Well, well, well. What do we have here then?

After a possible kick off with members of the public over the actions of public services in the wake of a certain tower block fire, something odd occurs?

The Hillsborough Disaster comes back into the limelight for the first time in decades. Well outer than a brief mention.

Only this time and after several decades they actually intend to charge people within the public services?!

Well this must be the first time I can recall of something like this happening?

It’s taken several decades though.

I was pleased to see that among the five names is a bloody solicitor?!

I wonder if that is a sign of things to come?

It’s also very interesting that these people being found guilty has occurred, as I’ve mentioned, after a boiling point situation over the Grenfell Tower block fire, handling and the fact that the number of blocks that have been living on a knife edge just keeps on growing and popping up all over the UK.

Is this merely an action of appeasement and they will go back to their old ways and regain their spades?

Or is this the beginning of something else entirely?

I say that last comment because .. well the trouble is with corrupting the public services is there are a lot of them. That means a lot of people involved.

Up until today everyone has give under the impression that despite their own suspicion or even knowledge of corruption and lies, public services are just never found guilty.

In my own opinion and from being embroiled in this corruption crap among dozens, literally, of public services it works because only ever people at the bottom get charged. Which itself is rare. Because they can point the finger at those above them who can in turn so the same until it gets to someone in government.

Imagine that fiber pointing going all the way to to people within government?

The more people high up the finger pointing reaches the more chance there is at the finger pointing to the ones ultimately responsible.

Though this may have worked beforehand it might not work that way from now on. Because everyone within the public services will look at this and wonder if they could get thrown into the fire over something they are not responsible for.

If your a someone working for the public services and you read this and think you’ll launch a pre-emptive strike, think it through first. I say this because it’s been obvious to me for a very long time that the news media have avoided many stories like the plague.

I have them many, many stories along with evidence well over five years ago.

Over time I see stories that mirrored my own appear in the news. This was even noticed by someone that died of kidney cancer while I took care of him. He passed away four or five years ago, maybe longer?

I’ve been sent links about several bouts of rioting but only one of these got mentioned in the news. Even that one was brief.

If a gun was put to the head of the media controllers and asked why they would likely state that so many are pissed off that if they discovered they were the majority then riots would break out everywhere.

After all these bloody years of warning individual public services in arguments with them they still fucking do it. They still ignore the Internet and everyone knows things are being covered up and this pisses them off even more.

Hence why the BBC reporter was verbally attacked by the surviving Grenfell Tower residents.

Then having the major news network names go on about fake news just pisses them off even more.

No they want everyone to ignore the Internet, just simply not going to happen, and believe the stories or listen to celebrity gossip in the mainstream news.

Yeah that’s right. Just feed them gossip about celebrities or other reality show crap and they won’t care about real news stories not being reported on.

This is because they are working on the assumption that everybody is like them. That they only give a shit about numero Uno.

Take the Tories .. you have a party there where each and every one of them would step on your face while you may injured to get to the top. Each and every one of them would do the same thing and take lame desperate measures to stay at the top.

I do see this within the Labour Party too.

But heaven forbid any of them gets fingered for a massive injustice against the people in case they turn into the proverbial Canary.

But as well as someone that clings onto power currently your alternatives are someone you did not vote for our someone that thinks he knows better than the majority of British people. The latter also probably believes that his plans will work so he doesn’t care about what the British public want.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: David Duckenfield faces Hillsborough charges with five others –


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