I am both shocked and at the exact same time I am not shocked.

But I do not know what has happened just yet, at least at the time of typing which is very early in the morning as due to some chest pains, heart palpitations and heat .. I have not slept at all.

Late last night there was an attack.

Now before I talk about the details and some of the idiots that have spoken on TV I am going to stress that as of right now no one actually knows what has happened.

But that has not stopped idiots from opening their mouths and stating things they cannot possibly know .. along with at least one thing that was claimed, along with all others, has turned out not to be true which only goes to prove my point.

Late last night a van ran off the road and ran into a group of Muslims who were coming out from some midnight praying .. thingey. Oddly it was being reported that a van had mown down some worshippers?! What the van entered the building and crashed into a load of people while hey were praying? Or was they all praying outside on he street by the traffic lights in Finsbury Park?

If you think I am bing harsh on reporters, trust me it is nothing compared to what the Muslims, and one other idiot, was saying to the reporters last night.

The Muslims there were angry at reporters for NOT stating that this was a ‘terrorist attack deliberately aimed at Muslims. What, they were watching TV live was they? If they were then they would know that the news media cannot simply state what the attack was because they did not know and do not have ANY confirmation as to what the attack was so cannot say.

In fact the idiot I referred to spoke over the phone to the BBC and had anger in his voice, non-Muslim I believe, that the media should be calling it what it is but then contradicted himself by stating that some things should not bee said because they just do not know and that videos that had appeared online should be taken off.

Oh I see .. people should do certain things according to your rules and then ignore those same rules when it suits you? Moron.

It gets better.

In their anger at the Police and reporters and in defence of their claims that it was a deliberate attack against Muslims that the driver got out and started stabbing people. Some, or at least one, even said he was a “white supremacist”? Yeah .. I think not somehow, I could be wrong but I initially thought this was not the case and wondered if it might have just been a drunk driver?

But I kept wondering why the insisted and one after the other they all did the same thing and made the same claims. Only ..

Later a statement was released from the local hospital where the victims had been taking and along with the sad news that someone had died they also said the following “None of the victims had suffered any knife wounds”?!

But wait a minute here? Many people were claiming that the driver had gotten out and stabbed load of people?

This is worrying because one of the things I had thought might be going on here was that the Muslim communities might be a little worried about being the only ones that do these attacks and that here they had the opportunity to say “look we are not the only ones that do this!” which is not entirely true.

You cannot compare a one of attack which could be a nutter, drunk or drug filled moron to a global network of co-ordinated attacks.

Oh there were also conflicting eye witness accounts of the attackers too .. one said there was only one, another said that there were two people in the van but did not state what happened to the other one and others said there were three and that the other two ran away? Well which one was it?

Co-ordinated attack where of the three people two get out and run away and the other one does not stab anyone?

There could also be another side to this which could very well blow up in the faces of the Muslim communities.

You see I do not see any of them in those communities getting angry when it is one of their own doing the attacking. Oh sure you get a few of the leaders come out and state that “you are in our thoughts and prayers”, my God do I hate hearing that line and regardless of who says it.

So it might come across to people like, oh it is OK if you get attacked but .. you have now attacked us?! How dare you! Do you not know we are the master race?

Now this could be something that is just born out of sheer desperation because of the guilt they are feeling over these radicalised Muslim attackers. Yeah I do not really buy into that one, not from experience to be honest and that I have had a lot of. Or .. it could come across of the ‘holier than thou’ attitude which will only spark off more trouble down the line.

It also seems like it is one thing after another too lately and the previous thing that has happened may cause issues down the line too. Because I have noticed things to do with that terrible fire and if I have noticed these things then you can bet your arse that others have too.

Two things I noticed from that fire in Grenfell Towers and I am not talking about what the council did or did not do with the building beforehand or its handling afterwards.

It is more in relation to who they gave the homes to in the first place and how they are going to help them after said event.

I am going to make an astonishing change this time around in that I am not going to point out what these things are. But if the things noticed cause even more trouble down the line I am certainly going to say .. yeah, I thought this might happen.

Things happen. They just do. What amazes me is how no one seems to realise they are going to happen and then only make things even worse when they do and want to blame it on everyone else but themselves.

When you try to have this out with public services you get ‘buzzwords’ thrown at you in extremely patronising ways while they are looking down their noses at you when the truth of the matter is they do not have an IQ larger than 100. Very often some way below that mark from my own experience.

They have all become clicky-clubs where the benefits of entry mean that you must have a higher IQ then you actually do and therefore everyone eelse has a lower IQ then you and you can therefore look down your noses at them and if they argue .. well you cal always fall back on those buzzwords, like ‘protocol’ and ‘legislation’ though they do not have the faintest idea what the word means.

