Jesus. Do the BBC not watch anything on YouTube?

I never thought they would do it but I had this bad feeling about it and even stated it to someone else into the same thing.

A woman playing the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who?!

Do not get me wrong .. when Katherine Tate did her little bit as the Doctor Donna I was thought ‘That’s .. brilliant! If they do a spin off based on her character I would watch it in a heartbeat!’

What I cannot stand is how there has been a push lately to do away with gender for an alien species which is odd as those defending the change to a woman say that same thing in its defence.

Well .. there is a reality check coming because we have a very large example of how life develops and in all but a few tiny invertebrates there is a male and a female. Before anyone starts to think thy can question that? Don’t. Just .. don’t.

Those that are asexual in nature are also identical. Time Lords are not.

It is the same with James Bond being black or a woman .. there is this push to turn all the famous iconic roles into a different gender or race. Why? Just .. WHY?

At this rate there will be nothing left. But then the way things are going around Europe there wont be any of us left in a couple of generations anyway.

What also annoys me is that they never change a character from a white person to an Asian, oriental, Arab or other race either.

Could you imagine ANY of Bruce Lee’s characters being changed to white or any other race in a remake? No .. you fucking would not.

I sent a text message to a friend and I said that the world really is ending. I also sent a text to someone who only recently claimed online that the BBC were right wing and were backing the Tory Party and I burst out laughing and stated that they are clearly left. He text me back stating that I needed glasses and I pointed out that he was in a tiny minority and the BBC have been famously known for being left wing for years. Plus they have a website dedicated to their bias and bullshit. Well in the text I just sent him I said ‘And you thought that the BBC was right wing and they have just turned the most iconic male character in their entire history into a woman’ Of course this is to please the Social Justice Warriors and let me tell you this .. you think I hated them before? Lol, well I have a whole new level of hate for them now.

Oddly enough my father was a big Doctor Who fan and died because of the BBC and if he was here now he simply would not believe it.

The worst part about it is that they are ramming this shit down our throats.

Oh and the absolute crap I have seen posted online defending this decision. Well you have no argument … sorry … none!

Example: The show was losing viewers .. this was the reason that Peter Capaldi left as they wanted someone who would get the viewers back. So everyone assumed it was another David Tennant or Matt Smith. Yeah well all you idiots are not very good at maths … the absolute stupidity when the reply to people who are not happy is to ridicule them and then state that the show would be fine without them? Umm .. NO .. it wont!!

The idea to get rid of Peter Capaldi in the first place was to get viewers back but this is not the way because the show was suffering from poor writing in the last few seasons.

I have nothing against the actress and of course almost anyone would accept this role but make a different series about a different Time Lord who is a woman.

A lot of people are going to be angry over this and then at some point they are going to realise that they are going to fucking change all the iconic white characters into either women or of another race. Why? DO they not feel that a woman in a new role or that of another race can make it on their own?! Because that is how it will come across to many .. well once they calm down about this new ramming of the dilution of gender down our throats.

Who are these fucking idiots that think they can do this?! I would love to have a meeting with one of them to explain the stupidity of their actions.

As to everyone else they are ramming this down the throats of .. do you not see they are treating you like children or people with a very low IQ and telling you how you should think.

I knew .. I just knew there were so many really badly dropped hints in the show that has been going on for .. hmm let me see .. since the end of series 4 with David Tenant when he first regenrated into Matt Smith and said “I’m a girl?!”

AS for viewers .. lol, well I can tell you I have been waiting for hours to see the meltdown on the internet and I have even seen a few reaction videos before I want off to watch a film to let the videos get uploaded to YouTube. One was a guy called Liam Catterson and his was brilliant .. he was totally shocked and said that one friend was not going to like this and he then roared with laughter while rolling back in his seat and said “My God! The Internet is going to go into meltdown over this!!”

Another American couple I like to watch reaction videos of .. called GeekCritique I think were like Liam Catterson and said that they would not mind of a woman was cast .. lol, did not work out that way when the guy, cannot recall his name, saw her. He sat back in his chair and his face really said it all. He even said “I really do not know how I feel about this.”

It would seem that dreaming about something and the eventual reality have quite different effects on people? LMAO!

I have lost count of the number of times I roared with laughter at people’s faces. Well the Doctor being cast as a woman at least gave me that.

The comments sections were even better as many were like those above … split down the middle and with those that liked the casting ridiculing those that did not and said that the show would be fine without them, as I previously stated. Except it won’t.

So we find ourselves back around to the maths lesson .. you already lost a large portion of your audience with the badly written last few series. From what I can see thus far it looks like your going to lose more than a third of your remaining viewers to as much as half or perhaps even more … EVERYWHERE.

