It might not seem like this at first but Theresa May has gone and done just that.

Unfortunately by the time people realise or have stopped shrugging things off as the right thing to do and finally realise it was not only wrong but had no effect, it will be too late.

Theresa May will get in for the next four or five years, I forget how long it is between general elections.

Theresa May has stated that she will be working for everyone and pointed out she will be working to make things easier for those of us that work. For those of us that work. Remember that.

I am stating that you should remember this because later in the year I am very probably going to make her look like she is lying to a degree it can hardly be refuted.

As it turns out she has already lied during this general election drive as, as it states on the page of a website called The Canary she has lied.

If you have been coming here long enough you might remember that I posted and possibly a couple of times, that the United Nations were investigating the Conservative Party government about how they have treated disabled people?

Well … according to the report in the link to The Canary below they were told that they were making disabled people suffer and the UK government responded by stating “We do not believe them”?!

Yeah well they got some help from me and were pointed towards thee direction of this blog and were provided details of many things, likely Calum’s List for one? You can bet your bottom dollar that I was not the only one to contact them. In fact I would hazard a guess that the number of people that contacted them regarding the treatment of the disabled was in the hundreds, if not the thousands. I am sure that this must have been pointed out.

Though the funny thing is I contacted authorities overseas, UN or EU, about this years ago and before I even started my blog and nothing happened.

But now that we are in this pre Brexit phase suddenly someone from outside the UK has an investigation going? Odd timing, don’t you think? I know I do.

The more I hear about Theresa May the more I realise how cunning she has been in her career and is still being cunning now. Although I am not entirely sure that this is the intelligent way to do things.

You see people iin politics are mostly … bloody blind and that is putting things … politely. Naive, stupid and moronic are likely words others would use to describe politicians? With ‘liar’ being top of the list of course.

But fooling fellow politicians top get yourself into the position of Prime Minister is one thing and fooling the entire UK population is something else entirely.

To give you an example let us look at this refusal to accept the report that the United Nations has put forward about disabled people suffering. They refuse to believe them?

Umm … sorry to all you Conservative Party members and Members of Parliament but you still have yet to catch up to the twenty first century despite being 17 years into it. You have this little known technology aound today that they call ‘The Internet’ and it connects everyone via their computers, laptops, tablet PC’s, Apple Macs and every smartphone in existence today.

You cannot state that you simply do not believe something you have been told even by me and especially when an organisation like the United Nations is involved. I would have mentioned the EU as well but they never fucking did a thing. Ever. Except complain about how bent bananas were from what I remember. Oh and stop the Scottish fishing industry from fishing in their own seas! But state that they do not believe the UN is what they have now done. Yeeeeah good luck with that and let me know how this strategy turns out for you. It might not be obvious right now but it will in time, just not in time enough to alter the outcome of the general election. Most likely.

Unfortunately a still working to change everything and I know what it is I need to do but others have not quite realised what this is just yet. Even something like an online news site, though this is only true for the lesser known ones, reporting on something is not enough. Because you do not reach enough people fast enough and are not attracting new people … quick enough. Believe that they simply wont, most likely, ever achieve big enough numbers.

I can.

I have long since had a plan that I have been carrying out, albeit slowly.

Things have occurred to bring this almost to a complete halt but likely not stopped altogether and normally I get going again.

I can also tell you that this is something that is going to change, change for the better as well as speed up quite significantly. Before very long, see my upcoming post called ‘The Last Month’ I intended to post a couple of days back.

There is going to be a flurry of posts and it will become clear very soon after what has happened and I am expecting something like fifty to sixty posts and fifty to sixty videos on my YouTube channel more so than normal. Or extra content, in other words. It will also become clear from these posts and these videos that the very nature of the content I post will mean that I will treble that amount in extra content over the following months.

Of course I am not thinking about everything and there will be changes that will warrant extra videos and posts too.

Of course what you have to take into consideration, and something I have cheekily kept hidden, is that … I attract people from a very broad spectrum of subjects and industries far beyond that of the corruption in the UK as well as far beyond the UK.


