What is it about these people that just want every single person in Europe to give over everything then lay down and be walked all over before being raped and killed?

I saw a picture of people … umm somewhere and I do not know who are what they stand for and one banner held by one man stated “EU are my sunshine”. Really? I felt I needed to reach for a bucket.

First off I want to say that this is about a YouTube channel called ‘Squatting Slav TV’ and I have absolutely no idea who they are. Once agai they came up in my recommended videos on YouTube, I guess because I watched something else to do with Poland that involved a march.

In the second video, both linked below, this chap from the above named channel turns up at a march of Antifa .. in Poland?! I thought they were a USA based thing? Anyway .. once again someone tries to speak to this liberal group and all they want to do is .. speak over him, hurl insults and once again basically tell other people how they should think and feel which happens to be the same as they do.

Now just imagine for one moment .. could you imagine what things would be like if people with this attitude ran a country?

Well let us get something out of the way right now .. it would not be for very long, of that I can assure you.

You would be arrested and locked up for how you think and feel and what would happen is that people would end up so scared that they would have to not mention how they feel to anyone. Anyone at all.

It would be like one of those futuristic sci-fi films, Equilibrium immediately springs to mind, where everyone would walk around and hardly speak. You would have to keep things bottled up and likely for years because you would not know who to trust.

Unless, of course, you was a Muslim as then you could asy and do what you liked and they would let you because … reasons and .. culture. Safe in the knowledge that one day you would take over the nation anyway.

Except .. that is what a lot of people think but you have a slight .. problem here that just about everyone seems to be blind to. There is a lot more than just one culture and one religion.

Now what does someone like Antifa, or any of the liberals that think like they do, do if another culture other than a white one then starts having problems and protesting against another culture that is non-white?

I have waited to see a situation like this spring up. I am sure there is one certain religion/culture that would like to do this but .. oddly they are likely the only other people that would be verbally and physically attacked the way white protestors are. But fear not as there are many others and there is one in particular that has just as infamously fought with the Muslims for years.

This is the trouble .. no matter the culture, religion or skin colour the Muslims have had trouble with everyone. Absolutely everyone but no one points this out either, funny that.

So this channel is Polish and seems to be airing things that I have certainly not heard reported in the UK. I have told one friend about this and he had never heard of anything like this and he listens for things like this. Because he hates the EU just as everyone I know does no matter who they are or what background they are from.

When I told him that Poland told the EU they could take no more immigrants and that the EU threatened to kick them and two other countries out of the EU and cut off their funding if they refused, his eyes showed anger. He was shocked at that ad I said “No, I could not believe it either”. When I told him that despite the video being uploaded this year of 2017 the actual protest march was from 2015 he looked shocked again.

“See? There is stuff they are no fucking showing you on the national news!” was his response to that.

I am going to give you a tip .. if you think that things are not nor never have been as bad as the videos I post suggest, then I suggest you do one single thing when you look at these videos ..

Check the ratio between ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. You will soon get a picture about to form in your head that simply cannot be ignored.

This applies to everything I post, regardless of the subject.

I have been trying to influence a situation.

In fact almost all the time I am trying to influence a very varied set of situations and all the time there is always more than just one.

In fact very, very recently I applied for a substantial loan and this is linked to something else I am doing which is linked to something else that is about to take place.

Due to being forced and coerced I have had to make this application for an amount with several zeros in it, although I am not .. hmm the word to use? It is not .. intentional though at the same time it was a ‘must’.

That application alone is intended to influence two separate things while the other thing that is now running parallel to this one is also intended to influence a couple of things.

I had to go somewhere today where I expected a great deal of complaining about me and being given ultimatums, which once again is linked to the aforementioned loan application. I also expected a lot of pressure as I had this about a fortnight ago. I had a plan for a pre-emptive strike but only expected this to have the slightest effect on things. Except .. erm .. nothing happened.

I mentioned that the thing I was going to get pressure over had stopped happening as I had not been asked to be met for 5 out of the 8 weeks. I got a funny look over that one.

I could not help but wonder if .. my umm .. reputation had suddenly gone around .. somehow?

I digress.

I saw another video by an Irish chap calling himself ‘The Don’ on YouTube and he spoke about the immigrant problems in Europe. A shocking part was when he visited Copenhagen and he was in a bar, I think he said, and was speaking to Danish people. He was asking about local areas and they told him to stay away from certain parts of Copenhagen. They went on to say that they were full of nothing but immigrants and that the areas had turned into shit-holes as well as ‘no-go areas’?!

He mentioned he wanted to visit Malmo in Sweden and they told him to stay well away from there as it was far worse than Copenhagen and was dangerous.


As well as explaining what people told him in Copenhagen the Irish Don here also thinks that Europe is heading to civil war and this is not the first time I have heard this .. in fact I have have been hearing it for a long time now and as time goes on I here it more and more often .. look at the date this was uploaded ..


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