I just watched a video on YouTube of a guy I have never heard of before talking about the migrant crisis in Europe. Only he sounds like he is not, possibly, European?

Hmm let me just check ..

Hmm well he sounds like he is from North America somewhere and he calls himself ‘Kenn Daily’. I presume that ‘Kenn’ is his surname and its his ‘daily’ routine? Like I said I never heard of him before but it came up as a recommendation and the title ‘BOOM! 4 more nations just rejected the EU’.

I was not sure whether to believe him as I was sure this would be put on the mainstream media but it does seem to be the case. At least he placed a link in the video description to an article by the BBC on this and it takes some believing.

I have to go and start another video and this will indeed be focused on Poland ..

Right now according to this channel called ‘Kenn Daily’ Poland turned to the EU and told them that they could not take any more migrants. The EU apparently turned to Poland’s leaders and said that they WILL take these migrants or be heavily fined should they choose to refuse?!

I bloody well kid you not!

Now this is starting to sound like the sort of things that the Nazis would have started off doing … except this seems to be the exact opposite. How weird can you get? Hmm .. thinking .. that does not sound right. It is simply bizarre.

Apparently it doesn’t only involve Poland either. Let e just check I have a tab open here with the BBC article and I will see what they state about it.

Hmm the BBC states that the EU wants to bring in penalties regarding refusing asylum seekers which does not seem to tally up with what Kenn Daily states.

Ahh now the Express states that both Poland and Hungary have said they cannot take any more and the EU has threatened them with being kicked out of the EU. Something too about holding back funds or something?

Even more bizarre is another video uploaded this year that shows a huge march against Muslims and Islam in Poland.

Now here is the kicker … umm it may well have been uploaded this year but the march was stated to take place in 2015?! Now isn’t that funny how I have no knowledge of this march. Considering I was involved with radicals before I even started this blog almost five years ago.

I put a link at the bottom.

So if that march was that big and took place two years ago what must the Polish people be feeling like now?! I dread to think, really I do!

So now it may be a case of the Polish population is telling their government who is in turn telling the EU leaders and the EU respond by saying, ‘tough shit, do it or your out with no money!’

Did they do something like this with Greece?

Well that settles it then .. the EU is determined to ruin the lives of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or more, to go after this goal of taking in migrants. Why are they so determined to do this and why are they willing to cost the lives of their own people to do it? It makes no sense. No sense at all.

I bet if I wanted to move somewhere in Europe I could not do it as easily as all these Muslims?

I have seen as well as experienced this determination to destroy the lives of their own people right here in the UK. I had thought it was entirely down to my own government but now and after hearing this, it might turn out it is all down to the EU?!

Kenn Daily

March in Poland against Muslims ..


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