .. my memory?! I just recalled that over a week ago one brother called me to tell me that Fibromyalgia was in the news and that they claimed it was a disability?! Seems that no one told me and the scenery remains the same. Well at least it does for the next five days.

Hmm .. let me just Google?

Oh I ended up in a couple phone-calls and one with my brother who I forgot to ask. Found a BBC report that states that they have declared Fibromyalgia as a long term disability in Northern Ireland and I ended up writing another post on it that I posted just before this one! Lol.

Anyway ..

My point to everything is that with everything that is going on in the world you have now got infighting that is worse than ever before because men are paid more than women?

Oh Jesus.

Here is a tip .. have a shapely sultry and devilishly attractive woman as a host presenter with a large chest and no bra and trust me you can pay her more than anyone else because you will get mnore viewers than any other program, oh wait .. but your against all that are you not? But if you DID do this that IS what will happen.

And there is not a damned thing you can do about it.

And no .. I would NOT personally watch it and I never watched anything that Charlie Dimmock was in, was that her name?

That brings me to a point that may have gone way over your head, especially if your someone that has seen a red mist descend when reading any of my posts ..

Yeah .. I am not into any of that kind of thing. I personally not into helping one person out more than another. I am not inclined to favour one person over another be this to do with their gendre or the colour of their skin. Unless they are Arab or Muslim and then I will have my guard up twenty feet high!

I have not nor never have thrown labels, insults nor any kind of name calling to any race or gender for as long as I can remember anyway. Do not recall doing anything like that as a child.

But I do get fucking annoyed when us bored monkeys find our entertainment monkeys are being r-jigged or messed around with at some really lame attempt at trying to each me something because it comes shows that I am dealt with, with nothing more than contempt and obviously a fickle sheep that can b gradually groomed and then led around by the nose like a little lost boy.

Yeah in those instances whereby politics are rammed into entertainment and for something that has been around for longer than half a century and it is even obvious to me that young girls with crushes on a certain .. Doctor were going to be heartbroken. Yeah I am sorry but you have gone way too far and prepared to either disappoint or upset children to do so.

Or perhaps your thinking was that you could condition the next generation to think how you want them to? To get them to accept certain things as the norm?

Yeah I doubt there will ever be a time that the sight of two guys kissing does not make a large number of guys throw up.

Many years ago a friend’s wife, who was not bisexual, told me that even she wanted to throw up if she saw two guys kissing on TV. But that she did not feel like that if it was two women.

Go figure.

But it was stated and therefore it is known. At least by me.

Gender war, race wars, salary wars, LGBTQ3TZZN, or whatever it is referred to, wars. Nations testing and standing up to each other making idle threats. Others making bigger and far more serious and reaching threats. People at war with governments, public services, the Police and the banking industry that still lives in La La Land.

Have I missed anything?

Or rather, is there anyone who is not at war on some level or other?

Funny that as all I have heard for years is that we simply need to keep talking. Seems to have gotten us into a pickle, does it not?

Maybe the line should have been ‘strive to come to an agreement’ .. rapidly?

Oh and let us make something perfectly clear ..

.. if a woman is paid less PURELY because she is a woman .. then that is wrong.

But if their are legitimate reasons then there are legitimate reasons. You might not like those reasons but if they are based on mathematics, you earn before you pay in case you missed it, or scientific facts then those are scientific facts.

In which case we are right back to forcing evolution. Evolution that has been around for millions of years.

Wake up to reality, you cannot change this overnight or even in five or ten years!

How long have you been trying to change it?!

Start screaming and drowning out others and to me? Well you look like you have gone backwards on the evolutionary scale and lost the ability to both reason and communicate.

Oh and it means you lost.

Or otherwise known as Feminazis.

Name calling or coming up with what you think are clever labels? No .. they might become fashionable and get picked up by people but I simply am not interested. I see some new term and it is ejected.

Just more crap to hide the truth and only serve to make one sound like they know what they are talking about and therefore correct in their arguments.

No there is simply right and wrong, not left and right.


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