I had a few videos recommended to my by YouTube.

In one a journalist woman in Italy, the land of fashion, travels around to different Mosques to ask them about women and how they dress.

The answers are basically what you would expect from these morons and they basically state that if you show any of your body at all in anyway then you are disrespectful. They claim that women that cover up completely get and deserve more respect.

As if this was not bad enough they basically stated that every woman in Italy should cover up!


Umm .. the land of fashion and you want every woman to cover up in a country that is not yours, that took you in and helped you and now you want to press your culture on the entire country?

I do not think that I need to explain that you can imagine what is said when a camera is not recording them?

I do not think I need to explain what would happen if these people every become the majority in any country they have .. invaded. That is what they have done and in a long list of countries which are all white in their origins. So they complain about western countries going into their country for short periods, often to help, but are perfectly OK in becoming permanent residents in countries that were originally white?

I state white because I cannot think of a single country that is non-white that have taken Muslims into their country and let them set up their own communities and, of course, terrorist cells.

I am also willing to bet that for every single country they have invaded and now starting to make unfair demands and expect to impress upon others their values and beliefs there are videos like this one I linked below? Yup, I think probably every country in Europe that has Muslim communities has someone making videos about Muslims destroying their country and attempts to try and show this.

I find it absolutely stunning that Muslims would go to a country, especially Italy, and then start dictating how everyone else how to behave, what to wear and what they can and cannot say!

If you have such strict views on how women should dress then why in the FUCK would you go to Italy in the first place?!

When they entered the country did not the Italian authorities turn around and say “Look, this is Italy and seen by man as the capital of fashion around the globe and it gets hot in most of the country. So we are warning you now, women dress very sexy, scantily and revealing, are you sure you are OK with that?”

Of course they would have lied and said ‘Yes’ anyway.

For another video the guy, who I do not know from Adam, shows you a picture of the stream of refugees that travelled to Europe. You know that Tsunami of refugees that is stuck along with a deep-seated fear and the many pictures the news media hit us with? Fucking mainstream news media! I bet they showed these pictures thinking everyone would feel sorry for these refugees but it backfired did it not?

So yeah, he shows this picture of this very long stream of Arab refugees and then he points something out. He stated that if you look at the picture almost all of these refugees are young men and that this is not what you expect with any amount of refugees. You expect mainly women and children. He is right. But he then goes on to say that what you have to consider is that if millions of men come into the country they will then call for their wives, children and other family members to be let in.

I do not know how many are let into the UK or any other country in Europe for that matter but …

..let us say it is a million? So over the next year or two does that mean that an extra 3 million or more? That is excluding everyone else that is coming as a refugee for the first time, of course.

What if it is 3 million men? Does that mean that we are going to have another 10 million come over because they are related?

Adding ten million to any European country will be bad news, especially if they already have a large enough Muslim community. Like France and as it would now appear, Italy? I had already heard tales about Italy from people that were on holiday there who were themselves told things by the local Italians.

These are the sorts of figures that scare the crap out of the people and with every attack that occurs now it gets worse. Now when you think that these attacks suddenly seem to be increasing and not just in the UK?

So a very large number of people have been let in and suddenly the attacks go up exponentially?

What is it we have had now in 2017 alone? Three attacks? Maybe four attacks? Could even be five attacks and we are only in the 6th month of the year thus far! Now consider the summer is here and there is a huge increase in the summer where outdoor events are concerned. People are out more there are more fairs, shows, party like things happening, concerts and all manner of things. I dread to think what could take place between now and September?

Also of interest is the title of one of these videos where it states what I have been saying for a bloody age now. I was speaking to another member of DPAC that I know and we got talking about the general election. He seems to still have hope that Jeremy Corbyn will win. But I told him that though man are conditioned not to speak about it, well white people are not allowed to speak, secretly everyone is worried about the immigrants and refugees that have come here and are still coming here. I pointed out that for a very long time now and that I could not possibly put on DPAC’s site, because some people are still blind idiots, is that it is white people that get kicked in the nuts. To get this message over to him, as he has had a rough ride over things and even contemplated ending his own life, I asked him one question.

“Other than Sarah *******, how many non-whites have you seen on DPAC’s site over the last few years?” to which he answered, none.

I then said “What do ethnic minorities not get disabilities or never end up losing a limb or not have to have one amputated?”

I never even noticed it at first and God only knows what caused me to realise but I seemed to be the only one that had. Considering I have not been a member of DPAC all that long and many others have been members far longer than I, I find it all bloody bizarre.

