I simply don’t believe what I just read.

I really, really don’t believe what I’ve just read.

Someone sent me a link to … wait … The Standard newspaper to an article about some plan Theresa May has in mind.

Are you ready for this?

Unpaid traffic wardens?!

Unpaid … traffic … wardens. Unpaid. Traffic wardens?

Let me get this straight on my head?

You want people to walk around the streets all day to collect money for the government in doesn’t deserve?!

Are .. you .. fucking .. serious?

First I hear that nurses, I still need to confirm, are being forced to go to food banks just a few days ago and now this?

It’s funny as I’m still in disbelief but I said for a long, long time now that we were heading towards slave labour. This isn’t slave labour, if true about the nurses then that is, this is straight forward slavery.

Just because no whip is used, physical one anyway, does not rule this out for the slavery label.

What’s even more fucking idiotic is the use of the word ‘volunteer’?! Volunteer?!

Let me get this bit straight on my head?

You want people to come forward and do this for free? For free?!

Are you a complete blithering idiot?!

No wait? What am I saying?!

A woman that actually expects thousands of people … no, tens of thousands of people around every city in the country to work for free? While she gets paid an insulting salary, well it is now, to be a fucking idiot?! How could she possibly realise that the British public does not have a large enough fraction of naive morons that will come forward and volunteer for this?

Now I very clearly stated that I should not be surprised and even predicted this?

Weeeeell …

A few years back after the financial crisis started I was referred to a pain clinic. A pain management course. I had become offered it a few times and things got so bad that I ended up taking up the offer. As I wasn’t being diagnosed and also being refused the proper drugs. It’s just that I didn’t know I was being refused the proper drugs. I was, however, getting the two cheaper drugs for the condition that did not get diagnosed for another two years and even then was diagnosed by me.

Yeah … when I discovered I had Fibromyalgia I then discovered that two drugs used for it, the ONLY two in this edition of Black’s Medical Dictionary, were Amitriptyline and Gabapentin, I had already been given for two years.

It got worse as when I realised what I had and that there was absolutely no doubts about this whatsoever I then asked to be referred to a specialist. But initially I was told that there weren’t any specialists on the NHS. This shocked a couple of charities I spoke to and turned out to be a bare faced lie. So they knew I had it but then put obstacles in my way to prevent diagnosis. When I have them a list of specialists all in London alone they then started they could only send me after some tests. I had spent 14 years being tested by a very long list of specialists. That was taking the piss.

When I did get to Guy’s Hospital he confirmed my diagnosis, not that I needed it. He also prescribed Pregabalin. He then spotted something with my right knee just how an paused orthopaedic surgeon at Chase Farm Hospital did three years earlier. He did a test that surprised me with me yelping in pain and said I had a physical issue with my knee that was separate from my Fibromyalgia symptoms.

When the letter for to the GP there was no mention of the knee, the test, the pain or the Pregabalin which I was then refused fur the next three years.

That was until I have my present GP an ultimatum. After telling me it was not a GP’s place to say whether someone is disabled or not anymore I went back to him a few months later after a breakdown. I said, they have kicked me off half my disability and are going to force me into full time work. That will kill me and I will be unable to do this on my present state. If their going to force me to work they had better give me the proper drugs, otherwise this is slavery with cruelty.

He quoted a little of his Hippocratic oath, be was surprised I knew where it came from, and prescribed me Pregabalin.

This is one of a series of facts that are going to be missed by some but which I will use to very dramatic effect. Very soon too. Lol.

The recordings of the appointments involving everything as I described were posted on here long ago.

This, by the way, is a totally separate incident to me catching Darren Francis of Chase Farm Hospital falsifying an ultrasound on my groin. Twice in the same ultrasound test. A black painful lump magically disappeared off the scan as did a new Inguinal Hernia and that latter kills you. Can’t say anything on the former as I don’t know what the black lump was and note was I told.

In fact there was a fiasco where the GP Surgery tried to say I was mad. That didn’t succeed so with the help of the GMC, who stabbed me in the back in the process, they kicked me from the surgery list under accusation of violence.

I do know of one young woman within the same Enfield area as me but with a different surgery, and one I have never been listed with despite being with five in Enfield alone, that had the same accusation made against her. After she realised they were lying. She had previously had a diagnosis mysteriously evaporate and was refused treatment.

So that is twice within Enfield and I do not speak to many people. So how many have their been over the past ten years in Enfield?