I have very deliberately shown my moods along thee way and there has been a long term plan and reasons for all that too.

I wanted people to see the ups and the downs, the goods and and down right fuglies. I wanted to show what often comes that is only natural. Because the only way you work things out is to accept certain things you cannot avoid. Feelings. Once realised things cannot be avoided then maybe people might realise that stamping your feet on the ground and coming out with classic comments that would normally win you the day simply do not work or only make things far worse. Because that is what has been happening and it has been happening for at least twenty years now. I can testify that it is way more than twenty years and prior to my 24 year old daughter being born. It just took me years to realise what was going wrong. It took others the same amount of time too but by then you were shit scared to say anything.

Odd then that today there has been a drive to restrict you from saying ever more innocent things with claims it is not politically correct. They get labelled Social Justice Warriors today but despite saying this I have very recently noticed a change. I change I predicted would come about when Donald Trump won the US election to become President.

I sometimes watch videos by Sargon of Akkad and in one recent one he states that one of the most well known drivers of the Social Justice Warrior brigade has made a surprisingly open statement. One Lacy Green seems to have made a comment about the SJW’s getting it wrong and seems to realise that it might be a good idea to be willing to talk to those that oppose them.

Sargon, a good chap that he is in wanting to get the right messages across, offered to take Lacy Green up on her … umm, offer.

Now me? Yeah I am not so sure that I would be wanting or be willing to debate with any of the SJW’s because they have shown themselves time and time again to be first off … barmy, secondly dishonest, thirdly … yeah repeatedly shouting as opposed to talking and attempting to drown out others and … well … violent. Yeah … that did not work for Stalin, in the long run, nor has it worked for many dictatorships and tyrants. It might in the short term but not in the long run.

Now I am the sort of person that, and does, here people say things about certain groups or gendres and does not think it right. I am also the sort of person that just would never say 90% of the things or more that others often say in front of me. Nor would I say things that many of these groups are telling others not to say.

There I said it. Lol.

Yeah there is one group I do not like but that is because of the way they view others and what they really want, inside their heads, but which most do not have the balls to tell you to your face. I have seen, heard, read and experienced first hand what this group is like and they have absolutely no defence whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many people, one a scientist I believe, have called these groups out on their hypocrisy and on TV as well as the Internet. Was his name Richard Dawkins? Something Dawkins. I do have short term memory loss you know?! I apologise Mr Dawkins, all the same.

They are literally the people you would make peace with and as soon as you turned your back they would stick a large knife into you. They believe, very literally, that this is their right and that they are superior beings. Funny then is it not, that so many lesser beings were created and roaming this Earth? Fucking morons.

Yeah I do not like them because there is just no dealing with them or trusting them and I have come across this so many times it simply begs belief.

But hey … we kinda do this too but to lesser extremes and especially those that call themselves politicians. Well they probably do not start out that way but something in the process seems to turn them. At some point as they start to desire being top dog more and more over time.

Aaaaaand were back around to Theresa May.

Now it would appear and will become obvious in time, that things seem to come along or happen to me at just the right time. Sometimes this oddly seems to also be just the wrong time too. Very recently I had a ‘just at the wrong time’ event which is starting to appear that it might actually have been ‘just the right time’? So much so that I have wondered whether or not there is actually an afterlife? A particular person from the afterlife?

This strange coincidence has been lost on some people that I know but spotted and remarked by others … some … professional others too. Like the lady who I had counselling with at Mind as this was not lost on her and she in fact remarked about it.

I did say in a much older post that on our very lest meeting and at the end that she admitted being shocked by a whole load of things in my life that had happened in the distant past and recent years? Yeah well she was surprised at things that were actually taking place while I was having my sessions with her. One in particular is one that as of right now has the sands of time down to just a small heap of grains. It is not so close you can almost touch it. It is like being right near the exit of a very long tunnel when you have craved daylight for hours or even days.

I have not remarked about all that was said at our last meeting because … well I just did not want to give the game away and I have become somewhat … superstitious over certain things due to others … letting me down and destroying my plans.

