Well it seems that not only is Twitter in meltdown over the Doctor Who casting so are the comments sections of tabloids too.

The BBC had the cheek to say it’s trending .. yeah because people are losing their minds, that’s why.

Also there are far more examples of people that simply don’t have a single foot planted in reality.

You only have to say you don’t like it or not watching it any longer and you get verbally attacked and called names and labelled sexist.

You see? This is what the extremes do. They want to control how you think and how you feel because of their own feelings. It’s so fucking backwards and hilariously stupid it’s not true.

A small minority saying that the large majority’s feeling don’t count and are ignored because of the feelings of a minority?

Yeah .. you have countries like that in the world already and they get accused of breaching human rights year in, year out.

Other countries like this are called dictatorships where you get locked to for opposing those dictators.

Good God, can I emigrate to a country where people are not kidding their minds and telling you what you are allowed to think and feel?!

The hilarious part about the meltdown is most of the name calling is coming from the extreme lefties.

Many people that are simply saying they are not happy or not watching it are called names!

Be careful .. in a few years there will be squadrons of people that will stand in your house holding a gun to your head. They will force you to watch it and unless you smile and like it you will be shot.

Well .. it’s the natural next step to from name calling isn’t it?

Of course someone with a very basic maths 101 understanding are going to point out that is highly likely that they are going to be proved wrong. Because it seems to be divided fifty, fifty and of there is one thing these extreme lefties don’t like, it’s being wrong. Ooh no they won’t like that when they realise it so you’ll either get told lies, to begin with until it inevitably becomes obvious, or Smith & Wesson are going to be rubbing their hands together?

I just can’t believe they did it, several hours later too!

Lol the fucking morons. They should have spoken to Marvel before they did this! Marvel would have said “For fuck sake, don’t!” Or said “When this fucks up, which it will, we will buy the property off you for a couple hundred”. Lol.

I’m sure people will moan at me about my views and I will simply answer ..

“Oh yeah, great! Everything else on TV is reality shit show crap and already over the top PC. I had one single fucking thing on TV I got any enjoyment from but no, you had to go and take that away from me too?! Very fucking considerate of you!”

Oh well .. the next person that tells me to move on and make the most of life is going to spit several teeth. Then I’ll say “Oh, never mind. It’s just one of those things. Move on and make the best of things!” Lol.

I still say that they simply are acting like they need to shove their politics into existing roles purely to prove their narratives correct.

Mainstream media simply don’t get it along with many others ..

So now they can change from one gender to another randomly?

So don’t Time Lords form relationships? Well I guess they must and therefore they procreate, yes? Umm .. so you seem to be so sure that an advanced alien race thinks like you do that you shove it in our faces?

But what are they shoving in our faces? Well that sex with anyone is OK and in the case of time lords .. procreation is extremely dangerous.

Does that seem strong? Well I imagine a lot of religious people are going to be highly offended by it.

You can’t go around shoving things in people’s faces and forcing them to accept things that they cannot.

To me it’s like telling us .. you have to be bisexual and look? An advanced alien race will be bisexual too.

Will you start pressurising children in school that they have to be bisexual? Or is it trisexual now? I did see a video on YouTube where someone stated that they should imprison you for refusing to date someone that does not fit into either the male or female genders?!

That latter point about imprisoning you? What next, imprison you for refusing sex of someone of the same sex as you?

There is a lot of crazy crap like that in the world and on YouTube and I’m sorry but it’s wrong.

Forcing your beliefs into others is wrong and it does not matter who you are.

Many, many people online have seen shit like this in the Internet and I can tell you they are so scared and threatened by it that they are getting angry about it. This is not only just another example of shoving this crap down your throat but it’s something that’s going to cause divisions. And I cannot help but think this was the intention.

The stupid thing is that they also have this fucking idiotic idea that if they just keep on doing it, it will eventually be accepted as the norm.

Fifty years.

Fifty fucking years fans have loved this show and you just put a giant two fingers up to most of them.

I still maintain that they are basically stealing iconic characters to either force change or price they are correct. I also maintain that there will be no roles left for white males to look up to. But that doesn’t matter does it because you have something girls can look up to?

Yeah, having two female prime minister’s doesn’t count or is not enough. Nor is having Wonder Woman being a highly successful film. I’m sure I could feel off plenty of other examples?

But no these things are done because white men are not only not allowed opinions anymore but they are not allowed feelings either. This sums up everything that has been wrong on the UK for twenty years.  For twenty years public services have helped absolutely advertise except White British born males.

