This one is going to throw you.

For a number of weeks now several of my .. electrical items have started to play up. Or fail. This adds towards ones that failed a year ago now but have now been .. fixed or replaced.

My fridge freezer started to play up.

Then an audio/video device, lol, started to lose .. audio.

Then my washing machine of only a year or so fecked to again only this time taking one circuit that has, rather oddly, everything but the lights with it. Though it took me three or four times of switching the trip switch back before it occurred to me it was the washing machine. It most certainly was the washing machine. But there were two halves to that story.

It turned out one wall socket I had been suspicious of since I moved in was working in tandem with the washing machine. Or in other words, another fault.

 Though the landlord kept dismissing this until he saw everything going out, a boiler element blowing, washing machine leaking then tripping and he took a look at the socket.

“Your bloody right!” the qualified electrician told me as he viewed the shoddy wiring inside.

 I didn’t have a single one of the testing gadgets he had and asked me how I knew.
“I .. just get this gut feeling about things and problems. Sometimes it occurs to me very quickly and other times it takes awhile” I told him.

Just in the last twenty four hours my PC and some programs have started to act up. Though I’ve had a annoying PC keyboard issue for a fair old while. No, this time the PC locked up with an audio buzzing then restarted. Well after getting a message about a serious problem and in typical Microsoft Windows fashion it checks things while giving you a percentage of how much has been scanned before .. don’t nothing. I did say “as usual”, lol.

I think I’ve had a motherboard problem for a fair while and the USB ports do not seem to be able to decide if they are working or not.

It’s the worst, or certainly oddest, time for all these things to go wrong.

My landlord stated to me after the three days he was here that he could not believe the amount of problems this house has had.

After fitting a new shower and then a new element in the boiler for the daytime heating the ballcock in the water tank in the loft got stuck. So water was pissing out the overflow.

But he hasn’t been told yet about my PC and probably other audio problem. I’m sure he will shake his head in disbelief?
But it’s .. an odd time for this to happen, like I said earlier.

I’m twenty feet, metaphorically speaking, from a crossroads. A crossroads that will likely change everything and right at this very moment there are no plans to replace the washing machine..

 Because it might be pointless and a waste of money. Might be.

It’s going to be a very interesting week and it might end up uneventful. That will not work out well for a certain someone.

 A whole group of us have all been awaiting news and information regarding a .. thing. It’s a .. thing, don’t diss the thing.

I had forgotten too that it’s a bank holiday weekend. So where I thought we had four working days left, we only have three.

 I have a plan.

Umm I have several different versions of a plan .. or possibly the same plan but ordered differently. Well .. for the most part.

No .. similar plans with slight differences. Well .. some biggish differences. Well ..

You see my dilemma?

 I have several versions .. no closer to a dozen versions of a plan. They exist due to the fact that I’ve not the data to be able to say for certain “This is the plan!”

Well .. there are other factors involved. Like my health for one and for another it’s a case of “Could I really do that?!”

 You have to be on a certain .. position and you need to know certain things as well as be in the right frame of mind. Exuding confidence.

The data I require can have me plan, inform people and very likely replace the last of the confidence I lost because of the evil policies of a certain public service. Who are currently telling me I’m taking too long.

 I’m taking too long, a public service is telling me when it is a certain fact that’s it’s another public service I’m waiting on.

What has me roaring with laughter is this ridiculous situation of being stuck between a rock and it’s sister rock is lost on one of the public services.

They have actually told me my time is running out and rid other business is taking too long. I’ve even told then exactly what’s going on, told them I’ve official letters stating what’s occurred, that it won’t take too long and the letters are dated 10th or 12th April. I’ve had them with me three times or more while speaking with them and as per usual, no one has asked to see them. I told them two weeks ago that the .. final date we have is June 2nd.

After June 2nd there are no more excuses about forwarding details of the process’ conclusion. After all it was nearly done on April 10th and we are going to be into June in a couple of days.

Yup .. I’ve not posted the official paperwork on here.

But then there is a mountain of things I’ve not put on here. When I say ‘mountain’ I really do mean that. One of the things in going to need to do is pay for a large sized cloud storage to put all my stuff into. I then, once things settle down, have to go through all this stuff, edit it, upload it to my new cloud storage and then link it into my blogs.

 That’s going to take me a fair old while and at a guess I’d say this will likely be at least a year?

So along with my usual posts, ripping the crap out of central/local governments, politicians and public services .. oh and extremist Muslims and likely religion in general, there are going to be these other posts too.

It then starts to change for everything else I do too.

A new computer and improved work station area for composing, editing and typing is also on the cards. But this also needs something that’s somewhat .. drastic.

In time, over a couple of months, everything I have set to online will start to increase in frequency .. might even seem to be exponentially?

There are a dozen subjects.

 More may well now be added to the dozen that I have but we will see.

I’ve also got to get into the habit of having some forethought in my planning and my days.

 For example can I acquire things on different subjects in different times of the exact same day? The answer is yes .. under certain conditions and with some forward planning. I know this will make things certainly appear to be growing exponentially. Especially compared to how things grew in the whole of 2016 combined.

