I got contacted by someone who asked me if I knew what was currently happening and pointed me to a stream on Facebook.

I didn’t realise what was happening and initially thought it was done news article running down the Tories.

I’ve been listening in and I’ve just heard something I thought I’d never hear .. I just told my friend this ..

“I can’t believe this is happening and right in front of my eyes?!”

First off a BBC reporter was ripped into by a member of the public and said “Well don’t ask me stupid questions!!” while another member of the public interrupted him mid .. reporting to correct him on his false account.

This was in the space of just a couple of minutes and then one got on a megaphone and said “the BBC are not interested in listening to members of the public”.

Funny as they went back to the studio after that and stayed there for a while.

It seems the real fake news is out?

I said to another friend that it would appear my message about the news media either avoiding or twisting things has gotten out.

Of course the Police have turned up on high yellow jackets.

Someone tried to keep everyone calm, a member of the public I should add. He got some answers from the council but .. well as he stated, they weren’t good enough.

I have noticed that the crowds seem to be mostly of ethnic origin.

The sensible one stated that the Police turning up and going inside with some pushing and shoving and baracades going up is not helping. He says it’s only making people angrier.

I have heard several times of the claim of the different rules for ‘us and them’.

Of course the council don’t have the money and .. well I’ve gone on about the reasons why this has happened and would happen for five years on my blogs and a lot longer off them.

Three days after the fire and the council have not contacted anyone about where they are going to live.

I’m being asked if I think this will be the start out rioting?

Yeah well of they had controlled house prices like I did they should, they should not have stopped building council houses, like I said they shouldn’t.

Many believe that there had been this push to get everyone out of London to keep it for the rich and wealthy. There was even talk about building a wall around it. Someone been talking to Trump?

The tenants want to be rehoused in the borough and even I know there is simply no way that there are the available houses. Especially council houses.

Sorry to the government, councils, NHS and others but .. I told you so.

But then it’s easier to deal with one tower block going wrong than it is for dozens of them? Cheaper too?

They have played a game of Russian Roulette with people’s lives all over money.

Deal with it one at a time when it goes wrong .. only this had now become the catalyst they forces things everywhere to all go wrong all at once!

As for Theresa May? I can guarantee that she is “getting on with the job”, somewhere?

Oh wait? She has no doubt heard of the protest and has announced £5 Million for them. Huh thought we had no money?

Hmm maybe to save billions of pounds they cut corners and keep a few piddling million aside for when it does go wrong?!

Funny too was hearing one member of the public claiming that someone stated that they are behaving this violent because they are Muslims and this is what they do? Where in the world did that come from?

Oddly I only remember seeing one white guy among the protesters who seemed to be doing a lot of shouting. I hope he is not one of these anarchist extreme left wing people trying to stir things up?

I also heard that the protesters reacted badly to the announcement of a public inquiry? Oooh .. I wonder why that could be? Because no one ever gets done, it is all just a farce to feel us naive and stupid members of the public? Because this shit just keep on happening?

It is funny because I have heard enough things said by the protesters that I am started to wonder if everyone has been reading my many blog posts?

It is somewhat surreal to hear people on TV, members of the public or not as the case may be, saying things that are word for word something I had stated on my blogs at one time or another.

I think this will lead to some bad things happening and if the signs I am reading are right and the crap keeps on spewing.

I mean, Jesus Christ BBC! I heard your reporter state in the evening that people ‘wanted a quicker inquiry’ when several tenants clearly said to you much earlier ‘We don’t want a public inquiry because nothing ever comes of them’.

Fake news in action, ladies and gentleman and I am sure that many people will be picking apart all of this and I bet that despite re-running the same sections over and over again they will not -re-run the sections where the BBC reporter gets ripped, not one or two or three but several new holes?!


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