I saw this report and I simply could not believe it .. I thought I was dreaming!

I read through it quickly and I still couldn’t believe it.

One of my many exposes of the NHS involves me going to have an ultrasound scan of my groin.

This was because ever since I had an operation on an inguinal hernia repair I get aching and sometimes stinging in the area that they repaired. This was bloody odd as the hernia itself had little in the way of symptoms and none that involved aches or pain.

I complained about this several times and after a few years I was sent to have an ultrasound performed on the offending area.

Now when I had the ultrasound done the guy did something. But he could not figure out what it was. Eventually he asked me to stand up and now I had a view of the monitor screen whereas it was facing away from me beforehand. The fact that the monitor was facing away from me simply did not raise any suspicions. It should have done.

I looked at the screen and saw an elongated black shape with irregular spiking. He did not know what it was but whatever it was, it hurt when he places pressure upon it.

Now when I had the hernia repaired Martin Klein stated that the other side of my groin was weak and that I would develop a second hernia. He said I should come back a year later to have the other side operated on and a second mesh put in as a preventative measure.

That return for the second operation never happened.

After giving up on what that long black shape was he stated that while he was there he might as well look at the other side.

I did that was probably a good idea as I’d forgotten that Martin Klein did that I should have the other side done but was never asked back.

I wasn’t even looking at the monitor any more because I had no raised bump on that side or any popping feelings I had with the first hernia.

I was expecting nothing so was not paying attention.

All of a sudden he said “Oh .. hernia!” and I stated a confused “what?!” looked at the monitor and there staring back at me was a second inguinal hernia.

So .. fast forward a week and a specialist called Darren Francis, if I remember correctly, said ..

“Well I’ve looked at your ultrasound scan and In pleased to tell you that’s it’s completely clear!”

I .. fucking .. hate .. Doctors .. and .. Specialists!

How in the fucking world do those morons believe that telling someone with pain that your test was clear is a good thing?! They actually day it like your about to burst into an Irish Jig to celebrate?!

I replied ..

“Excuse me? My ultrasound? The ultrasound I was present at?! The one where I looked at the monitor?! You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried!!”

His face dropped with a look of surprise and he went from a laid back position to sitting bolt uptight. He stated shuffling papers on his desk and asked me what I meant.

I explained about the black lump in the area of the hernia repair and the new hernia on the other side.

Of course he didn’t deny it .. then got good dictaphone and proceeded to dictate a new letter to my GP stating they found a hernia!

Want to be shocked even further?

That new dictated letter never arrived at my GP causing them to call me mad ..

That was until I offered to bring in the recording of the entire disagreement between me and the specialist before the GP, John Gubbay, said “what do I want to listen to that for?!”

It was the second time he said that line to me except for the word ‘listen’ being replaced with ‘look’ and the previous one was an x-ray.

It also proved to be that which I had long suspected and I had the wanker .. twice, not once. He was not the only wanker .. sorry NHS GP I had either.

Because what those two fucking moronic lines told me, along with others, was that he knew damn well that the NHS, it’s Doctors, Specialists and Nurses lied to the public. A lot.

That was it .. over with.

I explained this story along with many other things I find myself wrapped up in to the news media. Before you ask .. all of them.

But I had a little trap as always for the media just as I have many others including ombudsman.

I told them I had evidence, documents and recordings and waited for them to request to see them. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited.


So I eventually published it on this blog.

This aching and stinging I get is completely separate from the Fibromyalgia Syndrome which itself is separate from the physical problem with my right knee.

Think that’s three symptoms?

Naaahhhh .. the Fibromyalgia causes dozens and dozens of symptoms though only around ten of these are pains. Others are embarrassing things.

Oh and I’ve never had my back looked at properly and was x-rayed in completely the wrong posture deliberately so that the back condition already discovered by a chiropractor failed to show on the X-ray.

So years after this occurring, the operation was about 8 years ago, maybe 7, I see this story where loads of people have complained about discomfort and pain from the mesh used for a hernia operation?!

Do you know what I’ll say next?

Well I’ve said it when certain stories have come out about the Police, secret services, DWP and lately Local Councils and many other things ..

“I told yah!!”

I’ll probably be saying that for about five years?

I even have the recording with the GP rowing over the falsified ultrasound scan.

Someone after the NHS discovered this blog and alerted the following GP an inguinal hernia magically appeared on my medical records and I had the document a year before I realised it was on it.

A shame then that I’ve still been running rings around the NHS without them knowing! Oops, did you think I had stopped?! Don’t be fucking complete idiots! Lol.

Oh .. did I mention I punished those recordings I mentioned years ago on here when it happened?!


When it happened!

Go and look, look at the date, look at when I was first claiming this shit. Look at who in the news media I alerted and ask yourself the following ..

Why was I ignored?

Why am I still being ignored?

How have so many similar stories to mine flooded the media fit the last several years and months or ever years after I posted about them?!

A guy with a shed load of health issues with no financial back up or resources and unable to get very far. How did I do all that I have that have made the major news groups look like they were snoozing for the past five years in comparison. Or stealing my stories. Or getting members of the public to phone to our send in stories fit them?

It seems fit a long time you don’t actually have to investigate your own stories any longer.

Just steal them from other people via their blogs or webpages.

Have you got it now? When I said “everything is fucked and corrupt” I really did mean Everything is fucked and corrupt!”

You date not take any of their salaries away though! No they won’t do that. Get ever higher pay for doing ever lower work.

And they want to preach to people about doing hard work to the jobless who would kill for one?!

Yeah .. had not really bargained on me existing.

Many that so know I exist are still gambling on decisions and have done for the past 3 years that they have for very, very wrong.

Yeah .. had you noted the number of times I ranted on about how many times my stories have appeared in the news months or even years later?

Told yah!! Lol.

Well this has happened many, many times before in realtion to this blog  .. but ..

Well, that just happened?!



I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: NHS hernia mesh felt like ‘scratching from inside’ –


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