A little while before I typed this out I was standing in a queue .. in Sainsburys .. in pain.

Now the bizarre and not the ironic thing about this is that I had this pain despite being out of the house for only an hour or so. Also I had not been out of the house all day yesterday.

So what was the ironic thing, I hear you asking?

Yesterday I waited in all day for a parcel to be delivered but it never arrived. I had paid extra for this to be delivered quickly, through Millets via Amazon as because, as I have stated over and over again, … the local Millets store is garbage for their actual stock. I could not even find these trainers at other stores and despite going on buses to other areas. After spending for the second time in Millets in as many months buying the WRONG shoes, all from the same brand!

At the end of the day yesterday Amazon was still stating the shoes were out for delivery but when I bothered to look at DPD’s website it stated that there was an attempt to deliver the the day before but that it failed and a neighbour refused to take the parcel in?!

  • Amazon stated it was to be delivered on the 31st

  • They were ordered on the bank holiday

  • They attempted to deliver them the next day, the day before Amazon stated

  • I was told I would get a text message stating what hour of the day they were to be delivered but that never arrived

  • There was no card left in my door, suggesting they never actually knocked

  • No neighbour has even refused a delivery for me, also strongly suggesting they never actually came here at all

  • After tearing them new one they said they had not contacted me as they had no details for me provided to them by Millets .. so how exactly did thee text message come through?

  • This is the service you get when you pay for the dearest delivery service?!

Oh the irony of it all and standing in pain in a queue doing something I could have done yesterday had the shoes arrived? Well they are the proper Orthotic shoes!!

Just prior to leaving the house to get a few things I needed, and then realising I had forgotten a couple of things on returning home a few minutes ago, I got an email I was waiting for. Waiting for for bloody weeks .. except ..

It did not have one figure I have desperately needed and the other one I desperately needed? A rough figure at best.

This second figure I got was only the date and even then it spreads over an entire week .. and even then only an estimate.

As it turns out the public service I have previously alluded to in all this only got everything on the 18th May, 2017, and apparently it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get things back. So going on 3 weeks this brings us up until the 7th June and 4 weeks will be the 14th June and obviously these are earliest and latest dates.

A bit lower than I had anticipated and .. well .. that 3 to 4 week period? Yeah .. in nothing and nowhere have I read and in anyone have I heard up until this point of a 3 to 4 week period. As I have stated many times the two periods I read about were 2 to 8 weeks and 8 to 12 weeks dependent on a particular thing being involved or not.

So it is not written anywhere about this 3 to 4 week period despite trawling loads of websites, including government ones, and a couple of boos on the subject.

Sooo .. it it turns out that the only people with the knowledge of these periods is that of solicitors then .. why was the whole thing not detailed and the separate periods listed and explained?

So the only answer I have managed to get out after poking them for the second time has just made things even more confusing.

As I have now pointed out to two of my siblings … the fact that the solicitors stated in their letter, in a footnote, that they are ceasing using Hayes DX for their legal documents handling is not .. a good sign. Not for them. Though this may turn out to be in our favour at a later date? Though admittedly this remains to be seen.

I am also told now by one sibling that we are to get w are to get a huge tax bill in all this for something that is not .. as a matter of fact, ours?!

Though I have answered him back and stated clearly that not even the solicitor would be privy to this information and they will not be until they receive it back from the courts.

So very literally what is being followed right now are laws .. laws that were brought in to be fair and nothing more and nothing less.

Now this is how you have to see it right here and right now .. as I will publish it all at an even later date than previously thought ..

  • We are going to get a tax bill for something we did not receive!!

I am going to let this one sink in for the next ten days and I can assure you of this much ..

  • When readers find out what this was for and what is involved it will blow your mind, if wee get the tax bill that I HAVE BEEN STATING THAT WE CANNOT GET

  • It will show that the legal industry is well and truly FUCKED and they have forgotten the very purpose of the LAWS, what they MEAN, what they REPRESENT and WHY they were brought about in the very first instance and EVERY instance since laws inception

  • That neither side of the wall in the legal industry is fit for purpose and is the most VASTLY overpaid

Oh well .. that cannot be good then?

Here is another snippet that might now look obvious to readers concerning all this?

  • This is an ‘I cannot lose’ scenario


Well there can be a worst case scenario from this which would be soul destroying for not just me but eight or nine family members! Except I still cannot lose. Well sort of. Maybe?

I can, however, make some changes and be prepared just in case that I do lose in a worst case scenario that would counter act what I would lose almost completely.

I am being kind of forced into this scenario but .. as always .. I have a back-up plan to my back-up plan and I will put this into motion this weekend.

Also as I have a latest date they will do something and I already have a figure for the number of says for this to pan out I can use it. There will be a number of things I need to do before I go fully official that can take a few weeks so if I add a month to this latest date I should be in the clear.

The funny thing is if this ll goes tits-up for some reason then what I have done will cause a humongous legal battle and it will all get aired publicly. Oops! That will not be good for the legal industry and the courts. Oh dear.

But that is only if it all goes wrong which it is extremely unlikely to do. Because there are no believable explanations for it going wrong when the law is very short and very clear on these matters. Because not doing so would mean that the legal industry have broken the laws, or at the very least been unfair. Oops. That is the very reason laws exist. At least that is supposed to be why they exist in the UK.

It would then look an absolute fact that there exists two sets of laws and this would apply to a great many things that have been stated for years. I will say that every conspiracy theorist in the western world would have a bloody field day with this!

This does not even include the ruckus I will start up with several ombudsman and governing bodies in all this where each in turn will all play into my hands and do the exact same things all previous ones have done which I also correctly predicted!

Double oops!

Hmm? I just realised .. these dates run up now until a time whereby a company that wants to help promote me is going to ring me for the third time! Oh that is weird. I thought I would be emailing them around the middle of next week but now it seems when they ring me next time is when I can tell them some confirmed dates and times?! Here’s hoping!

Oh feck me! My Salomon Orthotic shoes have arrived. The shoes regarding the irony I mentioned earlier? I wonder if anyone else sees anything else in this delivery of shoes business that can apply to anything else? No?

Look .. carefully.

Here is a big clue .. now I own THREE PAIRS of Salomon Ortholite shoes?!

Now what have I previously been talking about doing very soon and for the foreseeable future and why would I need three pairs?

Well really and technically I only needed two pairs. But there can be n argument made for three pairs, especially if you were to my imminent plans?


Now let us test these shoes and give them just a tad of wearing in?


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