.. and soon there will be an identical one.

Well her we go.

At Kensington and Chelsea Council someone had fallen on their sword.

All that will happen is that everyone will be under the impression things will get better.

In reality all that will happen if you will change one face for another and nothing will change.

Except everyone will think it has until the next tragedy. Hopefully and though it will be inevitable I hope it will be on a much smaller scale than Grenfell Tower? Grenfell Tower will always be one of the few tragedies I didn’t foresee. But then I never expected the savings of money to go this far. I mean I know they don’t value human life, hell I’ve been stating it on here for years. I just didn’t expect their negligence would be on this level.

I guess they gambled that a fire on this scale was unlikely.

There will be other things they’ve done they think the consequences of which will never occur.

But this was a tragedy all at once .. big fire that shocks everyone on TV and dozens of people dying inside the building.

Funny then that the thousands of disabled people .. sorry I’m forgetting it’s tens of thousands and I believe over one hundred thousand people, on Calum’s List, that have died at the government’s hands.

But I guess a dozen spread around the country with no blazing fire to get viewers onto the TV news channels isn’t quite the same?

It’s like when I get annoyed hearing about what this extreme feminist Anita Sarkeesian wants and tells people.

Hurting and suffering is wrong and it does not matter what nationality, colour or genre you are. Individuals trying to own certain abuses as their own is simply wrong.

I’ve always stated that being fair means being fair .. to all.

No race or colour should be neglected for whatever lame reason you come to with.

Because otherwise it’s racism pure and simple.

So now we have someone fall in their sword because of a fire? No, wait? Is it because of the use of fire hazardous materials?!

Oh well they are going to need a lot more swords then? I bet a few people in Japan have been on the phone to the UK government offering then a cut price deal for bulk buying?!

The attitude of the counsellor I was hearing about will be the same in most councils guilty of this.

Is it not odd that in previous stories of public services as soon as you get a whistle-blower, from either side of the wall, they want to spread evil lies about the whistle-blower? They accused one of being violent recently and they have done this and many other things to me.

But .. when they have been caught red handed and have no one to blame it anyone to smear and the public are at the door in numbers accompanied by journalists …

Suddenly they don’t want to talk!!

Make no mistake and have absolutely no doubt whatsoever the public services think they are above the law. I’ve been told stories of them being caught out on court and getting up and walking out in front of the judge who ordered her to stay. That was a deputy head teacher and the last paragraph were Doctors.

Here is the rub ..

When lying, evil and corruption goes on long enough the evil ones go a bit further and feel a bit more confident each time they get away with something. Each time they think they will get away with it the next time even as the actions or neglect is far worse.

Eventually they think that they are above the law and even the courts.

It’s a funny situation we are at because I’ve had people tell me that the public services have the courts in their pockets. I’ve been told stories with links to evidence of councils being proved of doing something illegal and a judge walking out of a court and refusing to judge the council as being illegal.

This was something I unfortunately had no experience with and therefore no evidence. I ended up being taken to court several times but I ended up winning. One hundred percent success.

It didn’t stay that way.

I appealed a decision that was wrong and ended up not only going to court but actually attending this time.

I won all my previous cases without even attending. I attended this one and I lost.

Five minutes in I was asked something I will get to later in the year.

I’m to repeat this process all over again in a couple of months time.

But in the cases of the judges and the courts they are being .. hmm trying to think of a word here ..

not defrocked .. less .. something. Damn it my brain simply doesn’t want to play at times!

Their losing their .. legitimacy.

Their gradually losing their lofty statuses.

What happens when this has happened enough times?

People won’t see courts or judges as an authority but a bunch of lame privileged years twats with delusions of grandeur and won’t care if they are presented with opportunities that require them to break the law.

The fact that living in this very long time of austerity is also compounding this issue as well as others.

It’s all about perceptions and whether people just stop caring.

It’s all about time.

I note some funny things sometimes they others simply don’t when it’s right in front of their faces.

For example this is how things have gone since Grenfell Tower burned down ..

