Well how about that?

It went from a sure fire win for Theresa May to a little scepticism and then a definite sign of the element of doubt.


She kinda still won but in actual fact, lost.

As strange as it may seem and I can’t believe I’m about to say this but .. this might be the absolute best outcome possible for this country.

Don’t get me wrong here .. I have major problems with both sides, with Theresa May on some things and Jeremy Corbyn on others. I’m pretty sensible, level headed and can see through the crap.

But what I got from this outcome is that maybe, just maybe many other people do to and enough to make a difference? I also think that this was the best bloody way to get this message across to both of the two main parties and they could take this on board? Fingers crossed.

Remember what I always said? No one in politics seems to learn from history, as do no one else with power. The next one on line thinks they are the only intelligent human being on the planet and are infallible to the point of won’t go wrong at any point.

Theresa May has proved my point and I am thankful for that, as did David Cameron before her.

Will she resign? I don’t know for sure but I seriously doubt it, judging from the way in which she became Prime Minister in the first place.

At the same time the reports were coming in another BBC report stated that in Newcastle a man was holding people up at a Job Centre?!

That was something else I’ve expected to hear and what remains to be seen is, is this a probe example of backfiring that can happen by treating the jobless and disabled the way the Tories and Tony Blair’s government has? If this is then remember people with disabilities will mostly not be physically capable of doing this.

Or is this yet another example of terrorism and the Muslim issue?

Yeah the messages are now starting to surface and I’m sure over the next year or three they will come think and fast.

We are all animals deep down, Doctors included despite their bullshit, and you apply enough pressure and the top eventually blows off.

The difficulties you face with the first of these scenarios is .. once one blows the others normally all quickly follow suit.

It is highly likely that the Conservative’s did not win purely because of their treatment of the disabled, jobless, welfare state and NHS?

It is highly likely that Labour did not win because many thought he would be too soft and a walk over on immigration, Europe, did not get the people’s message over Brexit and think he knew better than everyone else? It is possible some naive idiots did not vote for him because “Nuuuuclearrrrr weapons make me feeeel saaaaaaaafe!!” now imagine that in a girly voice.

Nuclear weapons are a deterrent and one that is not actually on display. A deterrent that has been there for years … that you never see and likely will … never be used. Are we there yet?

OK .. OK .. I will put in another way … how do you fucking know there are even any nuclear weapons and that is where those billions are actually going?!

Nuclear weapons are used against cities and populations and not other nuclear weapons. The only way they can be used against other nuclear weapons would be for them to be firs first, at the other nuclear weapons and to get there before said nuclear weapons are launched.

So you will kill a load of Russian people that did not want war anyway and have a leader that may well have corrupted the vote to get and stay in? You might bomb a load of starving North Korean people? You might .. oh? No just those two then.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Hung Parliament: Q&A guide to what happens when no-one wins the election –


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