Ever since late last year I realised I could … work around a humongous obstacle and towards something.

I had initially planned for this at my five year period anyway.

I had even spoke briefly about my plans to select people, might surprise you to hear that this was my landlords?

Despite this plan beginning to form some sort of obscure and unrecognisable shape I had promised myself not to do two things. The first of those was window shop. The second was start making lists.

My lists normally amount to nothing. Mostly. This time it is a little .. different.

A few days ago I started to create some lists. Today I window shopped … well, kinda.

I say ‘kinda’ because, by all that I hold holy, what I have previously reported is becoming so damned obvious I have to wonder about the shoppers I walked around today.

My lists are long and some of these are within … groups. Of one of these groups I wondered what things might be up to check out at PC World?


I .. I … I am confused.

I entered PC World for the first time in ages but … I started to get quite confused very quickly even though I know what to expect.

One brand normally on show was missing almost completely, was completely in one area, and that was Sony. Funny then that the only thing I have acquired from PC World that was not refurbished/faulty/damaged [DELETE WHERE NECESSARY] was a Sony Bridge Camera, the HXC-300 I think it was?

Not a single SLR, or technically an SLT as it has a translucent fixed glass/mirror, with the Sony name was on show at all! Last time I entered the exact same store there were two I believe? The A67, or whatever that model was called, and the A76. I am guessing these models as the ones now are the A68 and the A77 Mark II. There were none.

I had also been doing a great deal of research into other cameras, like Sony’s Alpha range and the only one I could find in the store was the A7 and the A6000.

Umm … only the A7 is now on the Mark II and maybe even a Mark II S? I also know that there is an A6500.

Also a quick glance at Nikon’s SLR’s and I spotted a D3200. Errrrm except it is now on the D3600!

The models shown in store were out of date previously but I thought obviously not old enough to make people realise what was going on. Now they are well, well out of date!

Going from the D3000 series Nikon SLR you had the … well, D3000 then the D3100 before it went through the D3200, D3300, D3400, D3500 .. hmm I am wondering now whether there was a D3400? Well you get the idea … we are on the 5th or 6th generation and PC World are still selling the 2nd generation.

That is not even funny.

Sure … I am not opposed to seeing older models at cut down prices, provided they are only up to two generations old and are NOT returns that were faulty and refurbished, or not rather, models that are still faulty.

It got worse as I noticed there was clear security boxes placed randomly in the areas between the show models that contained other models of cameras adorned with yellow ‘reduced’ stickers. It started to look like there old store that they turned into a clearance store, there telling the public that the models were ex demos when they were actually refurbs, I know because I purchased a crap HP laptop from them.

Nothing much to see in the laptop section and I am awaiting a new generation of laptops with AMD Ryzen CPU, APU and GPU chips in which are still a couple of months away.

I saw two drones on show that were interesting with one I had seen a YouTube video of which folds up to a rather small size, the DJI Mavic Pro. Another one I had not seen previously but was interesting and had one hell of a remote control and made of carbon, called the Typhoon. The Typhoon was big and with a beefy camera.

Other than that I found myself staring at the customers looking at things and I had to wonder that they surely realised what was going on and did not mind the fact they were buying things that were not what they appeared?

My last camera from PC World was new but that was a Nikon P900 and had only just come out and they did not even stock it in my local PC World store, I had to get it from their store in Oxford Street. Though this was not what I planned and my memory caused me to forget the address of the store I was heading for. Another store had also vanished, despite my phone telling me it was there and I had a difficult time getting there. Nearly passing out several times going from a tube station to the surface. Come to think of it I was having heart palpitations that day and my chest felt … odd. Oh well, I forgot about that and as I said before … I had not previously realised that having heart palpitations was a big issue. I certainly never expected hospital staff to get so animated and look so concerned over it. So yeah … it was new and decided to grab it as they had it and run. Well, not literally but I headed back to Enfield as quick as I could!

Had they stocked what I wanted in my local store I would still not return there to purchase the things need.

Well … I need quite a lot in fact. Hmm no … a hell of a lot and the length of the list? Over forty items and the list is still growing, plus keep remembering things I had previously thought of too.

Unboxing videos anyone? Four dozen unboxing videos anyone?

It is … mind numbing. Thinking of all the things I need and all the things I will get as well as all the things I will do. I cannot keep track.

Lol, I imagine when it happens visitors to my blogs and those to my YouTube channel will have a bloody hard time keeping track too? But it will be dizzyingly enjoyable. Well, I hope.

Then there are all the photos and videos that will be created by the use of all these things.


It is also May 1st and so … technically speaking it is the last … month? This is the last month in a great many different ways.

Once it kicks off, oh and it will, there will also be a bloody long series of posts, audio and video and possibly even one legal battle that could end up as three legal battles?

Then there is the zipping around and … oh boy will there be some zipping. Two to three lots of zipping around over the following 12 months from the kick off with cameras and laptop in tow.

There is a key date of the 2nd June 2017 but I am not really sure how the process I have been waiting for works around that.

I will need to do a lot more work at a … computer and my work space needs to improve by a factor of ten. I will have to do a lot of messing around with editing. Coding. The avenues that will become available will be endless. Streaming?!

Ugh! I dunno … so much to figure out and plan.

I have also got to get some other things into a regular … thing over the next couple of weeks and one of those is that I simply have to get back into exercising. I have become very unfit and this needs to change if I am going to achieve everything I have ever wanted.

Oh and an old name has popped up on the radar … as a new one. Almost missed that one. Also only using camera in manual mode only for the next four weeks. That should get me ready? More to do with my photography blogs, digital photography where I mess around trying to be artistic, and fail. Another one I do on British Wildlife as well as one on exotic wildlife, mainly reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Fit to work, fit to do and fit to … battle.

When this happens .. the following twelve months are going to be like nothing that has ever been seen on my blogs before … ANY OF THEM!

Starters orders!


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