Well it just keeps on rolling.

But .. well after the videos I watched .. yeah t was always going to keep on rolling.

This VidCon 2017 things is still going and the number of videos I have seen on it is mind numbingly staggering in number and more appear all the time.

It is still unfolding and in all honesty somewhat worrying now that I have given it more thought.

Watching the verbal attack on Sargon which could only be worse if Anita Sarkeesian actually swore I realised something. Well after I noticed that the people behind the panel came out and stated they saw her as a victim.

Well the concerning thing rather depends somewhat on whether or not Anita Sarkeesian is finally called out on her bullshit and her lying.

You see since I last posted I have discovered a number of other things. Anita Sarkeesian stated her very self at the same bloody panel the year before that people criticising her is not harassment?! Fuck me, you don’t say?! Jesus Christ. She went on to state a few other things that are not harassment.

Oddly these are the exact same things she has now claimed at VidCon 2017 are in fact harassment and why she reacted the way that she did. Umm, you know? When she actually harassed and verbally abused a guy sitting in the audience saying nothing. Oh yeah … and the panel was all about harassment .. or it was the panel she sat on the next day was about harassment. You know the following day where she appeared again. Yeah that one where she angrily swore at Boogie2988 who is seen, by me also, as one of the nicest guys on YouTube. Oh wait? She swore.

Sorry that is three strikes on the same panel ii the same year .. your out!

Well .. it is a bit odd actually as she has been caught out lying several times in the past and I am not even researching this woman .. and nor do I have any desire to whatsoever. Plenty of level-headed people, most of which attended VidCon lol, have already done bloody great jobs of doing that.

In fact I will let you into a little secret .. I have always had a great deal of trouble .. well .. kind of finding people who think as I do. I thought about attending clubs or societies on each of the subject matters, mainly science, that interest me. But this was no guarantee that I would find like-minded people. Just likely fanatics and label fanboys into stuff they do not fully understand?

But only a short while ago I discovered people talking about things I had never been involved in and did not even know where going on. Like Anita Sarkeesian. In all honesty I thought it was all some kind of YouTube prank. I thought people who knew each other had dreamt up some mad idea to row with each other on YouTube to get their views racing skywards?

But no .. it turned out to be true.

The number of times I had my hand on my forehead went beyond what I could reasonably keep track of and in all honesty just kept shaking my head at other things.

Basically I thought “What the FUCK are the United Nations doing inviting this woman to speak?!” and I put it down, very literally, to a bunch on arseholes paid to make the world better who have no idea how the real world works and just thinks it looks good for them if they get someone on who has grievances? Did the UN actually look into what this woman was claiming and talking about?

It would cause every inch of my spine to shudder in fear if they actually knew what this woman was all about and still invite her anyway.

But enough of that .. she has now been caught lying at least twice and the videos are all circulating on YouTube. Many question her earnings and how she gets it, as do I. She disables her videos and refuses to engage in either conversations or debates .. sorry but you lose your right to speak for anyone by doing this and should be sent into Internet oblivion. And best of all we have her now harassing and verbally abusing two people over two days on a panel that was supposed to be against harassment.

Sorry but in my mind you were dead in the water many, many months ago and if not then, then you are as of now.

And I am sorry but one of my pet hates? Liars! Especially ones intended to manipulate and swindle.

But .. she umm .. goes to events and .. even the United Nations?!

But what if she keeps on being asked? What if she is now not forced to open up her comments sections because she is obviously trying to create, or already has, her own bubble universe where nothing gets in unless she approves it.

Wait? This is familiar to me? Something within my bad memory is stirring …

Oh yeah Joseph Stalin!! That is who behaves like that!

Ever heard of Mike Scott? The Waterboys? An Irish band who were once tipped to be the next U2, whatever the fuck that means.

Well he did a song, or I should say The Waterboys released a song/track, called Red Army Blues. In it he sings as if he is a Russian Soldier in World War 2. He ended up on the front line and survived the war and even got to meet American soldiers for several days when the war ended. He sang about how the Americans were actually no different to him.

