I’m confused.

This BBC report below states that there are 300 tower blocks across Scotland alone?

Only that’s what it is insinuating as it does not actually state that the 300 tower blocks are actually in Scotland. It just states ‘Scotland’ in the report but not actually in the sentence that states there are “300′ tower blocks.

I’m cautious and reread the piece because the number confused me.

You see it was reported somewhere else and repeated to me that there were 600 tower blocks in the whole of the UK.

Now this was what I said in response “That few?! I would have thought it was over a thousand?!”

This conversation was taking place for the same reason this report was published. The failure and corruption of public services and local councils and central government in this instance.

Now it would be easy for anyone else also confused over the same two numbers to then think ‘oh the 600 number must have just been for England?’. But, no. No way.

England has way more cities that are way bigger and England’s population is way bigger than Scotland’s.

If there are 300 tower blocks in Scotland alone I would then think that there must be at least 900 and maybe as many as 1200 in England.

This also does not include Wales!

Nor does it include Northern Ireland.

So where the bloody hell did they figure of 600 come from?

I’ve even been questioning my frequently bad memory but when that occurs I normally get blanks, not false information. Though it’s not entirely unknown.

I thought these numbers were scary before .. but now?!

I mean we must be taking in the range of 1400 to 1700 blocks?

God only knows how many homes that are in danger and higher still, how many people?

Odd too is this story has stayed true to what I said previously that it has not been mentioned in the mainstream TV or even radio news. It might do in local news. Well I presume it did .. in Scotland?

Well you would think.

Here in London I had to stumble across it on the BBC News app.

Hmm not that I think about it .. The Scottish National Party? How long have they been around? How long have they been on about looking after their own? How long now have they been winning seats in parliament?

Didn’t manage to spot one out of 300 tower blocks were not safe for their residents? Not one spotted that their councils were endangering lives to save a few grand?

I had to find out from someone other than the BBC, a lot of bizarre things going on, that this far 181 buildings across 51 local authors have actually failed safety tests!

Fifty one authorities?!

Bloody hell!! I never really thought about how many local authorities would be guilty of this but as I thought there were around 104 local authorities I never thought it would get this high.

Hmm thinking about it that 104 doesn’t seem realistic. I mean there must be dozens on the London area alone? In fact each large city could have anywhere between 4 and 8 local authorities at a guess?

The funny thing is this .. what’s the betting not a single person will lose their jobs in these local authorities? Purely because no one died.

That’s a little like no sending someone to prison because despite shooting someone they did not die.

They have one flight of stairs and no sprinklers and covered the buildings in fire hazardous material to save money.

For years I’ve stated the to tiers of public services need to go. Basically like fat cats but screwing ever more money out of the public while providing less and less on the way out services and housing. Also they have no clue about the real world, especially in built up communities. They have also mostly leaned way too far left to the point they have not been fair to British people for a very, very long time.

It’s been scandalous for a very, very long time and yet it’s all been ignored.

Though with the recent tragedies more than one thing has become obvious from all this and as time goes on many other things will stand out.

I’ve spoken to members of the public that have noticed many things. Funny then that the news media have not. I wonder if the news reports on this have started to reduce just as the numbers are getting to ridiculous proportions and these obvious things are starting to come to light?

Maybe someone somewhere said ..

“Umm .. of you keep reporting on this .. something is going to become very obvious that’s not only going to piss the British public off but may help certain political parties to gain ground!”?

I seem to have no end of stories guaranteed to keep coming out that I feel compelled to write about every now and then, when I find them that is.

It certainly seems to be looking like it will keep my trying to find the time to type them up, up until I start anew on something I’ve been waiting for.

To give you a little insight, as there has been some delays to what I’ve been claiming is an inevitable outcome, well two actually, in several posts now. In fact anyone that had read the ‘Revelations’ series will know this. They night even be waiting and wondering what in the hell has happened?

If so .. good! In a way, lol. Because when it’s all explained you will understand and hopefully ask ..

What the fuck has been going on all this time?

How the fuck can they be so bloody unfair to the .. public?

What the fuck do they do for their salaries?!

There will probably be other questions when I publish it?

What I can tell you, you might now go ‘oooh’ when I tell you I have the most important number.

