It’s amazing isn’t it?

If a T-Rex was running around any city roaring it’s head off in the UK it wouldn’t go unnoticed, would it?

So how come something way, way fucking bigger than a T-Rex with dozens of voices rising their heads off goes unnoticed?

When I say ‘goes unnoticed’ I mean by everyone and that includes the mainstream media.

You can’t tell me that if a whole organisation sets to something online because they feel that strongly about it .. your telling me no one approached the media? With emails so easy to send?

No bloody way.

Noticed now, haven’t they? Now they have a big story their sprinting down to Grenfell Tower run up to people not knowing if their missing family members are alive or dead and asking them “Hour are you feeling?!” I do so wish someone would answer “How do you think I fucking feel?!”

It’s guy to happen one day. They simply have to go up to someone who tried desperately to get the media involved and knock them spark out when they ask a bloody stupid question.

I know I would.

I was amazed to hear one guy, can’t remember who he was, who said that architects and builders overseas simply can’t believe that the UK builds tower blocks with just a single fight of stairs.

Tests on the aluminium paneling had shown that it does indeed burst into flames at high temperatures. Also and as I stated recently a tower in Dubai, thought it was Paris, caught fire and spread the exact same way. It had the exact same aluminium panels installed!

So .. what company are they from, what country are they produced in and why wasn’t they ordered to stop manufacturing them until they solved the problem?

Or at least made it completely illegal to use anything other than the most fire retardant materials on death trap buildings like tower blocks?! Especially when they only have one fight of stairs?!

I had a friend of mine text me later last night. He knew I would have heard about this horrific event and straight away asked my theories.

I told him that as far as I know a tenant stated good fridge caught fire and it spread like wildfire because of crap materials. No fire alarms, no sprinklers and one lady tenant even stated that she had seen loads of fire engines parked outside, therefore some time had passed by, and she didn’t even know her building was on fire?!

She said “Why didn’t they buzz everyone and tell them to get out?” Why indeed?!

Another shocker is the tenants being told to remain in their homes because it’s safer?!

I told my friend that if it later turns out that the tenants fridge was bought as new from PC World, Argos or one of Shop Direct’s mail order catalogues I will not only do the biggest facepalm ever but this will open up one giant can of worms.

I told him to imagine it. He knows I’ve exposed the retailers for selling faulty and used goods as new, to the poor primarily who take them home and place them in unknowingly into their fire hazard homes?

I said this is exactly why I’ve blogged my heart out for so long and tried so very hard to tell the mainstream news all this over 5 years ago.

Just as the tenants have discovered prior to Grenfell Towers caught fire, no one listens and no one cares.

Until it happens and then everyone listens, everyone takes notice, everyone says questions will be asked and there will be a public inquiry that will run for years that the taxpayer posts for that won’t do a damn thing.

Or at the very best they are in a secret meeting right now trying to figure out what pawns they have below then that they can sacrifice and throw into the barbecue?

And where is Theresa May? According to the news media a fleeting visit, not a single tenant met or spoken to and then off again.

Funny actually because I caught her little speech about the terrible event and I’m sorry. I didn’t buy it and it sounded terribly insincere.

I find myself picturing her at home with her husband and wondering whether she actually expresses any emotion or possesses any compassion. I really didn’t detect any with her.

But then you’ve got to be pretty ruthless, more so than the average Tory, to do what she did to become Prime Minister.

But I tell you this. As everyone knows she did fairly badly in the general election, due to her puff pastry competition. Well .. this didn’t do her any favours at all and it’s going to very worse.

Yup .. unfortunately it took a terrible tragedy such as this one and I hope to God it doesn’t need something worse than this, for things to get noticed and voices and concerns heard. I knew something bad would happen and now it has.

Yup .. this is a very potential whoop arse can of gigantic sized worms slowly having its lid removed.

Yes the names of the pawns are being scribbled onto little rapidly turn off strips of loo roll and around a week from now they will be going into a hat.

It’s quite obvious why, or at least should now be becoming so, these things keep happening?

Because the ones that are ultimately responsible are never the ones held to account.

Trust me, my conclusions are based on a hell of a lot of experience and I have to listen to some pretty tall theories I have to spend a whole load of time proving is wrong.

But then when people have been treated so badly for so long by their own mind it makes sense. I mean if you could never treat people this way you ask yourself how there are those that can do this.

After a long time all manner of theories go through people’s minds. Even as far as a secret lizard people race running the country.

But .. I stated that though I don’t believe it I reserve the right for others to believe it. Just recently I said to one guy .. think about it. Sounds mad, right. Well just go and try to disprove it?!

I told him that as a child I firmly believed that about all the stars you could see had planets when scientists and astronomers alike thought the opposite. They thought that very few of any had planets.

Indeed it was this theory of so few stars having planets which was used to disprove conspiracy theists .. umm theory of aliens visiting Earth.

Funny then they since they discovered that only the tiny fraction of the night sky viewable to the human eye is littered with planets no one speaks about aliens visiting Earth. When they do is all about E=MC3 but .. the Alcubierre drive gets forgotten too.

What I’m saying is, it’s hard to know what to believe in just about everything.

Also that some of the most fantastical theories might sound that way but are far more believable and likely than the existence of any one of the scores of deities claimed to exist.

I’m told that there are around 4,000 tower blocks around the UK? It’s funny, I thought it would have been more. I would have wagered it was in the hundreds just in London alone.

I’ve been and stayed in many places with tower blocks, like Birkenhead, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool and they all have tower blocks. Then you have Leeds, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Newcastle, Sheffield, Brighton, York, Carlisle, Wolverhampton, Dover even. I bet they ask have a fair few?! I could go on and ask if Norwich, Kings Lynn, Scarborough, Clacton, Blackpool, Exeter, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Southampton all have them too?

Do you see what I did there? If you get a little insulted, don’t worry. I deliberately left or Northern Ireland’s, Wales’ and Scotland’s cities for shock effect and realisation.

How many of the tenants in all these tower blocks in all those places are now asking some very serious questions now?

Here is a scary thought .. how many have already been raising the exact same concerns about the exact same hazards and materials?

Oh and I didn’t think Sadiq Kahn sounded sincere either. A bit lame in fact with that “I share your anger” line. Now where did I put that bucket?

Did any tenants get fed up trying to speak to councils, ombudsman, government and news media in Britain and attempt to speak to the EU?



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