Oh bloody hell, what do you know?

It turns out that the company that has supplied all the cladding is American?!

I met someone a while ago who themselves got deep into the lying and corruption that went on in public services.

Whereas I got into this via ‘the evil trinity’ end, consisting of the DWP, NHS & Local Councils, she got into it from the Police Force end.

I suppose you could say that we started at either end and met in the middle? Lol.

Before we fell out and she accused me of being a government shill, a bit silly with everything I’ve done, she showed me a few things.

One of the things that she claimed was that as secret privatising went on in the public services it was American companies our governments sold out to.

She was married to a Police Officer, by the way.

She explained how American companies were tying up deals for very lucrative financial sides of deals. I remember her talking about vending machines as well as cafeterias.

Though it made sense initially I had to admit that I doubted this. I never thought we would rather sell out to the Americans rather than make the necessary decisions.

But then she told me about one of the biggest players and that it had gone on so long without being reported on that they even boasted about it on their ‘About Us’ web page.

A kind of similar, well at least part of it is, company to Group 4 these were called Serco.

The name seemed familiar and I have seen their vehicles that look just like the Group 4 security vans except with their logo on.

Well she gave me the link and sure enough they not only boasted but the number of public services they had their hands on was simply staggering.

They basically run the United Kingdom.

Not only did they mention the Police but also how they basically ran the NHS (ALL TRUSTS), the DWP, the local councils, armed forces (yup even them) and many others.

I simply couldn’t believe it. There I was reading a web page of an American company that seemed to be running most of the country?!

That was just one company!

If Serco gets named even once in the involvement of the cladding suppliers I will simply die!

I never looked into the possibility and existence of other American companies running things. I guess there could be more or several companies all owned by Serco? Or Serco is subdivision of an even larger company?

I do remember this little corruption spy telling me that when they got found out they claimed to be a British company but this turned out later to be a lie.

Now why on Earth would you lie about your country of origin? If your up to no good, that’s why and the only reason why.

Not doing bad are they?

They are running almost all computers and spy on you doing it, just ask anyone who has a computer running Linux.

They own a large portion of the phone industry with Apple iPhones and then there are iPods and iPads to boot.

One of the very first things I asked was how the fuck was this company even selling this cladding?! It had already been behind another fire in a tower block and not only was they allowed to continue selling it but fucking bought the crap with our money. Decided by some overpaid twat!

I’m now interested to know if they sold and of this crap to anyone in America?

I mean it’s an American company so it’s reasonable to ask how many tall buildings in America are covered with this cladding?

Whether the answer is yes or no there is the follow up question of .. ‘Why?!’

Also .. it’s dangerous to the point of killing people so why is it that only tower blocks have been mentioned thus far?

I have asked this before but I’m doing this deliberately because though it seemed like I was talking about the local councils .. no .. I was talking about the news media.

I mean it’s an obvious question. Especially if your someone living in a large block of flats looking at the cladding on TV and saying to yourself ‘hmm that stuff looks familiar?’

Even in something that’s not a tower block but is a large building I would be bloody well asking that!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Grenfell Tower: Cladding firm ends global sales for tower blocks –


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