I have been watching and listening to people talking about the latest and surprising incident that occurred between Sargon of Akkad and Anita Sarkeesian.

My bloody God it is so riddled with double-standards and hypocrisy it simply is not true!

If you do not know Anita Sarkeesian stands for woman and feminism but to my mind is doing nothing but damage to their .. cause.

From what I see many people hold her to high esteem because sh says things they want to hear and as a result she gets a fairly large sum of money donated to her on a regular basis. It is the latter that is key to why Anita Sarkeesian exists and is in the public eye.

Anita Sarkeesian sat on a panel of four or five women at VidCon and the panel was named ‘Women Online’ and I had no idea that this event was going to take place. After seeing what I did I wish to God I had been there.

A number of people associated with Sargon of Akkad had attended the venue along with him and some of them I knew because I watch their YouTube channels from time to time, like Mundane Matt for example of Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, and some hat I do not.

I watched the video and .. well it was funny .. I had some info as to what went down bu there was a point when Anita Sarkeesin looked straight at a group that some were insisting were sitting dead centre but … well it looked like they were all sitting to the right. A few rows deep of people that did not agree with her and have all claimed she is doing more harm than good and does this for money.

You see her fix her gaze and she is very clearly noticing something, someone or as I believed .. a whole group that are famously negative about her.

She then singled out Sargon and criticised him for his videos about her, revealing hat she watches them all which I am sure will be talked about for a long tie to come? She then went on to call him a ‘Garbage Human’ and .. something else that slips my mind.

What was also bloody funny was to claim that Sargon of Akkad ‘repeats the same shit over and over’ or something to that effect. This .. was .. laughable. Sargon speaks about a great deal of things and I am so busy with things going on, or not as the case may be, and looking at so many videos on so many subjects that I cannot watch every video that he does.

But Anita Sarkeesian accuses him of saying the same things over and over and not only is this not true, as he covers different subjects, the last one I see about Jeremy Corby’s dreadful Glastonbury speech, but that Anita Sarkeesian DOES in fact go over the same shit over and over again. She has also been proved to be lying along with not fulfilling the things that she has promised her followers.

But the main point is that the women, or at least some of them, that sat upon a panel to talk about how harassment is wrong harasses not just Sargon but others in the audience. Well more heckles individuals after asking them to ask questions in the hope of making it impossible to hear what they have to say.

I lost count of the number of times they asked people to be removed from the question line, technically harassing them by proxy as security, I am guessing, then usher them off to one side.

I simply roared with laughter once my brain engaged to the farcical nature of this panel and my jaw had given up lying well and truly open.

I simply could not believe it .. the message was that of the crazy extreme left attitude that you have free speech as long as it fits with their own narratives. In other words you can say what you want as long as you agree with them.

As I have explained before the extreme right are just as bad and for other reasons and the very reason I am drawn to people like Sargon of Akkad and Mundane Matt is that they are very centre in their politics or ever so slightly left of centre.

Yeah, yeah I have long stated how I hate these damned political terms and always say to people why do you have to be on one side, the other or in the middle? There have bee many things in history that require things from either side. But that is another story.

So I saw one of Sargon’s ‘This Week In Stupid’ videos and something I do not normally watch but I did this one. I have not yet looked up to see what Sargon has stated about the incident. Though I have heard a few things.

Though when I watched the video what I got was a guest .. presenter who showed something very interesting.

He talked about reports coming in from Germany where people had been arrested for hate speech, which I found very odd.

Yes, I mean people can go too far and that is wrong but in all honesty most of the ones that I have actually witnessed go too far are the extreme left and there exists plenty of videos on it on YouTube and I have seen a lot of violence from that side. Especially so as they do not like it when they are losing an argument or cannot argue and so they seem to think that turning violent .. helps them .. win?! I do not know it is all very bizarre.

But in the report what it stated was that there were something like 36 people arrested and only 3 of them were left wing. Meaning that 33 and a substantial amount were right wing?

The numbers simply do not add up and it seems to be that in German society being violent and belonging to one extreme end of the political spectrum is OK while being the same at the other end is not?!

I will give you a little hint here .. both extremes are just as bad as each other and despite that there is another type of extreme that is far, far worse than either of these. Except most of the people of this other extreme only get arrested after several innocent people die. Or dozens die.

