This is … funny.

No this is … hilarious.

Nope. This is … bizarre and extremely of timing.

Theresa May has been reported as stating she is fed up with rip-off pricing and stated she was going to try and put a cap on energy prices?

That is simply odd.

You see I only very recently had to contact my energy company Eon.

There were two reasons I contacted them and the first is that somehow, with me thinking I only owed them from anywhere under £100 to £200 but I seem to still owe £500 plus.

Despite me living alone who barely cooks once in a single week, if at all, I seem to use a lot of energy and I don’t see how.

Secondly they refused to take an online payment and though I pay them £100 each month I have missed the odd month and did last month.

So probably throwing a hissy fit and there logic is to refuse to take money?!

Well allrighty then!

I bought three pairs of shoes, have had heart palpitations, chest pain, been in A&E, worn a heart rate monitor for two days and in the middle of an eight week process to start my own business.

This does not include the fact that there had been a family bereavement, a funeral that took like 9 weeks to reach and solicitors, probate and theft to deal with. This is still ongoing.

My, my let out a few clues there?

Now after speaking to a few friends they made me realise I’ve not had a bill from them in a couple of years. I also remembered that I did not get that winter payment of them they promised me. A deduction of £140 odd.

So then I’m not sure what’s been happening.

I do know something, I was about to email them again pointing out the lack of bills sent to me as well as the missing deduction in what I owe and will now rip into them.

I know something else and that is that there is something that they do not know.

They do not know what I’ve been up to, that they have featured from time to time. Nor do they know what is about to happen and what I’ll spend the following twelve months doing!

So … it’s gotten so bad that even a Tory Prime Minister is fed up with it?!

That’s crazy.

That’s also provided some very well timed ammunition for me.

I’m about to rip into them for the second time about how my bills simply not come down. I’ve used a lot less energy than I normally do in the past 6 months, my showers been out of action for awhile and my fridge freezer is on the blink.

They simply have some explaining​ to do when they have nothing to explain. Or to put it better, there have no explanations available to them. Not that won’t make them look like complete liars or simply bloody incompetent and with faulty equipment.

I’m also going to mention something else not related to energy bills..

I’m … getting back into some old habits and old routines I’d drifted away from or ceased over the past year or two.

Not wanting to tempt fate I will be explaining these when I’m well into my … groove.

I’m also going to explain a couple of other things with one being much more detail about this business start up plan I’ve alluded to a few times.

I’m also going to post something that’s going to make other things I’ve alluded to look or at least sound like they are confirmed. Well they are really, in effect.

I’m sure it is not long now before I get other details into this inevitable event confirmed?

We were told that we would be kept … updated.

However … as of this weekend it would be around a month since we were told that. In just a couple of weeks it’s all over.

Now there are a couple I know that insist they we won’t be informed of anything until the deadline given for two weeks time. But to this, everyone’s a bloody expert, I stated that we were not told that we would be informed when it’s over but that we would be kept updated.

Solicitors are not known to not carry out the actions they have promised clients in writing. It’s just not done.

But in as little as two weeks time they would have failed in updating us as was stated by themselves.

In fact and as I will reveal shortly this lack of information that we have every right to can and is causing me problems. This is due to this process of starting a business.

Prior to starting out as a business owner I need to … acquire certain things prior to … starting, or begin trading, as they put it.

It also helps if I know when I can acquire these … things as I can then set a date. So to speak.

There will be, or on fast already are, two forms calling my name I need to fill in and hand in.

I’ll explain more and post these two … umm, posts this following weekend. That’s the 13th May.

Also I had one of my two negative siblings on the phone today. They were negative again and overestimating again. Estimating even lower than my other sibling.

I went through my theory and understanding in much detail.

Suddenly there was an “ooooh!” before they then said “Oh, you explained this before but I just didn’t realise!” before I said “Ah, it’s clicked now has it?” They said that it now had, that they now understood and suddenly what was about to happen will be interesting and they were looking forward to it.

I did say at one point “have you not got it yet? How many times have I got things like this wrong? Not very often.”

That was kind of a relief. Though it makes no difference to either me not the outcome whether I’m believed or not. Well that is other than the fact that they are normally negative each time but now I don’t have to do over the details of my theory each time we talk. Well, not with that sibling at any rate.

We find out in just a couple of weeks.

As for the energy cap? Well maybe it is one of those things in the forefront of everyone’s minds and Theresa May knows this and so thinks that by promising it she will win the election for sure but with no intentions of actually doing anything?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Does Theresa May’s energy cap fit? –


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