You can’t be racist towards us and sexism doesn’t apply if it’s towards a man.

Do you know what the hilarious things about all this are? I’m a fucking prime example of everything that’s been wrong and I can go back twenty one years and prove it over and over again and every step of the way.

This is still happening today and something is going to be revealed very soon, as well as revisiting some other things.

I will also explain before words like ‘mansplaining’ enters anyone’s heads that I use to be involved in the gay community, no I’m not gay personally, and I had several lesbian couples simply couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I also had one black lady and her mother hear only a few of the things that have happened to me. Do you know how they reacted?

The lesbian couple overheard me telling a couple of make friends and I turned around to see them sobbing. I asked them if they was OK and they apologised for hearing what I was saying! I did it was OK.

The black mother and daughter did that not only had political correctness gone far too far but they they felt sorry for single white men. To the shock of two Greek friends I then asked them why they felt sorry for people like me. They said that we were treated like third class citizens, we can’t even make second class, by our own country. Three chins acquired some scrapes from being dragged around on the floor, lol.

Imagine how they reacted when I told them about my disability that had been ignored for years.

Outright refusal to diagnose. It was all their chins collecting scrapes from the floor!

There was never enough time to explain it all .. not every gory detail. I’ve had people ask me how I’m still alive and either not dead (suicide) or lost my marbles and ended up in a mental health hospital.

The truth is that the first one was close and due to several breakdowns I didn’t understand at the time I admitted myself to a few mental health places too.

In fact a psychologist .. counsellor at Mind saw me for 15 one hour sessions. Fifteen hours and I still didn’t cover it all.

At the end she actually told me that she had been shocked at soo many things I had divulged. She was surprised I had stayed sane.

The Mind counsellor was the only person I confided in when it came to my future plans. I’ve been patiently waiting for something to happen since January (2017). I was last at Mind in February and I was confident that the little thing I’ve been waiting for was only a couple of weeks to a couple of months away. If I bumped into her tomorrow she would be utterly shocked that this .. issue had not resolved itself.

In fact, due to who I am, what I do and everything I intend to do, I’m sure a would day that someone was trying to stop me.

She realised what a .. disruptive influence I am and that I was a stickler to facts and the truth.

She knew I was well aware that the world and even the UK was full of people that believed in stupid ideas. That they would win down a theory that was not that far fetched while believing in something whole heartedly that was easily disproved.

Face to face she knew damn well it was easy fit people to pick up that I was both honest and genuine.

She was also very interested to see what I was going to do next. Think I got that wrong? She asked for this blog address! Lol, took my email too.

Hah! I’d love to see her face when I told her that the issue that occurred on the 8th January (2017) had still not because resolved by 17th July?!

Umm .. yeah I’ve not touched on this and I apologise I’ve just realised that I’m being misleading..

It’s been RESOLVED .. SORTA?!

We know the decision and this was to be followed up by action, for those that read my ‘Revelations’ series and waiting for a concussion. But this action has STILL not taken place and we have been misled all along.

I can tell you also that in a series of correspondences via group emails that the person that’s supposed to act also got at least three email addresses WRONG!

I stated to receive phone calls from others in my group of eight people. Yesss .. it’s not just me this time but includes many others. They had not received any information from anyone at all, including someone who self-appointed .. themselves whose sole task is to keep us informed.

Think that’s bad? Trust me on this .. it’s nothing compared to what’s coming .. not even close.

It will seem a lot worst when you know what it is and then when I divulge .. other actions? Ooh boy! Lol.

No action and I last had an email a day or so before Wimbledon started. I remember thinking at the time I would be too busy .. or elsewhere before the tournament was over. Well it is now over and two weeks have passed without a single contact by anyone. Trust me the action is inevitable sooo .. what the fucks the delay?!

I did two family members and friends .. it .. might be because of me.

It’s a government controlled thing by a public service I have history with. Bad history with. So I would show up on their records.

Now if the public services have all been informing each other about me, which they bite look to have been doing judging by their behaviour or lack thereof, they are currently bricking it.

Before now I’ve been someone with no financial back up, a disability and no resources.

Two of those three things are about to .. evaporate! Not good.

Now I would imagine that these public services have realised something? That even though they attacked me and forced me into a dark corner of dread to the point of self harming .. that I not only survived but was still to to my .. tricks? Lol.

They may have figured out I’ve not only been to to them very recently but been up to them for the last few years too?