But when he attempted to travel home in the song he sings about how Joseph Stalin was concerned that all those soldiers had learnt too much from spending time with the American soldiers and when they boarded the train instead of taking them home it too them to a prison up in an area in the far north, called the Tiga, which is like the Tundra.

Without questioning them Stalin thought that they might have become too westernised and jailed all his own heroes. Because they might be thinking differently to how he wants.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I think you just might find that there is another country where you would find people who claim this goes on in their country today? I can think of three in fact.

This is exactly the same attitude these extreme feminists have except some of them act like screaming banshees that appear to have no intelligence at all and not in full command of their minds or even their bodily functions?

Stalin was a twat but at least he did not appear like a burbling lunatic. Well .. at least I have not read anything nor remember reading anything like that about Stalin. But you never know? Maybe it is a condition that goes with the mindset and the Russians just kept that quiet at the time?

Come to think of it I do here that garbled warbling a lot in Social Justice Warrior videos where they protest and seem to think that because there are a thousand of them protesting that the 153 million other Americans should all be forced to think the same way?

You see? They do not agree with democracy as well as individual thought? Hmm .. did Stalin secretly escape and head to Canada where he had children and grandchildren he managed to brainwash?


Anyway another thing I did not pick up on in my last blog, though it dd not go unnoticed. Anita remarking that Sargon of Akkad does video after video all bout her saying the same shit. I know I pulled a face and the screen when I heard that and said out loud “WHAT?!?!”

Umm .. no. None of this crowd know me and I tend to NOT go around commenting on people’s videos as I do not see .. the point in it. Well up until now anyway. But I have seen a great deal of everyone’s videos I included below and have watched bloody many of Sargon’s. Not all but a fair few.

Yeeeeah … no! No he does not make video after video about Anita, get over yourself with the self-importance, in fact in the percentages it is in single digits. I like the ones he does about Jeremy Corbyn personally. Lol. Oh and yeeeeaaaah .. no! He does NOT do the same videos over and over again .. even the 5% about you, Anita. Each one debunks something you said and oddly if you consider things said to belong to a group labelled ‘fucking bat shit crazy’ then I am afraid it is you that over the same shit over and over again in your dumb-arse videos.

Oh yeah and of course she called them out to be men?! The girls that were there? Yeah ignore it your all gorgeous and look like fine women to me! ūüėČ LMAO!

Oh and I love all the fucking labels and demographics used and all the little labels for all the little groups. Fuck … off! Being equal is being equal and being fair is being fair. It does NOT mean that you get preferential treatment over others!!

Umm .. except it might. Well it might look to the outside world that the people who can set these things up who have money, power and influence .. might be some kind of new age .. Stalinist themselves?

Huh?! I thought I invented a new word there with ‘Stalinist’ but … the dictionary seems to accept it?! Lol, and I thought I might actually achieve at least one thing I might be remembered by?

Anyway .. she can go YouTubing Googling to find out about Joseph Stalin to see the similarities in her character to his. Lol.


Anyway as I watched these videos I did think that you might be  interested to see what videos I had been watching?       (A .. WOMAN?!)     (A .. WOMAN?!)

Yeah there are lots of women that disagree with her and I suggest looking, I think it was Lanni K?

EDIT: Oh I forgot one small thing ..

If your someone who likes waving the victim card and that being harassed by people is so bad to you, as you have stated so many time Anita, you do not then single out someone that you claim is a harasser and then verbally attack him possibly inciting more harassment against you ..

.. unless that was what someone or several people wanted.

EDIT II: Oh-oh-oh ..

Yes I also forgot again about her accusing Boogie of not giving her a chance to reply to his statement at the end, which he was legitimately invited to do ..

.. but .. did she not and has she not always prevented everyone else from speaking or replying to things that she has said?

So double standards go with rhetoric, lies and cheating to be her?

I am utterly astounded that she has any followers at all and that she has not been  investigate for fraud, to be honest.


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