My word that woman is one scheming … so and so.

I heard about Theresa May’s meeting with Juncker, I won’t go back to the laughs by claiming to not recall his name and calling him a Vancker. I never thought anything of it … that is until I heard about this BBC News interview with Theresa May.

Once again she was asked about her meeting with Juncker and she refused to confirm it but with a smile on her face claimed that someone had previously called her a difficult woman. She went on to say that she stated the next person who will day that about her will be Jean Claude Juncker.

Then it hit me like a brick wall and I remember someone at Goldsmiths Sachs, I think it was, when someone basically asked Theresa May if she was trying to position herself to become Prime Minister. Obviously this was prior to her becoming PM.

Then it hit me like the proverbial locomotive and I thought ‘Oh God, your crafty, manipulative so and so!’

I would stick my neck out and state that … no difficult conversation took place…

But she wants you to think that …

So she smiles, refused to comment but comes out with this anecdote about her being a difficult and therefore a tough woman?! Just when she is trying to convince the country that she is the only one tough enough to deal with Brexit. Just prior to a snap general election? The one she called?

But wait, this meeting with Jean Claude Juncker must have been arranged bloody ages ago?! All political meetings are. I know for a fact you have to book the House of Commons months in advance as the late Michael Meacher MP told me so. I still have the email.

But wait? Her meeting was arranged to meet Juncker prior to her calling for a snap general election?

I just watched Theresa May use Jean Claude Juncker, the BBC News and their journalist in her favour and she did not even have to lie to do it. Just put a picture, intentionally, inside the BBC’s head and therefore everyone that sees or reads the report.

But wait … isn’t the flavour of the month calling out Jeremy Corbyn as being too weak to be a leader?!

Funny that. I have to admit that I get really angry when people say that. That someone’s too weak to lead the UK.

Of all the things I’ve stated on here about various politicians in now going to state something that could go in Jeremy Corbyn’s favour when I say …

Too weak to be a leader? What, are we still in world war 2? Are we a big powerful nation like the USA or Russia? Are we in a war and it’s slipped my attention? Are we being attacked and it’s slipped my attention?!

A politician needs only keep in focus the two, possibly three, reasons we voted to leave Europe.

Every single one of those people that either do not realise the reasons or do and choose to ignore them should not work in politics. Give it up, go home your clearly inept. Sound harsh? It’s better to go home now before everyone else realises your inept and they spend weeks doing pieces on you.

Meanwhile if your not a complete idiot then learn to read what a vast majority of an entire nation is telling you. Work out the numbers and the likelihood of possible facts. What groups can you rule out of your calculations because their choices are plainly obvious. What percentage of those that matter does it leave you with.

I can do this on my head in a matter of seconds and indeed I did.

So if I can, why can’t you?

But getting back to Theresa May’s manipulation of everyone and leaving them to look like fools … it’s another very good reason why Jeremy Corbyn won’t win.

Because not enough people will realise what I did. Well not enough in a short enough period of time to have any affect on the general election.

Also Jeremy Corbyn needs to realise two things … being a communist/socialist doesn’t mean you have to help foreigners wanting to come to the UK. Especially when it’s at the expense of people on welfare, disabled people and the working class. Those three groups are being neglected and long enough and pissed off enough to vote to leave the EU. Because they think getting rid of the EU will improve things for them. Guess what happens when it doesn’t or worse still, gets worse?

Yeah … I wouldn’t want to be a politician over the next five years for all the tea in China!

You also need to learn that charity begins at home sunshine. It’s the only viable route forward but let’s see who realises first, if ever.

Oh yeah there is a third thing and that is don’t spend fucking money that you don’t have, have no idea of its there or not and not completely positive about how and where you are going to get it.

Because there are those of is that won’t state your too weak, there are plenty of those. Nope, there are those of is that will request your an idiot of you don’t concentrate on these the things.

If I do this much more I’m going to bill … someone with an advisors fee.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: May on how Juncker will face ‘bloody difficult woman’ –


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