This is a good example, people with disabilities, of how and why it is not only not fair in the UK but has not been for a very, very long time now.

Everyone has either been affected by this now or knows someone that has been and they may not have even realised it at first but many now have. That number that have become aware can only grow bigger. As people realise they are not the only ones that feel like this they start to get more brash about it. As they realise that their numbers are actually quite large they then start doing a lot more than just being .. brash about their feelings.

That is the problem the UK faces and as I have been slowly discovering a lot of other countries too with several being in Europe and outside of that America and Australia. I have been hearing that things are going downhill in Canada too according to many Canadian commenters on YouTube.

How are you going to deal with it?

You cannot simply try and label millions of people as racist, like you would one or two in order to shut them up.

If a large percentage of a population feel this way then you have a problem, especially as some of that percentage will never feel this way because they are the ones everyone else is complaining about.

Now if the complete population, at least near as dammit and … well the only portion of the populace where this feeling counts, feel that way then you have not only a major problem on your hands but a potential and very major crisis.

I can tell you of two sure fire ways of making it worse ..

  • Ignore it, pretend it is not happening and keep it out of mainstream media

  • Just tell them all they are being racist

That second one would be quite entertaining if it were being said to me because I would tell them that not only is the boot on the other foot and that whites are actually being racist towards whites … but that I have even had two black women tell me they felt sorry for me, all British born whites because we have been treated like second class citizens by our own country.

Except here we are today and they are now doing this to white disabled people. Because in every single case I have come across, and there have been literally hundreds, I only know of one single non-white woman and I do not even know if she has been a victim of all this. Maybe she joined because it happened to a friend of hers? I just do not know.

There are only two groups of people that can do anything about this.

The question remains open whether they will actually do something or just sit until a civil war sparks up? Well .. I say ‘civil war’ but its not is it? That suggests a war between factions of the same race of people within a nation. As does the use of the word ‘revolution’ that was so highly liked by anyone within the socialist circles.

I know where it looks to be heading which is why, given the options were they available to me, I would live deep in the countryside somewhere.

Because they also produce as many children as they want, because ‘culture’ and ‘religion’ while factions of the UK are being limited to just two and .. well as we know, more are arriving all the time.

They have kept stating this will change for several years now but it has not, nor is it likely to and .. will bee too little too late anway.

And THAT is why I would rather not live in a built up area anywhere now.

I am sure that if I tried to pick a city or even a fair sized town anywhere in the UK not one of them would have an area that would either be suitable at the time or not be suitable in, say, a decade.

I have personally watched this happen in two areas that I have lived in and am watching it happen in a third area and everyone I know spends half the time talking about it happening.

It is the same and crappy old story .. nothing is said or done until enough people have been affected and by then .. tens of thousands of lives have been ruined and I am being conservative here. There is a list, look it up, called Calum’s List that states that 100,000 people have already died because of this.

As more and more people come across these facts more and more people get angry .. that is nature, son!

The longer people are angry while being subdued into, or rather scared witless, silence then the more this anger gets pent up. Eventually and as any psychiatrist will tell you … this simply wont end well. It all turns to venom and that is inevitable. You cannot control nor tell people what to think and what to feel. Especially when they start seeing the reality of a given situation.

Then of course there is the realisation that this has gone on for bloody years and they have therefore been blind to it all.

Sometime after this everyone will raise questions about not only central government but also the media.

I was surprised recently when there was a tirade against the BBC by a whole bunch of disabled people and jobless.

I mean I know what the BBC is and I have known for years. I know they are corrupt, self-righteous and have this unbelievable level of self-entitlement.

We wont go into the fact that they love to expose people while having one of the darkest histories in living memory and you can bet your bottom dollar we do not know half of it.

I said previously that the BBC showed the migrant exodus which was probably to make us feel sorry for them but that it backfired? Well is it not funny that they are still coming but you do not hear about it much as far as the BBC is concerned? It is almost like they have realised that this has not got everyone concerned for these people but more so concern for what negative effect it will have on their own lives.

This situation was created, end of story. It is not because of ‘reasons’ against this lot or that lot .. no, it was created and created over a very long period of time.

But will anyone admit to it? Hell, no. It will be someone else’s fault or their predecessors fault and they will promise you they will do something about it.

Claim that Welfare State favours Muslims ..

Italian Journalist Asking Muslim men about the way Women Dress ..


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