I’m confused along with the feeling of devastation when I stop and think about the latest attack.

I was reading about article on the attack and read that a dozen people were arrested in Barking. Now there’s a surprise.

They seem to come from every Muslim community in the country. They have found various groups of radicals in the North with Yorkshire, Birmingham and Manchester. I discovered one in Liverpool several years back and I handed 16GB of evidence over to the correct authorities. They also arrested done at my previous area, Walthamstow. I even saw one of these from the top deck of a bus.

There was a funny coincidence about that last one as I had been left homeless and the property they raided looked council owned.

In fact just about everyone I know stated that these people are taken in and given homes and money but I was being cast to the gutter, along with my various disabilities.

In fact Manchester has now had two groups, what with one being raised back in 2011 or 2012. That one was around 8 months after I have them details of someone who was a radical. He was traveling to Manchester and Birmingham and due to the way that he did it .. it was obvious where he was going and who he was meeting. They think they are really, really intelligent and everyone else is stupid. Yeah, right.

But it struck me how they always go for easy targets. They know full well that no one on the UK carries weapons. Most probably have even had any combat training or martial arts.

But I kept thinking about how they immediately went for a woman.

Yeah, really fucking big of you people, your just sooo tough.

Must be getting to people because I was stopped half way from my local shops to my house today and I was asked about how I felt about the terrorist attacks. I just smiled. She looked shocked.

She wanted to give me a leaflet and I asked if she was a Jehovah’s Witness. She said that she was. I told uttered two names she recognised and I told her to tell them you had just met who they call ‘The Mission Man’.

I explained I’d been basically called this by three separate religions. All Christian.

After I left her out occurred to me I could have gotten her to laugh because I could state that I’m probably seen as the devil incarnate by certain Muslim groups. Lol.

Maybe even all of them think that about me?

Well I did cause them so much bother that they switched targets from Stratford to Waltham Abbey.

Here’s where they are stupid but think they are smart and everyone else is stupid ..

I knew they would switch targets!

Their second target would be a lot easier to monitor too and I was well aware of this.

They got caught in an inflatable dingey. You can imagine what it was loaded with.

As I said, two cells were raided as a result.

So yeah .. I am probably well and truly seen as the devil incarnate. In reality I was a loving and caring father that did what I had to do.

I was just fortunate at having this damned brain that never wants to sleep.

Something else I’m really good at is using a gun and have shocked many with my good aim at long distance too.

Pretty good with nunchaku too.

As for the Police though?

Three targets.

Fifty bullets. Fifty.

Well they did hit four people but somehow one of them was an innocent bystander. Umm, how?

All that shouting and swearing at innocent people who just witnessed something horrific and scared of of their lives. No doubt your claims were you was going this to protect them?


Funny how in the video none of the Police standing were being fired at.

Funny how you would tell them to stay stationary on the floor when bombs are the preferred weapon?

Sorry. Shooting a member of the public after firing fifty bullets? Fifty bullets?

Was they all on night duty the day before and all watched Gunfight At The OK Corral or something?

I used to go with a friend shooting rats .. at quite a distance too. Even got shot in my leg once too. I never needed fifteen bullets to hit my target and that’s in the dark too. In fact I didn’t need as many as five bullets for my targets.

And they were rats.

So I only need one or two bullets to hit something in the dark the size of a man’s foot.

This was in a glass nursery that’s over 100 foot long. I didn’t even hit a pane of glass. Over five years!

Something is very wrong here. Either they are shite at training people to use guns or are employing the wrong types of people.

I simply couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure what I was more shocked at .. the fifty bullets to hit the targets or the fact they shot a member of the public?

Let’s hope they survive being shot and think ourselves lucky that with fifty bullets belong to the Police zipping around that it wasn’t more innocents being shot.

Not the first time they’ve gotten knee deep in controversy over shooting bullets over a terrorist attack, is it?

Now with the Manchester Muslim community alone spawning two attacks and now London having two, both on bridges over a couple of months it kind of makes you think it’s never going to end.

Well it’s not, not now.

Funny that Plaid Cymru have blamed Theresa May fit being to soft on radicals. Anything short of death is being too soft on radicals.

But what was funny was that most of them came in under Tony Blair and I was under the impression that the EU was on control of who we let in and that’s why we left?

It’s going to be a very tough five to ten years and different people have different tolerance levels. That means the number that have had enough of this is growing.

I have to run for a bucket when a BBC reporter says some vomit inducing words over a tribute concert for the victims of the attacks. Umm aren’t they all stuck at home or in hospital?

“Hey, maaaan! We’re doing a surgical tribute concert that .. well everyone that want in the attack can come to .. because .. umm .. they still recovering and so losing out!”

Are they holding the concert to raise money for the victims? I certainly hope so.

I don’t like these sort of things .. it’s not what they are doing it for, provided it’s a good cause and the right thing. It’s what they are really doing it for. I do sometimes wonder.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times a celebrity had been held up on a pedestal only to be revealed as doing something really horrible and sinister at a later date.

It’s been this way for so long you just thing everyone’s an amoral twat deep down.

Yeah I’m cynical bit it’s not natural .. it’s something that’s grown through experience.

I’ve a very, very, very long list of the number of times I’ve either approached someone for help and support and got nothing at all or they have just decided to come after me after getting out of bed one morning.

Probably only about 20% of it is on here and with evidence of one form or another.

In fact it was years of seeing the signs but ignoring them and bit believing them before I even started gathering evidence.

So what I’ve had for around ten years is people stating the same things to me that I did to myself.

I sometimes wonder how people think about why others do things. Did they think I simply didn’t like something said to me one day, decided they were lying and then spent a small fortune to gather evidence?

Only a complete moron would do that.

Or someone extremely wise. Astute.


I now find out that one of the attackers ad been reported?! Oh dear.

Makes me think to when I reported things and in my case it did not get ignored. However …

  • In my case I kept sending them DVD’s crammed with data, photos and recordings of phone conversations so it might have been ignored until a point when they could not ignore it any longer?
  • I was contacted by them, security services, by phone around 8 months into all this … was told I was a genius at the end of the phone-calls
  • Never got anything more out of them than a … compliment .. hey, well at least they phoned me to tell me that
  • A Merseyside Detective had already stated the same thing about me  .. to my face .. see recording (includes details of m involvement with MI5 & GCHQ) , lol
Yeah makes you wonder why no one will employ me, right?
Well the real reason behind that last question is oddly enough the same reason that the UK, or England at the very least, is losing. I have gone over this time and time again on this blog and for five years too. I am not repeating it again just to link the two things.
There is someone that will employ me. ME!
Oh and I have just heard, thanks to Sargon of Akkad on YouTube, of an utterly ridiculous plan by Theresa May to tackle terrorism ..

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife attack –


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