So then?

Donald Trump had walked out on the climate agreement?

Right let’s first get some perspective?

The climate agreement which is intended to save the world? Remember this.

Now let’s leave my opinion out of this they they are wrong about this and going about everything wrong, while wasting another shit load of money just as they have all done for decades making all the same mistakes. Yup .. let’s leave that alone.

Now what I think about all this didn’t matter in this instance.

What matters is what others believe right now .. sorry .. I mean, what everyone else states they believe. Not just saying it because they realised billions of dollars, euros and pounds can be cleaned from it.

So let’s say for arguments sake that they do believe, wrongly, that doing all this cutting carbon footprints will save the world and therefore the human race and hundreds of millions of lives?

Are the Americans going to be charged billions of dollars to leave? How about one hundred billion dollars?

Ooh sound excessive? But they signed up for it to help save the world?

Still sound excessive?

Well Europe expects £100 Billion from the UK only to quit being a member. Despite the fact that the British people told them what they thought of their running Europe. Like crap.

I will tell you what I didn’t like, look out Trump you won’t like this .. Trump treated or more like a business deal. So did the rest of the clapping Seals down at the Ocean Centre!

What? What do you mean, they weren’t Seals?!

So you know the problem of this idea about globalisation, the so called global elite and how everyone called them lefties? Yeah .. nothing of the kind. Like so many other unscrupulous people they will day whatever they think people want to hear to get into power.

True lefties are not into power and not into money .. they are into people and societies.

If your reading this Mr Corbyn, no that does not mean lying in the mud for groups of people that will stamp your face into it so that you down while they are walking over you.

And no .. being nice for an eternity doesn’t do a fecking thing either. You will come across as a patronising twat at best.

Hmm .. funny that. The extreme right are patronising twats too?! Huh .. it’s almost like there exists these weird links? Lol.

No Mr Trump, something that exists to save the world, in theory, is not about business deal for you to exploit.

Hmm if I could speak to Donald Trump right now I’d remind him of his biggest business failures and then remind him that was business.

Then I would point out that representing a country and its people is not business. Only capitalist morons see it as so. But the majority of people don’t and don’t want it treated so.

In other words .. don’t do it.

Otherwise your demise will be pretty quick and possibly even prior to the next US Presidential election?



Oh and just to go over what I have always stated, for those that do not know. Yes I think it is a bloody good thing to reduce emissions but ..

You hav no way of knowing if you will make any difference at all.

You have no way of knowing whether or not you will trigger an ice age.

What is absolutely certain is that putting all your eggs into a basket with a large hole in it will only compound things later on.

I am also an expert on animals of various fields and with my entire family almost all fields and I can tell you this..

Animals tell you a story if you loo hard enough and they tell us that the planet has been getting warmer for a very, very long time.

Also and as we all know we have had ice ages and this means there was a coldest point during that and as this is waxing and waning it also means there was a warmest point.

Wee just do not know enough and if so then why put all our eggs in one basket? There is an obvious answer to that question if you think about it long enough ..

Because there is moey to be made where there was not before.

They do not know how to go without themselves, thy do not know how to make proper cuts to the right places when there needs to be. So they take from the poorest and most vulnerable stating they were difficult decisions and things like ‘we are all in this together’.

Now think about this ..

What if it turned out that they were all just jumping on the bandwagon for money and that everyone resisted this carbon footprint thing later on? Then it turns out to be true?

I have also always said that there is an argument that we are speeding up the warming. But we do not know what the warmest point is even without our involvement. We do not know what temperatures would have been reached anyway even if there were humans gassing up the place.

I simply do not like foundations that are on shaky ground and when the natural world gives us signs that contradicts many of the statements, certainly early statements, then that makes the ground even shakier.

You would not replace a rabbit with an elephant in a dog track and expect all the greyhounds to go bolting after it when the traps open, wold you?

Personally I gt behind thins when I see irrefutable facts or truth.


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