Didn’t know this one ..

ME, or Myalgic Encephephalomyelitis, is actually Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I’m not, however, surprised to read this ..

“Carers of Children with ME accused of fabrication'”

Yeah .. I have long since established that it is my belief that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is mysteriously linked to Fibromyalgia Syndrome which may well also be linked to CRPS, or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Because Fibromyalgia has the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a few extra while Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome seems to have all of Fibromyalgia Syndrome’s symptoms but with a few extra.

I’ve also spotted and discovered that sleep also seems to be an issue with all three?

The link about CFS or ME below mentions sleep while Fibromyalgia is at least in part down to non restorative sleep and someone I know that suffers with CRPS has spoken about issues with sleep.

But if you look at the BBC, spit, below they talk about how they get accused of lying. About the condition.

Here is a tip …

They are the ones lying!

There has been a drive that’s been going on for over a decade to stop diagnosing certain conditions where they can get away with it. Also where the patient is not in danger of dying.

Then what started to around 8 years ago was to work there way through, the NHS this is, the more obscure or less known conditions and decide they are not disabilities any longer.

Around 8 years ago or so they leapt on those suffering with mental health issues.

That was low .. real low .. attacking those that cannot defend themselves in many cases.

Disgusting and amoral.

Then about two years back and after telling a Fibromyalgia charity no less than twice that they accepted this issue was a debilitating and progressive illness they then went after them.

Oddly the charity had remained quiet.

I have no doubts that starting over ten years ago they systematically attacked patients in groups, one condition at a time.

This theory was stated to a psychiatrist who agreed and stated that she did not know. She then said she realised one day because patients kept telling her stories. She then checked the clinics books and said that financial support had stopped for everyone on the clinics books.

“No one warned us” became immortal words in my battle to expose this crap.

I have absolutely believed back then they were going after conditions in turn and there would be more.

This behaviour, under Tony Blair I might add, strongly suggests, when I think about it, that Tony Blair knew many months before the public did that a financial crisis was coming.

I very much doubt that they have stopped on this march to remove health conditions that leave you disabled from being under the term of disability.

They also worked towards this by removing the actual word of ‘disability’ from the welfare state altogether.

Weeell of the current Tory party can shit on each other to climb the political ladder to get to the top it should be no surprise they would treat is far, far worse.

What a great team of amoral idiots to represent us, the British people, to the rest of the world?!

But then maybe many countries have the same issues and don’t realise it yet so when they meet up they all have a chuckle at our expense?


If you have come here for the first time and think this is the only post on the subject of the corruption within the NHS or one of just a few? Oooh noooo.

There are many, many dozens of posts by me and a shed load of evidence.

Even if you find all of it I will warn you now .. it is by no means all of it.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Carers of children with ME ‘accused of fabrication’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40407174


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