As it turns out that little something that has turned out to be fashionably late .. seems to be at an end, finally?!

Well I have not been told directly but .. I got a call from someone else involved in this who tells me that another person involved in this made a call to a solicitor. They were confused them the solicitor said, or their secretary, “Oh Mr Haswell, yes you contacted us and we are happy to tell you with have [IT] back!”

On informing the member of my family that called me he said “Oh, they thought you was Martin”

So it would appear that it is almost at its end now.

I cannot explain right now what a giant can of worms this is! For the third time in about a week I spoke to this member of the family who I had not really conversed with previously on this subject. He had gotten my number from another member of the family and called me about a week ago and this was the third time he had called me.

There seems to be a difference of opinion on how this is going to play out and two of my siblings and my cousins, some of them, seem to have a very different idea to me. Their expectations are .. far lower than either of mine. Maths. I have four .. figures you see.

It is a can of worms because we may need to take a united stance on what has occurred?

Now technically .. we should not have to because there should have been an investigation and even my cousin told me on the phone he thought it would take longer than this.

Well .. it took somewhat longer, by about 9 days, than the outside figure we were given by the solicitor, which was 3 to 4 weeks. It was like 5 weeks and 2 days.

Due to this not being that much longer than the five week period for these things it is extremely doubtful there has been any investigation. From a public service. Surprise, surprise!

If you know of what I have done in the past .. something neither a thief nor the solicitor is aware of, you must know what I am going to do when this is over for the first part?

After all I have proof of a complete breakdown of the crime and even pointed out how you can go about proving what I said. Also .. well there are eight of us against just one and the eight of us are in complete agreement and any predictions any one has made have completely mirrored what others knew to be facts.

For example .. I reported that there was some .. embezzling before the event in two separate ways and we knew about one and I have now had my other theory confirmed.

Make no mistake this is fraud from an unexpected source, even by me, and carries with it a prison sentence. Maybe as much as ten years? It is fraud, more or less, on a grand scale as will become clear in time.

Oddly the … conclusion of the figure behind all this which my cousin believed is not far off my lowest of figures. But the divided amounts do not tally up with his .. evaluation.

Due to another fucking public service which has been pressurising me into something, this would come in very handy indeed.

Though to be honest if it comes in at the lowest .. number that has been predicted it will be a problem to my plans. A major problem and many plans will literally go down the toilet.

Now here is the crucial bit .. we have always been told that the outcome will be more than we can imagine, which will become clear shortly. Probably about a week’s time?

Yeah as it turns out as well as saying this to one brother, one sister and myself this was also stated to my cousin. So they must have all been told the same thing for the last 20 years?

So this was, and to confuse further, this will be the last weekend.

Things are in need of expansion and desperately need to go from place to place to place along with things needing to be .. acquired.

With my figures this is not a problem. With theirs this will be a problem and somewhere in between will be a bit .. tricky.

So I have some .. trepidation.

However .. when I explained why I thought we were told what we did, another theory, and then compared that to the figures I have my cousin did say one thing .. “Well that makes sense!”

I was told this on Friday so it was .. feasible that a letter could have arrived on Saturday but I ruled that possibility out.

But on Monday or Tuesday I am expecting a letter with some figures along with a question that needs to be answered.

Oddly it seems to coincide with the end of something that has been running for the last 12 weeks and the last time there was a prediction like this, big things happening, I also thought it was going to coincide with the exact same thing. Again another 12 week .. thing. I think it is 12 weeks? Lol.

I am not sure whether to post this Sunday night or Monday morning, because I want the title to have a double meaning .. because there kind of is a double meaning. Provided things are finally .. finalised this week?

So finally .. finally .. this thing is finally happening and in the aftermath of that will be a shed load of meticulously planned things and a long awaited return to that part of the blogging.

Plus ten tons of other things happening in quick succession if my theories and predictions turn out to be correct .. yet again. Or one of the rare times I have got it wrong, even though the clues clearly suggest I am correct.

So there is some stuff .. and then a weekly period before everything finally kicks off.



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