This post is kind of to do with my ‘Revelations’ series. Well .. one aspect of said series.

Oh how I have desired radical changes to just about every aspect of my life.

I did think this was coming a couple of years back but it never worked out how I had predicted but then there was a factor involved I was not entirely sure about and had, had very little time to actually work out .. what was going on.

There has been a very long wait for something to happen and then and some months ago something did. Yes it was something you would rather have not have happened but it was kind of inevitable in reality.

In fact compared to other similar situations it was very late. Though I always knew it was there and a possibility especially considering the length of time involved I never gave it much thought. Until every now and then someone else would bring it up in conversation.

Now I would talk about this .. sometimes. At other times I would simply say that I was not interested and do not care and cut the conversation off.

As it turns out over the last few years I would cut a lot of attempted conversations off and by that I mean more than one subject.

Sure I have things going on in the background and it has also come to be that for the last two to three years many things I would blog about or just allude to I had to cut off. I can think of at least two major ones and there are .. a few others I cut off too.

The thing is that when you have set out to do what I do you have to plan and do everything to make sure that your plans are successful. Sometimes that means biting your lip over lengthy periods of time.

Sometimes these plans do not produce the fruit you intended until a much later date and in any and all of this things often depend on .. others. When you depend upon others doing what they must they sometimes hold back for a longer time than you had envisioned in the beginning.

On odd occasions you then have to take a different approach and just wait or set different kinds of traps and just wait.

Over the years I have been doing this and for several years before I started doing what I do I got .. let us just say opposition. I was told that things would not work out as I planned and even gone as far at times to predict things.

In all instances thus far all .. let us say ‘predictions’ put to me have been wrong. There are results that did not make themselves known to me for a very long time and those that opposed my own predictions declared themselves to be correct and me very wrong.

Except .. as I stated .. there were no results.

Sometimes my alternate plans pay off when I least expect them too.

Sometimes results suddenly appear of which I had no control over at all.

Now as intriguing as that may sound I have something of a number of surprises coming by way of this blog. Because currently both of those above currently apply to a number of plans and one result allows me to set off a series of other .. results that I have held back.

Other things I had planned and totally forgot about have also showed themselves to now actually maybe unfolding in the foreseeable future.

That last thing has been a very, very closely guarded secret that absolutely no one at all knows about and I wont be divulging either. Not right now, this is for sure.

But its an old and very possibly my biggest plan of all that has now rose from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix and at seemingly just the right time.

In all this I get asked things and asked to do or, indeed, not do things.

‘Zipping’ will be an out of nowhere feature and before very long now. In fact the very .. hmm let us say ‘shape’ of this zipping changes in my mind while I think about a hundred things simultaneously and that is an understatement if anything.

The shape is in flux. Almost all the time now and .. there was a place I once needed to go that has now added itself to the list of places I need to go.

I have also been given reasons and the very real possibility to all this is that a previous ending I once predicted may also be about to happen. This has certainly been suggested to me by those involved.

If this works out as I had originally planned this means that there now exists another .. data bomb and a very big one too that now groups together with all the other .. data bombs that will come over the next six months.

It will blow a lot of people away too. To the point that they will spend several moths to a whole year getting over the revelations.

This rather oddly occurs when one plan I had for two years back that has now come around again and this could occur and no one at all would suspect a thing. People know one particular aspect of my plans and unlike my previous plans, doomed to failure by these others, they are under no illusions. No illusions at all that this time it is inevitable.

There was .. one .. that very recently asked if it had happened yet. I paused extremely briefly when he said this and it would not be the first time this individual doubted something I said. Known them a very long time. Only doubts have been lately, but then he works within the field of .. let us say ‘medicine’ and rubbished my claims about the NHS lying to patients and falsifying results .. to which I pulled a copy of Metro out of my bag and showed him the front page story.

It has never really been a case of accusing me of lying, no-no-no. It has always been a case that they thought I got things wrong. Though I am not in contact with this person regular. But it is natural to hear a statement of doubt and wonder to whether or not on this occasion they thing you’re lying. The mutual friend we have has no doubts.

But that made me think about doubters and, for me, it really never concerned me much because if this was me on the outside looking in I would think someone an absolute fool to manufacture events .. or lie. What would be the point? What would anyone have to gain from doing this outside of appearing the fool much later on when said event fails to materialise.

Rather bizarrely my actions after the imminent event eight of us has going on I have to then do things I really do not want to have to do because there was a blatant manufacturing of a whole series of events that simply did not occur.

I have to work with others and largely because a very major public service was fully informed and are tasked to investigate but did absolutely nothing and I have to take them to court. Hmm that was a rather clever way of producing a ‘red herring’! Well .. there is a bit more to it but I do not want go give away any clues to prying eyes as to what might occur following the conclusion of our current .. situation.

Good God, I am bored!

The weather has finally cooled down and I did think I would get out with my camera but a few hours out on my bike to get fit there ended up being a strong wind that day anyway. It was a toss-up whether to take my current camera with me and try to get to my regular photography spots.

Today I had to get a little shopping and I now realise the weather men said it was going to get hotter again. Yesterday was almost perfect and had there been no wind and just a couple of degrees cooler and it would have been.

Still .. they are saying that it will cool down after .. Wednesday? Just checked the weather in Windows 10, which is mostly wrong, yup Thursday looks perfect. Thus far.

Weekends are not good because the places I visit with my camera are too close to built up places and it fills up with noisy people, children, dogs, bikes, double-buggies and wide families strewn from path edge to path edge and you wont see the more interesting animals for a mile in either direction. Lol.

Good God I have so much to .. prepare and the very thought of doing it makes my mind say ‘uuuugh!’

I was supposed to do many things weeks ago but I really wanted an end date before I started doing these things. Well I kind of have an end date. Well as far as it states it appears to be one of two days and .. they are both less than a week away.

Got to get motivated!

This is finally happening but then it could not go on for very much longer without .. looking very suspicious because it already does look suspicious.

Good God I cannot even think lately about tags/labels for my posts and cannot think of them right now?!

It is quite strange to me that I came up with the title ‘The Eyes of Longing’ because and with me there are a list of longings. Some I have decided are better that they do not occur despite being a natural thing to happen with just about everyone else. Ever. Well except one person that used to appear on TV years ago. If the old rumours can be believed?

What will shortly occur will be a long list of very big life changing things and these .. should continue to happen for about a year.


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