After watching closely the events that unfurled of a particular panel at VidCon involving Anita Sarkeesian and Sargon of Akkad and later Boogie2988 and the two brothers, the Green’s I believe, that ran the panel I felt like I had to say something. Because I realised something.

Now after the ‘garbage human’ fiasco and the statements by all that followed I then noticed that a second panel took place that had another YouTuber I watch from time to time and that is Boogie2298. I was amazed at this due to his … challenging personality problems but thought ‘kudos’ to him for doing it.

I did not watch it.

But then I watched a video by Boogie regarding what happened and I expected him to talk about the Anita V Sargon thing. Well using ‘versus’ is not really descriptive of what took place really as many already know. Instead he started talking about the difficulties of being there and what he feared the most. What he said was … well and truly staggering to my mind. I simply watched open mouthed and if what took place with Sargon was not bad enough .. this kind of put the in hat on it.

I did see bits of videos of what Boogie said on the panel and I noticed he get several applauses and .. I have to admit .. as soon as I noticed the first applause I immediately thought ‘Yeeah I do not think Anita Sarkeesian is going to like that?!’

As it turns out he made a little speech at the end, to which he got another applause for, and .. was verbally attacked and sworn at by Anita Sarkeesian immediately after.

Now first off .. she thrives of a small band of followers and in the big scheme of things it is a small band .. but it provides her with what she .. desires. Money and power. But she disables her videos because she wants to live in a bubble of her own reality. Where she thinks she is ultra popular and in a panel in a very public place … your going to get the people you disable your comments for. Even sitting on your panel.

Of course Boogie, and those that know him, know he is the sort of character that would not harm a fly and I like him for that. It works .. most of the time. But there are times when it does not work .. because the other side basically refuse to meet you half way. For whatever reason they simply refuse in which case you either lay down while they walk all over you or even, on occasion, kill you or you then chose to fight fire with fire. Yeah .. sometimes that scenario simply is not avoidable.

But .. what got me most was that which Boogie openly admitted to and that was that his anxiety issues were playing up, I know how that fells pal, and what it was he feared ..

Anita Sarkessian attacking him.

Remember this is a man that would not want to harm or even UPSET a fly!

But he was already worried about saying something that Anita Sarkeesian would not like and her attacking him.

But that is EXACTLY what she did.

This goes to show that it is obvious to many already what Anita Arakeesian is all about.

So ask yourself this ..

Why is she the most prominent figure on women’s issues when she is so obviously amoral, doing it for money and power and doing more harm than good for women’s causes?

Because she must be surrounded by people also obsessed with both money and power.

What I find hilarious in this case is that so many, like these Green brothers, were quick to come out and either defend her, take a hike bozzos we are n the world of reality here, and even state that Sargon was in the wrong. I say quick because first off it was prior to it coming out that Anita attacked Boogie. Probably because she waited this time for the panel to be over before she did it? I guess that first attacking a member of the audience … sorry a paid member of the audience in a panel intended for the public .. umm very publicly the first day was bad enough .. but a second day and this time a panel member with a widely known anxiety disorder?! Ooh no, that is a big no-no and even Anita Sarkeesian is not stupid enough to do that.

Boogie did his best to explain what happened and not make it a thing. He even went as far as not attacking Anita Sarkeesian back and even admitted that she later apologizes. Yeah .. I admire you for who you are and what you stand for but apologies do not cut it, mate. If so there would be very few people in prison.

I also noted he made a second video where people were attacking him?! What bloody moron would attack him over that video?!

Because like he stated in his video he did not fight fire with fire? Well on this occasion he was absolutely right? Because taking this stance only served to make her look worse for a start and in situations like this .. it is not the way.

However just to make those that attacked Boogie for not verbally attacking her back .. so this woman you hate because of the harmful things she is trying to push, what take away your Batman game? Grow up! She think an overly large male member of society standing up and shouting and swearing at who is seen to be the leading feminist on YouTube, God help them lol, wont make things worse? Are you really that fucking dumb?!

What you have to concentrate on are the blind followers and in that I do not mean attacking them either!

No .. you simply have to show them that if they do not question and therefore realise what their beloved leader is all about then they amount to nothing more than rats being manipulated by the Pied Piper.

In this day and age and with the wealth of information available on the Internet it is amazing to me that there is still a portion of society that is that dumb or naïve.

What because she says one or two things that you feel strongly about?! One or two things .. because it has happened to you and you have hang-ups about it and feel some enveloping warmth when you hear the right words?

Yeah well that is the game she has cottoned on to I a afraid.

If your here and your an Anita Sarkeesian fan I will probably waste my time stating what I am about to because I am a single white male and .. well for two decades now we have gotten shit and no sympathy from anyone .. because for some unknown biological reason, its ALWAYS to do with biology, everyone else in the world is more important and more rights than we have.

Well .. I have been a victim of a very, very large number of things in my life and in each and every case they have been wrong. Either from being lazy, do not care or that they can act careless and because I am a single white male no one will give a crap anyway.

Each of the things I have been through have been known to cause suicides in others and boy did I want to do that so many times in my life. But I survived but it did not do this once or twice but dozens of times.

In other words I could be some blind follower of someone or something spouting some narrative that I want to hear. I could feel the enveloping warmth from someone with an ulterior motive of money or power or indeed both!

Instead what I did was spent several years secretly recording and holding onto all letters and documents and even doing the odd video and then start up a blog and spent another five years, well almost, helping others. For free!

Oh and since when does oppression give you the right to become the oppressors?

See that being said by so many sometimes in words but often in actions. The bloody hilarious part about it is that in the turning of these tables they do not even bloody well realise that they are trying to oppress the WRONG people.

It was the rich and aristocracy that was behind these old and inhuman acts, not the descendent of the working classes. The working classes were oppressed to throughout history.

Jesus .. did the scrub the word ‘research’ from the dictionaries?

It is also funny how sometimes when feminism is being explained it sounds a lot like communism?!


Oh and what other afflictions do I have other than being a single white male? Fibromyalgia which causes several pains in my feet, short term memory loss, skin conditions and dozens of other things along with pain from a botched operation that only got the light of day in the news in the last 24 hours or so, a daaged right knee that was then lied about, as was the operation pain, a second inguinal hernia that was then lied about.

Then there is each of the different areas of crap which I have spent five years posting about WITH evidence!

Yeah .. so only one or two things, lol.


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