I’ve been expecting and predicting my second wave of whistle-blowing.

Here is the first example to be reported on in that second wave.

Oddly the man who blew his whistle was then subjected to an attempt to tarnish his name and character.

Now where exactly .. have I heard this before? Oh wait? It’s me. First I was a liar for telling them I knew they had falsified evidence, except the first person I challenged admitted it. Then I was crazy and needed to see a psychiatrist starting they were “worried about me”. That was until I offered to pay them the entire recording of the specialist admitting he had falsified the ultrasound test on the aching and stinging in the area of my mesh Inguinal Hernia repair.

Yes this is the exact same operation that was exposed as having the same results as me in dozens if not hundreds of others on the BBC.

So what happened after I offered to play them the recording?

They kicked me off their register, I was fucking going anyway as the Doctors were all liars, under the accusation of violent conduct. With help from the General Medical Council which was rich because it was I that contacted the GMC! I contacted the GMC because I had a very genuine and serious concern of the corruption that was rife in the NHS.

But it turned out they were part of it, though I can’t say I was that surprised.

The corruption and lies was everywhere I looked and in every public service I had dealt with.

It was my intention to expose the corruption and the lies in every single public service I could find but had to wait until I had a genuine reason to approach said public service.

This was inevitably going to take a very, very long time.

Hence why I can safely say that I have dozens and possibly more dozens of instances of corruption.

It was never my intention to throw the first one beech in their faces to get then to do what they must.

No on each occasion I had to lose out.

Except this particular time when I was livid that they called me a liar and when I explained why that won’t work, I was PA to a local solicitor with access to their client account, they then decided I was mad instead. Then when that didn’t work, as I knew a psychiatrist two doors down and told them, then they got help from the GMC to state I was violent.

No I have no criminal records for violence whatsoever and have in fact saved many lives.

And yes that’s the solicitor I’ve referred to previously!


Yes I did explain all this to the news media groups, all of them, who did nothing.

Oh yeah but I see exact replicas of my endeavours pop up in the news media and have done for around six years now.

I should call the UK the society of douche-bags?


Biggest problem of accusing me of violence? As I had already been recording every single meeting with every single public service I would have to be fucking retarded to then act violent while recording myself, would I not?

Funny how the GMC failed to pick up on this?

Take a guess as to why they didn’t pick up on this glaringly obvious error? No it’s not that lame excuse I get told by particular friends.

“Oh it’s because they employ idiots that make mistakes!”

Where I withdraw would reply ..

“You think it is because they employ .. idiots? This has occurred 100% of the time across 5 GP Surgeries, 5 Hospitals, 2 Police Forces, 5 or 6 Local Councils, NHS England, the PHSO, GMC, LGO, IPCC, GMC, FSA, PALS, DWP, Atos, Maxima, ASA, Bailiffs, the ombudsman for Bailiffs, Ofgen, OFCOM and many others ..

What is it? The national duty to employ blithering idiots that also need to be patronising arseholes and liars? Fuck .. off!


That list might seem long but it might shock you to realise it’s missing a fair few. Probably mainly ombudsman and governing bodies but ..

It’s also missing all the fake and biased news media groups too. Probably more than a dozen tabloids and four or more TV News networks.

Hmm whistleblowers. I wonder where they get their inspiration?


If you completely miss the point of the exercises, I’m not going to point them out to you.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Kettering General Hospital whistleblower resigns as governor – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-40355572


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