I have also seen another video which is troubling as one man I know nothing about did a video about a Muslim man who somehow managed to be in several places, along with a studio audience, just as they were filming and managed to get himself interviewed?!

The YouTuber, linked below, seems to think the man was deliberately planted by the BBC and I must say that based on what I saw it does seem likely. Either that or this man somehow manages to put himself in just the right places at just the right time?

Or in other words the BBC are being played by someone. Maybe even the British TV News networks in general? But by whom?

The other thing that I am keeping an eye out for when it come to news notifications is this business with he cladding on tower blocks.

Not only has this number risen to like 60 and across 27 councils it now turns out that this is 60 blocks out of 60 tested?!

It made me think of that YouTube video I saw claiming to be Reuters, but might not be, claiming that all 600, I think it was, have been tested as failing fire hazard tests. If this was faked then it is looking like they did a pretty good job at predicting how many tower blocks would fail?! The idea of faking it and giving the prediction of 100% of 600 tower blocks was a stupid one. Like I said, if it was faked.

But if it wasn’t faked then how come the big news channels, like the BBC and Sky, are only counting up slowly and only reporting 10% of the tower blocks thus far?

Let us be honest here and look at it another way. There are dozens and dozens of councils and all of them would have gone out and within a matter of days, or a few weeks at most, they would have tested all their tower blocks. So how is it coming out piece-meal?

The only viable answer to that question would be to not announce all 600 failed because they feared dozens of incidents like that one where the residents tried to storm Kensington & Chelsea Council?

In other words another example of control by manipulation and because they think that all members of the public behave like animals?

As I said to several people recently .. this is looking really bad for all councils and even those that do not consist of any tower blocks … a 100% failure rate in those that do mean that all councils get up to no good, or fail in their .. responsibilities at best.

Then the question that inevitable follows is do they fail 100% in everything they do?

Then the inevitable third question arises .. why are so many people paying so, so much in council tax for a failed public service?

It is bewildering what is going on and I have been sent details that have appeared online about trouble brewing in Stratford in London, Birkenhead (I know someone there), Manchester and even Newcastle and these are purely the ones discovered.

It is almost like they are living in fear of another spate of riots and that anger spreading and seeding even more riots right around the country?

Yeah? Well why is it you fear that?

Let us be franker here? Hi, I am Frank! Oh right, yeah well both they and I know why they are doing this. Becaause they are to blame and because of the amount of time people have had their lives turned to shit. Not only have more and more people had their lives turn to shit .. they have seen absolutely nothing positive come from this.

I always knew nothing would come from their plans and I knew that the extended time that people would endure this would be equivalent to that of a pressure cooker going off. Add in the fact that they never see the country benefiting from their lives being turned to crap and is only adds to the pressure. Allow this to go on long enough and that bottled up emotion turns to poison.

I know this because I am a rare individual that has been through this over and over again and survived it and I have since seen others do this too.

Sadly they did not appreciate these difficulties when I went through them and are now beginning to understand. But until they have been through the dozens that I have .. they are not going to fully understand.

What it is like to have the rug pulled from underneath you over and over and over again.

Except .. what I have tried to is put myself in a position whereby I have two rugs, one on top off the other and they pull one out and I do not notice it.

I have not gotten around to it yet but they have once again pulled the rug from under me but I have not budged in inch.

In the past this could have had me falling for the umpteenth time into the darkest places you could imagine. Trust me you do not want the experiences I have had. Remember I am not talking about once or twice but dozens of times.

I had thought a couple of years back I would get help with that which would propel me into a position of being self-sustaining but it did not happen. Oddly because of a girl.

Well that is now about to change and be in the position I thought I would be in two years ago but this .. potential has been halved and rather unfairly and once again .. because of a girl.

Want to hear something bizarre? These girls have met! LMAO!

Yeah only woman have been victims? Only women are victims?! I think .. not!

I am going to change this view in 2017 and show you the real horrors that go on and the bias and neglect that has gone on in the UK for a very, very long time.


Sargon’s Guest talking about biased German society ..


That video about that BBC Muslim plant ..


A Woman Speaking About the Anita Attacking Sargon Incident ..


Those Links About Biased German Arrests ..


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