One thing I prefer to do from time to time is .. talk about science subjects, technology and other things I believe can improve life for us.

If we are deemed as being worthy enough to have it, of course.

Deemed by the powerful, government and even the military. Look up the history of blue laser technology regarding the latter.

I think it was blue lasers? It was a particular colour of laser that was narrower than other colours so data can be stored on narrower lines. So more data could be packed into a given area.

That was to do with optical discs and movie formats for the average consumer.

Here are two more ..

First up my man Stephen Hawkin has called for the Earth to put man on the moon again, build up a lunar base and re-ignite a kind of space race.

I find it absolutely hilarious while equally ironic that thirty years ago or more there was a cooling off from space exploration. That drive towards this started in the seventies and I remember one woman being interviewed that talked about the millions spent on space exploration when you could be feeding the starving.

Even back in the eighties I remember that at times allowing public opinion to influence science is simply wrong.

Move forward thirty years, in reality a small amount of time, and we are running out of space for people on planet Earth.

Not only are there too many people, even stated by David Attenborough, but the rising global temperatures also suggest that the habitable area may be reducing and will be reducing over time.

Take a guess where there is plenty of space, so much space that it was called ‘space’.

Only the trouble is to work on this now, allowing large enough numbers to live and work in space, will take a very long time.

So take a guess at just how much more we are going to be pressed for space, money and resources by the time we’ve achieved that?

But we haven’t yet started!

So the smartest man on Earth has come out and suggested that we do start and soon.

Another one is a recent report by scientists that stated that there was a massive amount of volcanic activity that was both widespread and lasted a long time just prior to the appearance of the dinosaurs. They state that there would have been an extinction level event that allowed the dinosaurs to dominate?

Hmm .. a .. very interesting statement.

What could possibly have existed back then they prevented the dinosaurs from appearing?

Hmm it can’t be birds because they came from the dinosaurs, or so it would seem?

Amphibians were, or first evolved, technically prior to the dinosaurs soo? Giant dinosaur size equalling frogs and salamanders? A giant sticky tongue coming from 100 metres away to gobble you up? Lol.

I don’t need to be an expert on amphibians, except I am and not sure if I ever mentioned, to tell you they hundreds or thousands of volcanoes going off globally would very rapidly wipe out giant amphibians. Might have been some areas where something survived but this would rather depend on the exact extent of this massive volcanic outburst.

Or if their time-lines are wrong on evolution .. previous versions of mammals or even humans?

Are your noodles being thoroughly cooked?

Well time lines being right or wrong won’t stop many of the tinfoil hat brigade from coming up with prehistoric population of beings possessing technology.

Just because they sound like they would be wearing these very shiny hats does not mean they are wrong.

Even a group of complete idiots could get lucky.

Yeah, don’t think that a room full of Monkeys or Apes are going to eventually write any kind of book, including Tolstoy’s War & Peace. Not without a few million years of evolving in the right direction.


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