When are these fucking doughnuts going to fucking realise that the Internet and YouTube is global?! Jesus H. Christ.

I have watched reaction videos of women that did not like the casting and I have seen videos of fans speaking in different languages from around the world that did not like it. There is even a large portion that are both unsure and scared.

Those that are smart enough, though oddly told they are idiots and that the show will do brilliantly and that are actually the ones that are idiots, have stated that they think the show will get cancelled now.

I feel sorry for the actress of this happens. When I saw the reveal I kept thinking .. OK .. she looks great but .. do I know her? It took a few videos before I realised she was an actress I really liked. Though I have only seen her in some things but the one that made me realise that I had seen her before was one someone mentioned the movie Attack The Block. I was like ‘Oooh yeah I thought she looked familiar!’

Either these show runners think the public everywhere ar either fickle or are stupid and naïve and easily led?

Really, really bad move in my opinion.

It is also sad that they have a fucking cheek to demand money for a licence fee when they are very clearly politically driven. Sorry .. but, no!

Here are a couple of questions for idiots on YouTube … shows are about ratings and … downvotes means something .. bitches! Lol.

Secondly .. yeah when are roles that are iconic and had people other than either male or white going to be changed into white male actors?

I am going to add a third here .. where will this end? Will it get to the stage where you wont have any iconic roles left with a white male in the role? What happens then to those of us who are white and male? Do we have to hope for something to come along that does have a white male in the lead that does not cuck? Oops, sorry I meant ‘suck’. Even then will that eventually get changed into a woman or another race?

I have this sneaky suspicion that this stupid idea will build up into something as I am sure that many others that are not shrinking violets are going to get annoyed.

It is like we white males are the devil’s spawn and slowly being wiped out of existence?

That is now how it is looking to me.

Just look at what they tried to do at Marvel Comics? They turned a bunch of iconic white male super heroes into either women or ethnics.. How did they turn out for you Disney? Not so well was it?

I heard from someone on YouTube that they have had to change Captain Marvel’s … image several times because the comic is not selling?! Does not bode well for the film they have talked about doing for years. Another role changed from a man to a woman but this one? Yeah .. he happened to be a white male ALIEN and still got turned into an American woman. Lol. To be fair I think that was some time ago and the male version of Captain Marvel died back in the early eighties when I was last buying both DC and Marvel Comics. Much to my dismay.

I loved Michelle Gomez’a character in Doctor Who but I hated that she was the Master and did not turn out to be the Rani. See? You already had a female Time Lord but, no you could not bring her back as a good guy and do a series with her with Jodie Whittaker as the character? That I would have watched.

So a series of Doctor Donna, the Rani or a whole new female Time Lord I would have watched. But not this sadly. In fact I have a friend who refused to watch 90% of Peter Capaldi’s episodes even though he stated before he had his episodes screened that he would be good. He now insist Peter Capaldi was crap even though I keep telling him it was the writing. For some bizarre reason it went down hill when Peter took over. So much so that I told my friend that I wondered if Steven Moffat was holding back stories as he wanted to get into Hollywood? There was no major story arc like their had been with the Tennant and Smith episodes and not until the last two Peter Capaldi episodes did it turn good. And oh was it good. What I believe may be the best endings in any Doctor Who series is followed by this?!

I am willing to bet that they will have the evil version of The Doctor known as the Valeyard and I bet they make this evil character to be a white male? Because we seem to be all portrayed as evil in recent times. Especially if your British and not Tom Holland or Henry Cavill. In the former they did try to change him in the comics, Spiderman. Did not read any so do not know how that turned out.

Doctor Who was the only thing on TV that I had any time for and now they have done this. Oh well .. saves me having to spend three grand on a TV which I was thinking of buying soon.

One person in a video on YoouTube asked the mist important question that I had long since though of that none of these idiots with agendas asked when a female Doctor was talked about .. except she went further ..

“Soo how do they mate and what happens if someone regenerates when they are pregnant?!”

Well fuck me? Someone with an ounce of common sense in these days where the world is taken on new narratives and yet the countries around themselves are crumbling because of these narrow minded narratives and forced beliefs. Funny that.

What also makes me laugh is that this is not even a fucking REBOOT of Doctor Who and is supposed to be canon with all those previous series and Doctors? Well where was the mention of gender swapping in ANY of those episodes?

What .. the .. fuck .. are .. these .. people .. thinking?!

We have two genders everyone … not three or four or a dozen. Two! We also cannot become genderless .. the technology does not exist and nor is raising children .. sorry, growing children in laboratories. So what the fuck is all this crap?!

It is so nuts they are now deciding to teach us that when we go out into space no intelligent alien species will have genders?!

