Sorry … Anita of Sarkeesian along with Sargon of Akkad have both spoken and due to mainly the former .. I had to have one final say. Lol.

I simply knew he would talk about the casting of a woman for the 13th Doctor but I did not expect him to say what he did.

First off so he isn’t a fan of the show at all and secondly .. his wife is and she is seriously pissed about the new casting of a woman?! Lol.

Can’t make this up.

It gets even better too!

It turns out that Anita Sarkeesian has stuck her oar in and complained about it?! With a hilarious twist?!

Right, confusing? Yeah I would be too at this point were out not for the fact that I guarantee you’ve missed something out in your thinking with that idiot ..

She complained that the new actor is also not black and not transgender?! Yes I kid you not .. except .. you fucking idiot she now is female where she was previously male! Umm, transgender much?! Told you she was an idiot.

Oh what is that you ask? What was the hilarious part?

Oh yeah. In listening to the chat I’ve linked below Sargon read out a news piece about Sarkeesian and it mentioned about her verbally attacking people at the recent VidCon panel.

She was treated as the victim by the moronic idiots that art to the panel.

What? You don’t know about this and don’t think it was funny? Have you been living under a rock?!

The man reading out that description in the link below, Sargon of Akkad, is the very same man Anita Sarkeesian verbally abused at VidCon! LMAO!!

If the verbal attack by the intellectually challenged wasn’t bad enough on its own she did the same thing to the only man to sit on any of the panels the very next day. A man seen by many, including me, to be the softest and sweetest (ahem, not my word lol) YouTuber there is.

Oh-oh-oh and there’s more and the very thing that convinced me to write one last piece, I promise, about this Doctor Who travesty ..

Technically there are actually 6 time travelers, five of which are .. kinda .. time lords and they are ALL FEMALE. They missed that in the video but comments reminded me of the other three!


The Doctor

The Master in Missy form
The Rani (classic series)
Doctor Donna, albeit all too briefly
The Doctor’s Daughter, played by Peter Davidson’s daughter
River Song

Ooooh … that’s six, lol. That list also doesn’t include the fact that in the story to have Clara and the one played by the actress from Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams bombing around in another Tardis!

Wow .. way to go BBC you have managed to remove men from Doctor Who altogether and if that’s not totally sexist then I don’t know what is?!

Oh but Anita Sarkeesian is still not happy mind you?

Someone on the comments .. wait? Hallelujah! Someone in the comments stated clearly what I did .. why not have Jodie Whitaker as one of these other characters in their own series?!

No .. to prove a point they have to crowbar their agendas into something that’s already established and popular to make themselves look right. Nopety-nopety-nooo! Falling viewer numbers when it was already down will PROVE you wrong.

Wait till everyone else realises that the have managed to create five female time lords before finally gender changing the Doctor on top of all this?!

Ooh it will get worse when people recall everything that they have shoved in.

Something I agreed with was that someone in the comments urged Brits not to pay their TV licence and that they force money out of you to force this crap down your throat is wrong.

Others that don’t even watch the show did it was wrong.

Like me they went on about the name calling and the ‘cry baby’, ‘manbaby’ names and they all did that the only ones that were actually crying were the ones flinging the names about because people simply said they didn’t like the casting and the obvious motives.

So there! Fucking cry babies!



Sargon’s talk with others on this … agenda by the BBC ..

Sorry .. WordPress refusing to find more videos on YouTube .. waste of time that method they include … I will only bother to paste the link directly in future.

Doctor is Transgender? Well, Anita Sarkeesian, take note .. it is in the title below, lol ..

Someone INSISTING The Doctor is transgender .. yeah sorry .. wrong way to do this shit as you are taking away from so many others in doing it and that is what has people outraged. “I really want her to be queer?” Make your own shit up to fit your agendas and not take from others.

Oh no wait … the Sarkeesian effect is to replace all white males with actual transgenders and ethnic races until there are none left. Stupid me!

Don’t worry about all this children that are confused and disappointed will you? No .. as long as it pleases you for whatever selfish reasons you have.

Thanks Dave Cullen of Computing Forever I had not even realised that the infamous UNIT in Doctor Who has also had its entire staff replaced by women?!

It did not even occur to me that Leftbridge-Stewart was also changed to a woman because I really do not look for these things or notice them … until it goes way over the top and obvious! Lol ..

Lol .. and this is old .. told you hat this is only the beginning .. wait until the rest of the sceptics become involved … even people that do not watch Doctor Who are going mad about this, lol ..



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