In fact with one I said to this stupid girl “If you say the word ‘legislation’ one more time at me I swear I am going to raise such a commotion in here I will put you on the front page of the news!”

I complained like fuck and she later got fired … in fact … there is a little bit more to it, like I caught her chatting to two mates about where they are going to go clubbing next when she was supposed to be working. Oh yeah .. .when you work for public service as well as complaining you do not get paid very much you can sometimes do fuck all work at the same time! Not always, as I knew a man who ended up taking on the work of three different positions within Barking & Redbridge Council .. umm I cannot recall if that was the name of the council?! Well it had ‘Redbride’ in it! Lol.

No a few years later I was in this council office and was talking to a rare person that was helpful and I said “Oh .. not seen Dionne in theese offices for a fair old while?” and she replied “No .. she got into this altercation with a member of the public who would not let it go and they got rid of her” before she went on “How do you know her?” before I replied “I am the member of the public that would not let it go” and her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open.

She had to call upstairs to management and I said “I think you will find that they might have heard of me?” and her jaw dropped once again as she put the receiver down and said “Yes, Mr Haswell, they have all heard of you upstairs!”

Yeah .. make my life a nightmare and I will bring it back on you tenfold.

That council .. this council? Well they got off lucky.

There are, however, others that have cause a lot more pain and for a lot longer and them ones I have not quite finished with. They are still making my life painful but I am mostly .. umm dealing with it. Lol.

Bottom line?

They do not realise it but they are idiots and have been idiots for a very, very long time. Another thing that they have been for a very, very long time is unfair.

Currently they are being unfair on national TV and in more ways than .. three!

What they are doing is still trying to be political and hiding the utter shit that they do and have been doing a long time now.

This has to stop and it had better stop soon.

If you do not then I can tell you that what will come to pass is something that people now come to me and tell me that they fear that not only will it come to pass but that it is already happening.

No .. it wont be me, though I am sure they will try that one and I have just stopped them and have prevented them from using this route several times previously. It wont be some other bollocks they come out with. It will be them.

It has been and always will be them until they realise that you simply cannot do things they way you are doing them any more and you cannot be unfair in the way that you have been unfair any more.

What is it that I think will happen and have done for ages but that people now come to me and tell me this is not only happening but they feel is inevitable?

The collapse of society in the UK.

I do not want it to happen today and I do not want it happening tomorrow but I see us heading for it and I have seen us heading for it for many years. Even before radicalised Muslims starting killing innocent people in the UK. In other words you cannot say that it was that which caused me to come up with my theories .. no it was already going on long before then.

In fact the day that the protesters tried to kick in the doors of Kensington and Chelsea Council I had someone I know texting me saying that the collapse in society was going to happen that night?! I said “no, it wont happen tonight” but he kept repeating it would and I said “NOOO it is not happening tonight” and in the end I had to point out and admit that though it was not entirely impossible it was my strong belief that it wont happen that night. A riot was possible but I did not think even that would happen that night. But he kept insisting.

Of course society did not collapse .. but that does not mean that it wont.

I think it will be a combination of things that occur close together .. one will be people’s finances but it has to be harder than it currently is and affect more people. Certain .. groups of people and long with a series of realisations that they have been lied to about everything including austerity measures. AS things get harder they will then realise that these lies and tricks have been going on for a time way before there was even any talk of recession.

Along with those things there will be a catalyst of some kind or other.

I did initially have a two year period in which I thought it might happen and that would be 2020 to 2022 .. ish.

Unless of course there are some major course alterations in the meantime?

But then I seriously doubt I will ever see the course corrections I know that I need to see to avert one of the, if not the, biggest catastrophe to hit the UK in modern history.

Might not just be the UK either, from what I keep hearing. Many around Europe are saying it and yt their respective news medias are not exactly reporting on it.

Oddly enough you can see videos of things actually taking place on YouTube and yet there has been this big push towards fake news to discredit these videos. Yeah, right? I am watching these things you do not report on with my own eyes .. but it is all fake!

The people causing the problems have to hold their hands up to being the ones causing the problems and have to be seen, very visually, to proactively doing something about it.

Not just bullshit throwaway lines and buzzwords that everyone seems to be repeating over and over and over again until you want to reach for the proverbial bucket!

Things are unfair and could not possibly be seen any more unfair than they are and people are NOT dealt with equally and instead dealt with politically. Politically does not, nor ever has been .. equal to equally.

Think on this .. when it happens, which it will if you do not make big enough changes, it will be around 2020 or a little later, I will have millions of people and I will be there to say …

I told you so!

Unless, of course, I die mysteriously in the interim?

I am a pretty fair person .. until I meet a group that no matter what, other than bending over a barrel, wont be reasoned with. Then my tactics and attitudes change, if I cannot walk away and ignore them or what they are doing, that is.

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