Yeah right .. it is only how life developed on Earth for billions of years whit exceptions that do not count. Odd reports of frogs and fish changing their genders are not only rare .. but this occurs whenever one gender does not exist in a population. So a natural event that has only occurred in frogs and fish to stop themselves from being wiped out.

Huh, maybe if they did any research on life they might have implied that is why the Doctor has changed into a female? Except it only occurs when they are surrounded by nothing else than the same sex.

But no, the Social justice Warriors and extreme left idiots are now deciding that alien species on planets billions of light years away all think like these morons do. Get help those aliens of they ever come here and DO NOT think like the lefties. Hopefully they will have ray guns to shut them up or wipe them out? Lol.

If you do not like this then I am afraid it is not only ‘tough’ but shows you your own issues are being highlighted.

This is how I feel and this is how a lot of others feel and .. well according to you lot … were all bastards for not taking into account your .. ‘feels’ or indeed, naivety and yet when it is a feeling someone else has that you do not like your answer is to say “fuck you!”?

Yeah .. keep on that path and let me know how it works out for you? Or I shall answer it for you .. when you have driven people mad and forced them into sharp divisions that hate one another and then want to fight one another .. come back and tell me how your ideologies about thoughts and feelings are supposed to be about peace and love.

Hmm .. now where have I heard that crap from before?!

Also .. Doctor Who sells overseas and nowhere bigger than America and .. yeah they are not so keen on the gender and ethnic crap being rammed down their throats. I saw a couple of others that did not like it. One even said “ they are shoving this Social justice Warrior crap down our throats” and he looked like he was about 14 years old! Another one that looked a couple of years older actually looked at the camera and said “Is this a joke?” and he was quite serious too.

In fact if the show fails because of this I bet a shit load of people are going to change their names nd profiles on YouTube because the stick they will get will be .. incredible.

I am still looking at reaction videos and it really does seem as if around 40% of people do not like this and another 33% are not sure how they feel. Some of those will fall into the ‘do not like this’ category, that is for certain. In fact I am now asking myself if even some of those that were OK with it will end up changing their minds when series 11 eventually screens?

Oooh boy this could be the disaster of all disasters when it comes to TV shows?

Would you believe that Kevin Logan came up in the recommendations and I had to just go and have a look. Awful and loud video, ,had to turn the sound down, but the comments that had the words ‘manbabies, ‘manchildren’ and ‘sowflakes’ was hilarious. Yeah guys you are aware that the word ‘snowflakes’ came about to label you lot?! LMAO!

Another bunch of idiots that fail to see that we live in a capitalist world and not an communist or socialist one! More maths lessons I think? Scroll up if your shite at maths because your too busy with feelings or just trying to spout shit because you think it gives you an outside chance with attracting a woman.

Yeah .. your in the minority. Do you understand what that means? It means your a small number and selling products, films and TV shows is about selling to the MAJORITY .. you fucking half-wits.

Good God, these people really annoy me. They really do not live in the real world!

I cannot help but think that within a few years the show will get cancelled but these morons wont care about that because they think they have a moral, in reality they do not have any, victory. How fucking sad is that? Yeah it is OK to destroy everything as long as they get these little moral victories. Umm? Aren’t you all supposed to be about peace and love and equality?

In all seriousness though sometimes when I read some of the comments and hear them on videos, which I genuinely try to avoid, I think they have some sort of psychological problem.

Judging from his own video which is also him actually admitting he is wrong … the Internet and social media is in meltdown and it is actually that they are celebrating. How fucking weird and twisted is that? Claiming to love a show and rejoicing that the majority range from outright hating it, including many women with intelligence, to simply not liking it. Like I said I saw a couple of people, one a famous YouTube Geek, that thought they would be OK with it but their faces said something else .. after a pause when they could actually close their mouths and say something about it .. yeah . Now that the reality of it has sunk in they do not like it.

How much the BBC has changed .. gone from abusing children with a huge ring with only a token few in jail for their crimes, or indeed already dead, to setting up and telling lies about innocent members of the public who died as a result, to ramming this crap down or throats and being all extreme left.

Here are a few that did not like the choice of a female Doctor and some that are not sure ..

.. oh and by the way .. I had already watched about thirty reaction videos and some were just classic and had me rolling around with laughter .. but I did not think to put them in my favourites. Lol. Only these last few..

Also I did a search for the one that states this is all about SJW’s ramming stuff down our throats and he seems to have vanished, I am sure it was ‘Cai..’ something?

We should not be seen as being sexist? A quote by a young woman who seems rather sensible ..

.. she is also one that is OK but somewhat .. scared, lol ..



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