Well blow me down.

Prior to the Wimbledon Tennis tournament actually starting I was given the impression, by a solicitor, that my .. our little issue was days away from concluding.

Cue the Monday after the Wimbledon finals and .. umm .. nothing.

Cue yet another email.

After some .. unprofessional sarcasm and for the umpteenth time a group email gets sent out to all parties involved. I did mention it was not just me this time, right?

Anyway ..

Just like so many other times we get an email after I do some serious prodding by way of an email and this time we have actually been given a rough estimate that is not too far away.

Now due to the systems involved this should be .. this week but the email states .. umm next week and I expect this will be early in th week as one of the systems involved is .. well known to be immediate. Except is isn’t in this case judging by the email content?

Well it may have something to do with forms and other things?

So each of the last three last weekends that I thought were .. the last weekend in each case now .. I am hesitant to say, it seems that this weekend is the last weekend.

It would be bloody typical if it later turned out to be that the last weekend was the .. last weekend?! Lol.

Trust me I have had phone-calls from said others and text messages asking me .. “What in the hell is going on with this?!”

Funnily enough it is not even my job or indeed not my responsibility but is indeed that of someone else In fact and I have now had to point this out but we were against this other person being . granted this responsibility.

Of said opposed granting of responsibility? Yeah well it was another public service, a taxpayer’s black hole full of self-entitlement that is tasked with something heavily to do with both rights and morals that have not done their jobs properly and completely ignored the flurry of opposition sent to their door. This is someone I also have .. history with and they will learn in time they would have done well to have researched me. As we have .. history. More in that in the coming weeks.

I have wanted to divulge what this is all about but until it ends it would not be safe to do so as will become clear in time.

Oddly it should become obvious in time not only why this is but also might look as someone in power was meddling. Purely because it was me. I cannot really say or even believe that but if it did turn out to be the case I should not really be surprised. I very likely would be .. but should not be.

In the meantime I am sat around twiddling my damn thumbs, wondering about all the choices and changes that will be coming and wondering if I will be choosing the right paths or even if capabl of them?!

Well I do have several disabilities and over 100 symptoms so o course big changes are going to have me going over and over everything in my head.

In fact that has been the downside to this as my friends know only too well. I have questioned if I can do so many of the things that I either have to do or want to do.

There are some that do not want these changes. In fact they were previously doubters but have since become aware of the absolute certainty of my spot on predictions in all this and are .. reeling in shock. Literally, lol.

In fact I think it will be this exact prediction that will shock everyone that comes here and reads my crap? Lol.

Out of a possible eight predictions there were five initial ones ..

I can tell you now that four of them were very low and mine was very high and can even state by a factor of more than 7. SEVEN.

I was not only right but my prediction was spot on, though as is so bloody predictable, but as always comes to a shock, someone in my family that argued with me about this is claiming that they predicted this outcome. Trouble is they have forgotten they argued with me about this and was not privy to any of the information or data that the rest of us were.

People that always either have to be right or just so desire to be right will lie and make shit up to make themselves look like they were right. Even though the name of the game is to actually .. BE .. right.

They also want to be careful because the person that told me what she said was annoyed with her and this person stated to me “It was YOU that said it would turn out like this and no one believed you! Not her, she  did not know anything about this .. NOTHING!”

Yeeaaah .. as some probably do not realise when they are disagreeing with something I posted .. yeeah I am all about the facts, predictions and being right. I am all about the truth too.

This is why I get so annoyed when organisations with great power and reach make utterly stupid choices to pander to tiny groups of people, politically, while shoving this crap in our faces. All that money and all those resources and they simply cannot do even the tiniest bit of research .. go and change something only to have it blow up in their faces.

Now some reactions might be outright wrong but I am afraid that is what comes when you keep slamming things into people’s faces telling them how to think and feel. At some point it always boils over.

Back on topic .. for me it has been .. arduous to go through the last couple of months. Because of the questions I keep going over and over in my head. So many things changing, so many things to do.

As I have stated previously it will very quickly become evident that this .. thing is at an end. There will be a flurry of very obvious things that will go on for two to three months and then just keep on going. Right across the board. When this starts and is obvious then rest assured that at some point during all this I will explain what has occurred, what went on, the illegalities that have occurred and the flouting of responsibility by various .. services which will be shocking when you find out who they are.

I want to say that this is definite now? Because I have actually been given a narrow time frame and not just them alluding that it is imminent. But those did not turn out that well previously.

Though as I said to someone when talking about what happens next ‘This is very, very late and THAT goes in our favour and more precisely MY favour!’

Zipping about is also the order of many days once this is .. finally .. finalised.

If I stated there are a hundred things on my mind as a result of this .. issue .. trust me it would be an understatement. Lol.


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