It will all start with a series of unboxing videos the like of which most have likely never seen. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

 I’d guess and hope this starts between around June 9th and June 17th?

I’m hoping that I’ll at least know on or soon after June 2nd.

 Quite how a period of time somewhat longer than over 6 weeks is beyond me. This could have been 7 to 10 weeks for all I know.

This process was started, I am guessing, somewhere between the 10th March 2017 and the 10th April 2017. I suppose it is entirely possible that it could have been prior to the 10th of March.

 It was around 24 to 48 hours before I made contact with this .. solicitor and their letter to me was dated the 10th or 12th of April. Short term memory is really bad. It is pointless me even reading letters, especially the needlessly and overly complicated ones. Like those from the DWP for one that are so bloody needlessly and ridiculously over complicated it just isn’t true. Lol.

Now let us see .. come this Tuesday, the next business day, it will be the 30th June. So let us say that is 20 days remaining of April, 31 days of the entire month of May.

That is 51 days and that equates to 7 weeks and 2 days. Minus a couple of days if it was the 12th April and not the 10th. What am I saying .. you have to add a few days from when I discovered the solicitor and their .. message on the Internet.

So well over 7 weeks and let us not forget that .. I have no idea how much time passed by between the solicitor being instructed and myself … stumbling across it on some webpage. Of the Official Public record, no less.

So it is safe to assume that it is around 8 weeks or more and a process that takes either 2 to 8 weeks or 8 to 12 weeks depending if something .. applies to our process or not.

Sooo .. how they could tell us that it wont take long is beyond me.

Also .. this was an absolutely ridiculous thing to state to a family when very few people know or understand the process. I can tell you for one that I know business owners of several different sizes of businesses and I spoke to professional people along the way. Not one single person knew the process, I worked within this area and there were things I was not even aware of. So to state that this wont take long was somewhat .. misguided, putting it mildly.

I also believe that when we do hear, wondering now if we ever will despite it being the law that the outcome is inevitable, we will be given a figure and a date. Which adds another week at least to the process. Not hearing anything by Friday the 3rd June would then add another week.

So your looking at 10 weeks, without knowing the time between initialising and discovery, in a process that takes 12 weeks at the very outside. No book, I used two different ones, nor webpage has ever stated that this process takes or can take more than 12 weeks. So .. questions will be raised if we get to Friday the 10th June and nothing has been received. Fecking big questions! These will be being asked by 8 people. Of one solicitors practice and one public service which is the law industry.

By the 10th June and without any of the 8 of us hearing anything I really will start to think that there are and have been plans in place to .. slow me down. To prevent me from doing far more over the course of the following twelve months?

Because going over that 12 week mark and not acting as was promised would be unheard of.

Working for a solicitor in the past I know what the .. penalties are if you do something wrong and trust me they are severe. Just one alone, not declaring fraud or accepting a payment in cash of over £10,000 and not declaring it can lead to a £250,000 fine and imprisonment. I kid you not. Not sure if that penalty has ever been served on a solicitor? I did not think to ask that when a solicitor I previously worked for told me of these penalties.

 So yeah .. we are at the 11th hour before we tread into the limbo of the bizarre. In all honesty I never thought it would get this far. Even breaking promises, updates means more than on and it looks like we will get ZERO, I still thought that we would hear by yesterday the 26th May 2017. I would not have been surprised if we had been notified the week before.

So here I am, and indeed ‘we are’, with just three business days to go before the deadline knowing that we have not had the updates promised and wondering if we will even hear anything by the 2nd June date?!

I have also reached out to the others by email just to double check whether or not anyone has actually heard anything at all fro said solicitor.  know that one has already but I read the email and it does not tell us anything.

Solicitors? They think themselves so intelligent and yet they say a lot without actually saying anything at all. At least in their letters. Plus they are so anal about the way their letters and documents are worded and yet … they have told us nothing and as stated not provided a single update of the UPDATES they stated that they would. So much for wording things correctly, eh?

I have a few things to do over the next couple of days and indeed I made a start on them today.

But there are so many other things I want to do and want to both plan and prepare for which I wont do as I have become ever more superstitious about everything.

Plus .. I am going to get some serious grief come the 9th June that will likely cause a big row. They will say that I am too slow and that there is a time limit, I wll remind them that they are a public service and that I am waiting on another public service and are they stating that it is OK for public services to take forever but not us, even when it is a public service that has forced me onto the slow lane? I have often imagined it getting to this point the last couple of days and though I am very much hoping it wont com to that I am secretly very keeen to see their reaction when I point out the different rules for us and them. Oooh I just remembred I saw something about Roger Waters releasing a new album?! Darn it!

Sorry I need to … err go Google something now!



Oh and my .. lets just call it a router for now, which does not run off mains but off a battery as well as being plugged in, seems to be slowly failing too!

Annoyingly there is little I can do to replace this due to greed of companies and some major changes tat are likely very imminent .. now. This applies to everything that has suddenly decided to develop an electrical fault.


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