I am still currently clueless to all that despite having some communication in October of 2016 with a promise made for November 2017 that simply failed to materialise.

That might soon end up just a bad but old and fading memory?

I have spent almost five years trying to get all my blogs into half decent positions and I believe I have done that. Between the fifth and six year point I am now believing that I will get almost all of my blogs into very decent positions.

I will have thee tools and the power along with the newfound abilities to do exactly as I stated in that brief and previous paragraph. Before very long. Hopefully.

You see I have this list. A list of things grouped in certain .. areas. If all goes as I predict then these lists are very attainable. At least one and a half of these grouped lists will be attainable. There is the low, the middling and the high. I know the high is out of the question and I am fairly certain of my mathematics and theory to also remove ‘the low’ from the equation. The funny thing is I can achieve most or even all with ‘the middling’. The rest of the high’ might come along a year later? That all rather depends if nine others are just going to leave it to me alone or not? Eight of those nine, including me, are all in agreement. But there is generally a lack of effort and there has certainly been like this, for the most part, for the last 4 months. Well .. four and a half months to be exact. That is nearly 26 weeks for a process that is stated in some areas to take 2 to 8 weeks and other areas 8 to 12 weeks. So a process with an outside time limit of 12 weeks and I simply cannot tell you when this will end after 18 weeks. I have a date but .. it is not a completion date or anything like that. Just a deadline for a certain .. communication to take place. You might find it interesting that .. we were told we would be kept informed. Though they did not state any details of how things were at the time, did not state what it was they were going to keep us informed of and … well Four weeks or more after being contacted … they have not contacted us. As far as I know this goes for at least eight of us. Because we speak to each other when anything happens. It is, this I can tell you, an inevitable process with an inevitable outcome.

But … there is something remotely funny about it..

Now I have been meeting this business advisor? Except I was … until about a month ago when three meetings into an eight meeting process I stopped seeing them. This was despite the fact that … I was told that our meeting location had changed by several miles. In other words I am trying to say that I never appeared once at this other venue. Well other than PRIOR to being told this at a ‘cashflow’ workshop. Not once.

It gets weirder still.

My business idea seemed to go through a second approval stage I was not even aware of and more or less in my absence.

This whole process is linked to a public service and has a time limit on it now. A time limit that is 13 weeks. From a public service. I have … forms to fill in and hand in. Except … this really only gets going when the other … process I have alluded to is completed.

Yeah I meant that very recent process I told you about that has taken forever and a day to get though, wee have been given no details about and has stressed out at least five out of ten people. One does not count as she knows and is a control freak and a liar, directly or by omission it does not matter. The process we were all told would not take long, would be kept informed about but have heard nothing and has taken 18 weeks when it should only take 12 weeks maximum. That process.

Who is handling this extremely drawn out process? A process so drawn out that someone from the Job Centre literally almost shrieked and said “WHAT?! That is still not sorted out after all this time?! Why is it taking so long?!” Yeah … guess who is handling this other process?

A public service.

But wait? Did I not state that in my other process a public service has stated that I have 13 weeks to give them a date?!


I have been laughing about this for several weeks and was surprised at myself for not seeing the link, and so the irony of it, straight off the bat?!

Can you imagine the moment? I have even spoken on here about how I am trying to get the two things to occur in a certain order to complete my plans and then the moment where a little cuckoo appeared and called a couple of times and my brain froze before thinking ‘Wait a minute?!’

Or you could imagine a desert valley with nothing but the cry of an Eagle and a tumble-weed blowing across your path because my brain was just empty … briefly? Lol. Then out of nowhere a boulder with a giant ‘realisation’ label on it hits me square in the face? Lol.

Yeah so has the irony hit you yet? One public service is demanding that I do this within a certain time period and asking why it has taken so long when it is, in fact, another public service that thinks taking bloody long is perfectly OK, not doing their jobs properly is perfectly OK and they can get around to us whenever they bloody feel like it? Oh the iron-eeeee!