  • 6 out of 6 blocks tested are unsafe.
  • 15 out of 15 blocks as above.
  • 27 out of 27 blocks as above.
  • 35 out of 35 blocks as above.
  • Forty something out of forty something as above.
  • 60 out of 60 as above.
  • Silence!

What? Well that’s odd I was seeing updates every other day and then nothing?

Is it some secret fire safety testers ball somewhere?

Do the fire regulators all go on holiday at the same time each year?!

Or have the media, out at least some of them, just stopped reporting the numbers?

Is it because people that live in council blocks, and not just the 600 or more Towers, suddenly all realise at once that their lives, their children’s lives, their parents lives have all been knowingly put at risk?

Do they suddenly think that every area in the country that had tower blocks or even just smaller council blocks will ask riot? Stampede the council offices, tear the places down and give these public service and government types a taste of their own medicine and put them all in hospital?!

I mean the latter part about violence .. well it’s obviously wrong .. but .. might not be as bad as what the council people have done and .. well .. they have been protected for doing bad things, think themselves untouchable and above the law, or at least morals, and .. well when you take away people’s rights, legal aid, and they get away with evil actions and don’t care and don’t listen what do you think will happen?

Larger numbers of the public are going to think that the only way to get through to these immoral twats full of self entitlement are only going to be reached through violence.

That’s what everyone will eventually think and whose fault will that be? The public’s? The angry mob? Well, in a word, no.

Oh but the local and central government, the NHS or other public service that will get this wrath will tell you through the media it’s the angry mob’s fault.

No. Just .. no. To you the public servants I will inform you that you are not a different species to the general public and your blood does not run blue. Tables turned you would act exactly the same way.

In fact this is one argument I have put onto many a pair of deaf ears. I’ve been given plenty of reasons to place plenty of people in hospital. I also possess the skill-sets to do just that.

Oh they have tried to make me out to be someone like that. Except if you’ve read enough of my key posts you will wonder how I ever held back.

But many people would not hold back even on the first instance and the first attack on their lives.

In other words if you treat people like animals they will become like animals and you cannot then accuse them of being animals.

You created them!

But they will think that they can either control the media from reporting it or even if they do it only gets seen by the British. Or is a piece of a few seconds late at night so they can carry they reported it but only half a dozen insomniacs ever saw it?!

No .. they continue to make the same fucking mistake they have been making for around 15 years now.

They ignore the fact the Internet exists.

Then the anger and hatred spreads. Once people see others let off steam over their frustrations or abuse then others group together and do the same.

It’s nature bitch and nothing is ever going to change it, rules reversed you would do the same and lame excuses and finger pointing are dead in the water now.

Plus I’ve just told you that anger is perfectly natural and reasons perfectly reasonable in this post.

Plus I’ve now stated that my, well over, 3,000 posts are littered with predictions about shit going on leading to even bigger shit.

Plus I’ve quoted that I’ve got 100GB plus of evidence! Yes I did. In that last sentence, lol.

But the higher classes don’t have these basic natural instincts. Not the higher up or even monarchy. Don’t be stupid they are a different species, lizards! *cough* lol, because they won’t resort to hunting animals down until they are dead .. oh wait? Foxes. No will they wouldn’t just go shooting animals for sport .. oh wait? They used to have reserves and Pheasant shooting.

Huh, would you look at that? They do have these primitive desires they give into.

Funny that because I don’t get any of those feelings at all.

Ahh I’ve got it?! We are in the wrong places and there is role reversal going on?

They should actually be below me in importance and as well as those things I don’t get the desires to do .. I don’t lie or cheat people either.

Crap! I better not tell that to the Jehovah’s Witnesses as they have been convinced for six years that the devil is running the UK now.


Before even posting this I have heard reports suggesting that Downing Street, or Theresa May, had asked Nick Paget-Brown, chief of Kensington & Chelsea Council, to quit.

Do you see?

“Oh we will ask the chief to quit, the public will think that the one ultimately responsible has gone and they will all calm down and go back to work. Then no one will stop and realise it is really us and those that pull our strings! Yes that one has worked for us for decades!”

Nothing ever changes and if often appears that nothing ever will.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Grenfell fire: Council leader quits over fire response –


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