You might then go “Whaaaat??” When I tell you that my prediction for this number was exact?!

Umm .. I will tell you there were figures of 0, 5, 8, 10 and 35. Kind of involved. Lol.

There might turn out, or likely will, to be 8 or 9 numbers to be included with those above.

There was also a date. I did previously have a date to go on but was not .. specifically for when it ended. As that date was the 2nd June, posted it previously, it’s obvious to those that saw that date that it’s not in any way close to the end. Lol.

However I can tell you that it is around 7 to 10 days away and .. well I could only know I was spot on, on my prediction because I was officially informed of some information. This could only be provided at the very end.

Except .. there was something that held it up, as it turns out. Well .. this was the second thing I’ve been told held things up.

But ..

One was a form which I oddly was not told about previously, when they last contacted me and I have to ask myself, why?

The second one was about something I had known about for several weeks and is to do with a member of my family not sending something in.

But also bizarre is that not only was I aware of this I was aware of it for weeks and as always is the case .. I had to advise.

I’ve also been in conversation with new people on this, that number now being four. Well four that are just as equally involved in this.

It’s also going to evolve and develop and though this will be obvious very soon I will be able to give updates but not all information. This will become obvious why very soon.

It will also become very obvious that I’m going to against yet another public service in what could be a very big way.

I’ve already been offered up as the .. fighter in this particular arena.

Funny that as around the same time I will certainly have one other .. battle going on and likely to have a third?

Lol, these will be very different to battles I have had in the past.

I will have vast amount of resources at my disposal not to mention .. umm, hired help. Lol.

The light is most certainly on amber right now and won’t last very long before it turns to green.

I’m also in a tizz.

Because there are lots and lots of forks in the road ahead of me and I need to decide which forks to take?!

Oh yeah I’ve also been doing something else I’ve kept under wraps for weeks. In fact over a week ago someone .. noticed. Lol.

One of these things is not so easy to hide .. well not when you’ve been at it for a couple of months.


Oh Jesus H fucking Christ they are on about Donald fucking Trump yet again?!

Tweeting some bloody video someone made up and how it’s going to cost journalists lives?! Oh PLEASE!

Yeah he does do some stupid and childish things but the entire media’s need to jump into every bloody thing he does smacks of desperation. It also hits home with people what I’ve also bleated on about for years .. that when large organisations are not brought to account they carry on doing it right in front of your face.

Banks keep paying big bonuses.

PC World, likely sell others too, been selling used and faulty goods as new since 2005 or before.

Politicians keep lying. Also keep spending the public’s taxes.

Keep giving themselves pay rises while not going after their rich friends 7 years or more into austerity.

Government keep taking from disabled people no matter how many times it’s reported on the Internet and how many have committed suicide over it.

Police keep asking themselves why the public are chasing them down the street throwing rocks at them? Oh .. that’s not quite the same thing. Sorry .. got carried away.

Theresa May keeps doing the same fucking things even though a really bad Labour leader, whose got two left arms and legs and blind to British people in at least one eye, somehow gained ground on her.

How long ago did they all tell us they were going to both listen and be more transparent?

Yeah .. as long as we don’t spot the deliberate and hidden mistakes they say what they think we want to hear.

Except .. yeeeah I’ve been saying it for awhile now .. the more you get found out about something the more people realise your still full oh bullshit. The more likely your going to get ever greater numbers of civil unrest.

Then the further your going to go to have to prevent it!

Oh, what’s that? You think it’s OK because you can just accuse everyone of being criminals so sending the cops or army in to beat the crap out of everyone is justifiable?

Yeeeaahh .. except I exist as does this blog that had been predicting both what will happen, fire the public will react, how you will react and what your will use as excuses when you do.

Don’t forget though?

They are smarter than everyone else!


Ooh yeah and I nearly forgot. Some big fine for not taking down .. fake news from the likes of Facebook and suchlike?

I would like to see how they would decide on that as well as how they are going to Police that?!

Are the German government trying to build up a replacement of funding input for when the UK leaves Europe by any chance? Lol.

I hope they dish out the same punishments to their own TV News and tabloids if anyone ever finds them guilty?! Or the UK’s, namely the BBC, too?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: No sprinklers in 300 Scottish tower blocks –


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