Think bigger … if the number is quite substantial then how many have their been across the entire country? How many people have died as a result of this? How many people have you heard have did in the news and how many have not been reported on?

Now think again .., this is the NHS, Hospitals and Doctors … how would you ever find out?

Now think about your taxes … there are the GMC, PHSO, NICE and God knows how many other ombudsman and governing bodies … out of all that has been reported on and with those not being reported on being larger by a factor of ten or more … how many of these public pad for bodies have reported upon an of them?

In my argument with my GP’s, I rowed with two, I didn’t even use a swear word in our argument and the rowing was to try to get them to … drop themselves and the NHS in it. Lol.

How can I prove that I did not swear and only rowed to drop them in it? I was recording and … I had been recording for many, many months. Might have been a year or two at that point, even?

As well as these two there are other … separate incidents.

Funny that I was so angry that I threatened violence towards them but … never actually mentioned I had actually been recording the NHS for several years and already had them lying on tape. Several times. Yeah I was so angry that I did not swear or throw this fact in their faces?!

Yeah … if your going to play games with since fucking huge, completely rotten and corrupt and wealthy organisations (on the public’s money) you had better bring your A+ game.

I had bought my triple ‘A’ game and unfortunately for them … never … dropped … it.

Then there are three incidences that include my back. Three incidences on just my back pain alone.

Then there is the high blood pressure. Oh my God, this is just some of the NHS stuff, lol.

Ooh boy, oh boy. I could start getting into another the letter acronym of a public service corrupt as hell I have a long dark history with?! Lol.

I digress.

So … I went to this pain management course … except … it wasn’t a pain management course and when I walked out after 90 minutes I was shaking my head in disbelief.

I was also clutching my audio recorder with a big smile on my face.

That happened three times and on the third I simply could not believe I now had three recordings of them doing what they just did.

They figured it out. I didn’t get asked back for the fourth meeting. There was no loss to me on my part. Sound weird?

Well .. it wasn’t a pain management course.

What it was, was a short lecture at the beginning, telling the thirty people there to piss off as the NHS is not going to deal with them, have CAB and various other idiots in, fucking private Orthopaedics and alternative stuff, before then trying to get you to work for the NHS, Chase Farm Hospital in particular in this case, for free.

Yup, told to fuck off with your pain, told about a load of private places that cost fair amounts of money and then spend the last twenty minutes asking you to work for a hospital at the top of a hill … for free.

That’s exactly what the pain management course, called The Tranquility something or the other, entailed.

That was about four or five years ago, I think.

So no … I shouldn’t be surprised that just like I predicted that they have gotten away with this crap for so long that they will be in your face about it. Without a care in the world. Before very long. But I am still surprised.

Well … this is in your face about it. Or at least it will be of she had the balls, and the level of incompetence, to state this on the TV News.

Well this might have happened were out not for the fact that the TV News media that loves the word ‘fake’ in recent times, was being paid off. My money would be that the news media would alert Theresa May but stating “Your not going to fucking say that on TV are you?” then turns to another reporter and say ‘Get your arse over to Corbyn’s house, he will be Prime Minister in a month”

It’s kind weird. There had been a flurry of things that proved me correct on some older predictions.

I cannot help but wonder if this frequency will remain for the rest of 2017?

Jesus, if it does it’s going to be a mad 12 months if I can keep on top of it? Otherwise it might end to a mad 18 months? Or even 24? Lol.

What a great message she and other politicians are sending out. We have long since known they are liars but now …

We are self righteous, but lying cheats when your not watching. We are of a higher breeding and you WILL pay us huge salaries out of your own pockets and a large portion of you WILL work for free. This way other lazy lying fucks in local government, probably my brother’s wife whose also my sister, can be paid handsomely with even more money we get out of the public with unfair parking tickets.

Yes we have forced society to rely entirely on cars because the public transport has been shite for years, so have the roads and we have provided nowhere for your cars, we forced you to rely on, to be parked.

After all, why would we spend money for the correct amount of car spaces because we can’t charge you forty to eighty quid to park.

Yeah, this problem has been around for twenty years now and we have done nothing to solve them because we continue to make money and not spend it.

Best of all none of you have realised and those that have are not numerous enough and we have enough Ostriches to keep getting away with it too.

We are, after all, the biggest examples of the feelings of self-entitlement you can find within a radius of thousands of miles. And then some. Maybe?

Wait a minute?! DOH!!


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