I saw some people online accusing the BBC of bias, I suggest you like at .. or was it

ADDITIONAL: I just checked both addresses and that webpae appears to have been removed?! Oh .. that is very weird! … Oops, my bad ..

However in their angry attacks I saw them claim the BBC was in favour of Theresa May and her Conservative Party?

I howled with laughter at that and tried to explain that the BBC is not .. right.

I’ve also tried to previously explain that extreme left and extreme right, there isn’t much difference. People get hurt, suffer and are oppressed. One way or the other.

But it for me thinking. Thinking because you can see how it might now appear that the BBC is leaving to the right. But .. only because they see it as being in their best interest to do so.

I would not really waste my time focusing on stuff that nigh on everyone now knows to be biased, regardless of which way they are biased or whether or not it turns out that the BBC are flip-flopping for personal gain.

I stated to those doing some of this waste of time focusing that the BBC are in fact left or at least have appeared to be for a long time. I remember the first time someone pointed it out to me and I had a hard time believing it too. But before long I realised it was more likely than not and it just got worse from there on in.

However .. it could just be the case that as Tony Blair was in power for so long that they were just pandering to him and it just appeared that they were left leaning due to the length of his tenure? It is possible and I simply cannot remember far enough back to recall what they were like when the Conservatives were last in power.

Yeah they might have been behind Margaret Thatcher in a big way and they certainly did not show any of the celebrations that were rumoured to go in when she died.

I could not say for absolute certainty that the BBC are or are not talking up Theresa May right now because I simply do not watch TV. So it was kind of funny when a reply basically ased me if I needed glasses. No, I need a TV .. but I could have made jokes about their age or lack of knowledge of history.

I have spoken to many people over the years and academics and on each occasion the BBC is talked about there has been talk about their left leaning. I have never, until the other night, heard any single person ever state that they are right leaning.

So if they are now doing this it would not only be most interesting but over time would allow me to destroy their integrity. Well .. if they have any left. Probably be a waste of time as I think most people now know the truth about them.

There is still the small matter of them being behind the untimely death of my father which, if you are really good at searching the web, you can still find today. Despite him being dead for well over 13 or 14 years now.

You see that title? I wonder if there will come a time whereby the opposite is true? It is possible in theory.


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