So as was obvious they are finding that this bloody cladding is found on many other tower blocks.

So Camden Council have evacuated .. umm .. a lot of people.

Rather bizarrely two people were complaining about Camden Councils decision. One moron called it a knee jerk reaction and was determined to stay?! Yes, good luck with that and let me know how it works out for you?!

Jesus, some people are just plain dense.

You’ve witnessed one of the worst fires in years, discovered that there are no sprinklers, no extra or alternative flight of stairs. That the cladding is quite the opposite of fire retardant.

And you think the council is going to leave you there?!

Do you even register in the IQ scale?

Someone playing the gamble that they can get on TV and have a moan. Thinking that the chances are that it won’t burn down and you will look correct.

Except .. there are dozens of homes and lots of people .. can you be certain that in all those apartments a fire won’t be started by someone else?

Are you sure that no one in the entire block is not someone suffering with a mental health disorder they won’t do something stupid?

You do know the country is full of terrorist cells that have just been offered hundreds of fucking easy targets all over the news media?!

If it was me and especially if I had a family with children I would be out as soon as they told me about the cladding!

I know I’ve claimed, predicted and exposed the public services for failures, corruption and lying to the public but .. no one no matter who you are can put any one or any thing in a position of ‘your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t’ scenario. Your simply automatically wrong of you do. So don’t make a bloody idiot of yourself on TV.

Jesus, I simply couldn’t believe the attitude, naivety and stupidity.

I knew this would happen and I don’t live in a tower block.

If I had I’d have been expecting a knock on my door as soon as I saw Grenfell Tower in flames on TV.

Now I’m interested to hear where the Hotpoint fridge freezer came from?

If it turns out to be one of these iffy electrical goods I discovered they were selling people 5 or so years ago, I’ll just die! Though I discovered they were doing this over five years ago I later discovered that The Guardian newspaper reported it back in 2003 or 2005.

It will be a prime example of how cutting corners and selling the public faulty electrical goods as new can cause the most horrific tragedies to occur.

These two things linked together are not the only things going on either.

There exists a long list of things that are illegal and/or immoral going on. I know there exists a long list because I created it!

In fact it wouldn’t surprise me at all for someone in power that knows that heard about the cladding along with the fridge and realised there cos be a link and advised all councils to evacuate tower blocks.

I bet there are a number of people having trouble sleeping lately and fur the foreseeable future?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Camden flats: Hundreds of homes evacuated over fire risk fears –


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