Do you think this is what it is that I have been alluding to for ages about … things to be divulged that will be embarrassing? Umm … nope!

Like the perfect timing and the help from beyond the grave I alluded to this one just kind of fell into my lap. Yes, OK-OK much of this comes from me planning and manipulating things to work out at just the right time, this is true. But this just fell into my lap .. or more accurately even when trying to manipulate things to come together at just the right time I did not spot the link. I did not realise there would be a link that would possibly end up being ironic. The fact that these were both public services.

In the meantime and as I explained to a friend today … I have all this stuff I want to do, stuff I have wanted to do for years, have all these things to plan and then execute … but I do not know how far I can go in each one and nor when it will actually start. I have people that will be demanding to know when it will all start and God knows, I want to know when it will start but have heard nothing. No updates or being kept informed as we were told they would do.

I honestly thought I would hear that I have long since wanted to by the end of this week at the very latest. I thought there was a possibility I would hear something in the previous week to this one. Between the 7th and the 11th May. Failing that I thought we must hear something this week as after that we will be dangerously close to the only figure we have which is the date that strongly suggests the end date. I would much rather have been told “Oh that date we advertised? Yeah, you wont hear anything from us until that date!” In fact this is what one, well two … well no as one always repeats what the other one says even though they are wrong … a lot, person stated. This person stated that we would not hear anything until after the date given. I stated, as I do actually have an .. official letter, that this is not what we were all told. Wee were not told that we would be informed of the outcome at the end’ and were in fact told that they ‘had most of it together, would not take long and would keep us informed’. The key phrase here being ‘keep us informed’. In other words, updated and not, told of the outcome.

Others were annoyed of this one’s insistence of being right when they are known for often being wrong.

So you can imagine I am going to be extremely pissed off with these people who claimed they would keep us updated if they do not do that. Oddly it now turns out it will piss off others as they do not want this person to be proved correct also. Because despite having exact sentences being repeated to them they insisted they were right.

Oddly enough this is one person that refuses to accept public services lie. But they more or less just stated that we had been lied to, for them to bee proved correct.


The end of next week is the 26th of May and the deadline date which is the ONLY piece of info we have which was pulled by myself from The Gazette of the Office of Public Records website is the 2nd of June. Something like five weeks have passed y since we were first contacted and as I stated previously I have no idea how long this solicitor had been in the process when we heard form them. The fact that they stated “we nearly have everything together, this wont take long” suggestd they had already been at it a couple of weeks. Hmm let me find the letter …

Oh effing typical … I now cannot find it … right, email?!

Right … 12th April.

So that is a day over 5 weeks and as I stated I have no idea when they were instructed but as I was informed … third hand that a solicitor was instructed it is likely to have been 6 to 8 weeks. As it is 15 days to go to that given date this would bring up the time taken to complete the process being around 8 to 10 weeks.

Remember I stated ‘my mathematics’ in figuring out a minimum and maximum about how this is going to go? Well … that period of more than 8 weeks actually tells me .. something about what is going on. Now if it were like … 6 weeks this would also tell me something completely different altogether.

Would you like to be really confused. More than eight weeks is better. Way, way better and longer than 12 weeks, the maximum, is better still. Though at being more than 12 weeks it will kind of screw things up and lead me with a head to head war with a public service. This will involve a court case that they will not like and neither will the court. But then neither are destined to be at all happy with me anyway.

Taking more than twelve weeks will ensure without a doubt that all my listings .. reach completion and then some!

But then there is the bloody wait combined with the not knowing any hard facts.

As I have stated to everyone it would be much easier to wait if you knew certain things that would let me know how my listings are likely to be completed. Though this will still leave me in something of a quandary without an end date. Even a rough one would be helpful.

I cannot currently think of a better way of making the government and public service look not only like utter fools but the biggest hypocrites going and doing so on your hard earned tax money. A point I would have reached that will not only show this but reveal them to be beings that have heads with no other thoughts than those of self-entitlement.

The funny part about that?

That will be me just getting started too!


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