Well this isn’t good.

Well what it is stating was obviously going on but reading a news report about it .. and the imminent crisis kind of brings it home.

Household income has fallen for three months in a row and that is the first time this had occurred since .. 2013.

Now it can’t possibly have been anywhere near good enough for the last seven years? At least not for the majority of people.

The TUC actually said that we’ve had the hardest wage squeeze since Victorian times. I’ll say they again, since Victorian times.

If this is how bad it has been already then what will the consequences be of this fall in income falls for a fourth or even fifth month in a row?!

It’s odd as I keep having this same conversation with the same person about British society collapsing. He thinks it’s sooner but his dates keep going by. I tell him it won’t happen until somewhere between 2019 and 2021 at the rate we are going. But I also do state that the could be another unexpected catalyst that arrives much sooner. I should have also added that you could get a pointer that this is going to happen. A clue, if you like?

This could well be a sign.

This tells me that a lot more people are struggling than I had imagined. It is also telling everyone who is struggling and potentially pissed off, ‘hey guess what?! There are hundreds of thousands or even millions in the same boat as you and also pissed off’.

Almost unnoticed or unrealised by the powers that be that it only takes one or two of these to set up webpages and reach out to the others.

Also going unnoticed is the range of the Internet and that it is not just merely the country that sees these things but the world also. Meaning those that are in power in other nations too.

Now forgive me my rattling chamber where my cerebrum bounces around in an over active charge for analysing everything but .. if I were a leader of another nation I would have some of my own people scouring the Internet for the little nuggets such as this. Well .. if it were me, of course.

The days of grand disillusions are over .. long since over .. except no one has bothered to inform several successive cabinets.

Of course this could be the case elsewhere too? Well there do certainly seem to be the signs as just very recently people that thought it was a done deal getting into power and news media outlets lying to their own public got caught .. with their proverbial pants down. In such a way that those that were already aware of the immoral mindset manipulation and had already spent several years .. beefing about it now had the ammunition to go viral. This they kind of did do, at least enough for political empires and news media empires to take notice.

The birth place in time of fake news. Except the powers that be tried to turn this around, take the very words of ‘fake news’ and try to attach them, quite unsuccessfully I might add, onto those actually interested in reporting or talking about the truth.

The other funny thing about all this and something I have only touched on previously, is that of role models in all this. As much as I hate it the world loves role models and these normally are all sourced via one place, or one media source. Television.

Now what I have found strange is the constant pressing upon a nations society about how times are hard, remember ‘we are all in it together’, and we must accept the hardships placed upon us. But when we look at our window to the world, again television, we do not see that. It is all about celebrities in movies or sports because TV news has all become about celebrity gossip, and all we are told about are the humongous pay cheques everyone gets. Now if I were working my butt off to pay for a mortgage and feed a family that was gradually being squeezed a little more each time .. I would have a point where I myself would snap.

The other side of the coin in all this is the fact that disposable income or also disappearing quickly from an ever larger percentage of a given population. When you read reports like this one it should also be obvious .. ooh they missed this point.

So with ever more people spending less money on anything other than clothes and food then many businesses will bee taking a hit on their takings.

Do not see this?

Well I am surprised it has not occurred previously but currently there exists a rumour that one of the most famous brands in the entire world is in trouble and there is talk of them being bought out by another slightly smaller named brand. This would be none other than Nikon and the buyer of them might be Fuji. Fujinon, Fujifilm .. I m not sure of the actual name of the company.

Go back in my posts a few years and look at some of my YouTube videos featuring Nikon cameras and just as I stated with supermarket Tesco  predicted that they too would eventually get into financial difficulties.

When your a world renowned brand .. it might seem like a good idea at the time to take some questionable routes .. but it is sooo not.

On another subject and to do with that obviously missing following part of my ‘Revelations’ series, not that is not biblical, I am at the final stage where I am ..

Staring at my phone!

Well I am at the stage now, FINALLY, whereby notification will come via my phone. Though this could also be an email?

That email could tell me what date it will bee done? It could tell me that it is imminent? Or it could tell me that the deed has already been done? I the case of the latter .. well I may just miss the notification.

Now this will become obvious shortly after this occurs, on here. This is because I have a lot to do and I do have to move pretty quickly for various reasons.

It will be turmoil for anywhere between one to three months, but in a very good way, before it settles down.

I will be moving from place to place, highly likely, and very quickly and I will be sure to do some videos and take many pictures when I do that.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: ONS: Household income falling at fastest rate since 2011 –


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