Review or Report, I’m not really sure.

I found out about this from a very old friend of mine who literally just sent me a video.

I had no idea what this video was until I played it and discovered that a journalist seem to be taking to someone about a report. He called it The Naylor Review but seems to be called The Naylor Report in The Mirror’s link below.

In the video the man states that there is this procedure going on to sell off assets owned by the NHS and they they are even using taxpayers money in payouts as an incentive to do this?!

There was also something about selling of things to acquire equipment and ‘MRI’ was mentioned as an example.

So what I want to know is .. why has this not been mentioned in any of the TV news channels?

Bearing in mind that we have a general election in just two days, 24 hours likely let by the time this post goes out?

Oddly I have seen now a BBC advert, in essence, for their coverage of the general election. It consists of a number of different people asking questions about government and the way things are run. It’s vomit inducing.

I don’t know whether it’s because it’s the BBC and they caused the death of my father or because they are so biased and corrupt they have a dedicated webpage towards this, …

I was leading towards something there but unfortunately and I could say ‘for the umpteenth time’ but this would not do it justice Google’s Android Blogger App .. froze. It does this really frequently and does not matter whether you click on ‘save’ or ‘publish’.

This should soon cease to be a problem though but it has cost me a lot of posts over the past 5 years and it is absolutely bloody dreadful that these serious problems with the Blogger app has continued for soo very long.

I mean when you think about it … they want you to blog because they can run adverts but while your runnin their adverts they do not give a toss about you or whether their software works correctly.

This is something I will get round to later in the year because it is yet another example of this aloof attitude I absolutely detest of companies that have allowed to get too large.

This makes it hilarious when you think that they have gotten so large that not even organisations like the USA’s FBI and various governments get treated the same way.

As for the Naylor Report of what the UK government and the NHS are up to it begs belief that they would not remove the vastly overpaid heads of the NHS or even the Primary Care Trusts that have no involvement or effect on saving lives, quite the opposite in fact now, but sell off assets and allow a shortage in nurses.

Once again this is also demonstrating that the myriad, there are a lot and I suggest you check for yourself, of ombudsman and governing bodies created and costing taxpayers money to keep these organisations in check are not doing that at all.

In each and every case we are slowly discovering that things are not only beyond bad but have been heading that way for a very, very long time. So where have all these so-called watchdogs been?

In each case consider how long they have been heading down hill and in this we are talking years and even decades. Tally up the amount of taxpayers money that has gone towards these ombudsman along with governing bodies during that time that have done either nothing or very little at best.

I might remind you or indeed point you to what I had previously stated had been told to me by a local nurse at Chase Farm Hospital when I pointed out that they are building a new .. umm that new A&E which is not an A&E? Ahh I have remembered what they are called now, Urgent Care Centres.

Now first off it was explained to me that they were useless, Urgent Care Centres, and why and when told my mouth must have dropped open and I simply answered “Are you serious?” They are only for people with colds and flu. Honestly. They have no access to your medical records and so cannot prescribe anything. Who the fuck goes to hospital for a cold or a flu? Unless it is Bird or Swine Flu.

Her response to me pointing out they had a new building being built was even more bizarre when sh uttered “Yeah, right!” and that when I asked what se meant by that she responded with “We .. ” note she said ‘WE’, “..keep looking over the steel wall to check to see if the buildings start looking like blocks of flats!”

I was astonished by this. I mean surely the people that run, you know some of the over paid ones I keep on about, the hospital know whether or not they were selling parts off to the private sector? Which means that even in my local hospital, if you did not pick up on it in a previous post about this, the actual medical professionals do not trust their own bosses or the NHS in general. Or the government, for that matter.

One has to wonder whether or not people that vote for the Conservative’s might find out about this Naylor Report at a later date and regret how they voted?


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