Now if they suspect this they may have well realised that despite battering a disabled person down to near death to save money, because I’m a white male, that .. well if I could still manage to outsmart them during that dark time .. what could I do once this issue is .. resolved?

Yeah .. if I was them I’d be shitting myself too.

So I’ll send yet another email in the morning, or by the time you’ve read this.

I’m going to mention that after the decisions were made the entire Wimbledon tournament had been and gone and still we are all told nothing.

In my head .. it’s already well over the given time periods and it’s already beyond ridiculous. So it must be happening this week or I’ll have to come up with an even more extreme expletive to describe the diabolically late conclusion to this .. issue.

Oh and if you missed the last part or missed one key part .. the BBC killed my father, this is believed by every single individual of the 300 to 500 that attended his funeral.

I can’t even look at their logo without thinking of my father and what they did to him nor ask those poor people who were abused by people within the BBC when they were children.

I remember now a politics reporter for the BBC reporting live from Parliament Square. Someone came on camera and said something about the BBC, their lies and the abuse of children and they reacted like they were annoyed and it was a minor inconvenience.

So yeah I get a bit pissed off when they are trying to ram their politics and hypocritical rhetoric down our throats.

People are so blind and .. what’s the word in trying to recall? Apathetic? No that’s not it.

I also just wanted to touch on something I mentioned in the last part .. or maybe even this part too? I mentioned that as soon as people stated that they do not like it a flurry of labels and name calling and downright rude insults got flung at them. Every single one was absolute crap but the one I wanted to touch upon was the ‘sexist’ label. In their argument they stated 99% of the time that it was about the actor/actress and their abilities?

Well I have now found out that the new moron running the show, Chris Chibnall, has now stated that he only ever wanted a woman and even reports that he only ever wanted Jodie Whittaker.

Umm .. is that not sexist? It certainly blows that argument about talent out of the water! Oh but wait? Maybe it is a case now that as well as not being racist if you hate white people you can not be sexist if it is towards males?

I cannot help but thnk that at some point in the future there is going to be abuse towards anyone who is actually heterosexual and they will be the ones that have to live in the proverbial closet?!

I will state one last thing .. I am promoting small YouTubers below because of their opinions. I am also doing this to point out something and its the hypocrisy behind those doing the name calling and bullshit and I am calling you out …

  • When I watched the reactions I liked many videos where the reactors actually like the casting choice!
  • What I see is that it is absolutely undeniable that people dislike the videos because the opinions do not fit in with their own narratives
  • Yeah nothing wrong going on above .. because your not allowed to have different opinions are you with this lot?! lol
  • What is the betting we will get a white male companion and they will die at some point? Lol

It’s late and I’ve rambled long enough.


Here are a few more videos of not liking or not sure about the gender swap..

More children do not like it .. maybe you should go on their channel and throw labels like ‘sexist’ and other things at them too?

Now I get the feeling that this following guy might suffer with mental health issues and he might suffer if his favourite show is messed with because … reasons but that is OK as long as you get your agenda out there, right?

EDIT: Oh and of course the elephant in the room .. all three Time Lords are now all women!! LMAO I forgot about that!

Mundane Matt .. I have been waiting for the centre and anti-SJW YouTubers to comment on this and I am sure there will be more .. that is how much people are disliking the casting. In trying to defend it he seems to forget what genders evolve for but there you go. One of many. Check the comments and here you go ..


I refuse to do a third part on this and I was watching more reaction videos when I came across someone who is 1 .. A big fan and I have watched their stuff before .. 2 a WOMAN and .. 3 So ‘ethnic’ she does not even speak English in her videos … LMAO …

It is about the fans and the numbers .. not feels and political agendas and just because your under the delusion that the UK is all extremist left and feminism does not mean that the whole world is and they got rid of Capaldi because of … SALES!!


Oh and do not be an idiot and take it out on Jodie Whittaker this was Chris Chibnall and not many would say no to being offered this part.

As for Jodie Whittaker? Brilliant actress, gorgeous and funny and .. well .. she is fro Yorkshire! If I ever discovered she was into areas of science? I would simply die! Always liked her in what I have seen her in.

There were a couple of other videos on YouTube but WordPress, just like their inability to deal with editing posts, simply cannot find them?!

Just like Blogger they cannot provide a simple text editing field when that is all there is that they have to do, lol.

Admitting that the ratings are going to drop from a show where the ratings have already dropped .. she also says that there are 18,000 posts on the Facebook page and the majority are negative.

Sorry .. I told you so..


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