Labour MP Diane Abbott was re-elected with a majority of 35,000 odd in Hackney?

A majority of 35,00p?!

How the fuck does that work?

Oh wait .. it’s Hackney isn’t it? The place I’ve still strong links to but would have little desire to return to outside of that.

In fact it’s a growing list of places I have called home in my life but which the desires to turn to have dwindled to nothing out are dwindling.

Two are now at nothing while one is dwindling.

Oh-oh-oh I do have one place. Maybe two but are too far away for me to get too. One is a lot closer than the other but .. doesn’t have much there and has old but bad memories anyway. That would be Hertford, where I got into something that would affect the rest of my life right up until this day.

It was a long time ago so it doesn’t have a major effect but there is not much there. It’s a nice place, don’t get me wrong. Just not a great deal to see .. though it has far more going for it than most places I can reach by bus or train.

I digress.

So yeah, Hackney. Diane Abbott? Madness!

If it weren’t so serious I’d think it was an episode of Abbott & Costello?!

After all that crap about mathematics and the Police plus me never having liked her as she had about the same amount of sincerity when she speaks as a blancmange.

This shows the factions of society vote for what’s best for them personally.

Another thing I want to say about all this is Jeremy Corbyn? Umm I am pretty sure you lost mate but no one would guess this by the way your are talking. Maybe you missed the maths class regarding simple addition but .. the one with the biggest number is the one that wins.

Then he starts assuming things and starts talking about forming a minority government? Really mate?

Or, as I suddenly thought while listening to him prattle one embarrassingly, is this some weak attempt to remain on as leader of the Labour Party? I mean I thought I heard some reporter state that this is a worst number of votes than the last election? Or was it the one before that or even both the last two?

There is a difference in the words ‘gain’ and ‘win’.

The funny thing in all this is that the Scottish have screwed over Labour for the second or perhaps even third time in a row now? The Tories won in a number of areas of Scotland? Yeah .. I kind of predicted this but still could not believe this is how it was going to go.

I have not looked at the numbers but I am interested to find out if it would have helped Labour win if those areas had gone to Labour and not the Conservatives?

Also funny is that many Scots voted Conservative because they did not see Jeremy Corbyn as a viable threat. If so .. that view has changed and I guess many may well be kicking themselves when it was the Scottish National Party they really wanted to kick?

If so then I think that if the Conservatives co-operating with the DUP, I mean .. really, does not work out and it weent to a second general election .. Jeremy Corbyn might actually win? Because many did not see him as a viable threat but he did better than everyone expected, including me.

That leaves me with what I found to be the most interesting result for a party and that party being the Scottish National Party. They lost. They lost a lot! I was also amazed to hear Nicola Sturgeon actually admit that their constant talk of another independence referendum was a factor!

Has the Scottish National Party now realised that independence is NOT what the majority of Scotland want? It was ridiculous to think that dividing Scotland any more than you had wasn’t ridiculous and really unfair just because you wanted what you did. If people say no then keep on going until they all say yes?

I think the Scottish people themselves saw this and they, the moral ones at any rate, realised that this was only going to divide the country even further and they did not want that.

So well done to the Scots for getting their message across but .. the Conservatives? Really?! Lol.

I do not see the Conservatives and the DUP alliance working out. Especially since I have seen what it is that they stand for. There is at least one thing that will not be achievable or agreed upon. No same sex marriages for a start! Lol.

Sure it may go on for awhile but when they are not getting what they want out of it it will dissolve, I think. It is an unlikely alliance though I was surprised to learn that they were against the EU. I thought most of Ireland on both sides were all for the EU? Apparently not.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: May to forge ‘government of certainty’ with DUP backing –


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