I was trying to hunt down the BBC report that states that Jeremy Corbyn did something incompetent.

Apparently he says that if elected he will raise the pay off all NHS staff?!

What? No really, WHAT?!

Are you a complete idiot?

Your plan to win an election that is looking improbable is to promise everyone pay rises?!

With what will you pay them, dear Liza?

Leaving the jokes aside … does he actually do any research or does he rely on the fake news that is the mainstream British TV news networks?

The NHS is in a mess.

It’s rife with tales of failure, corruption, lies, avoidance and deliberate falsification of health test results.

It’s also grossly understaffed.

But, Jeremy Corbyn, your priority is to give everyone pay rises?!

Yeah … because that will fix all the problems … oh no, wait a minute? OK, that will fix half the problems … oh crap. Sorry yeah that will some of the problems … one problem? Umm no … no problems.

You will still have a very large group of people who have been lied to and cheated being added to by ever more people.

Suuuure, there won’t be any problem at all with this large amount of pissed off public when you give them all pay rises with money you don’t have access to?!

Oh my God, where did these politicians get educated? Coys R Us?!

Mind you this would of course have a humongous backlash from the public of he had any chance of winning. I just don’t think he has. This only gets reinforced in my mind when he comes out with stupid statements like this.

Now he is either a complete idiot, needs a new adviser, needs to stop watching the TV news, needs to check the Internet more or he thinks that the British public are complete idiots and they public service staff are the only people that matter? Because he clearly thinks everyone else who doesn’t work for the NHS are complete idiots?

What will he do next? Work his way around each public service … sorry I meant each failed/corrupt public service, including ombudsman? Ombudsman I’ve proved over and over again are liars, stupid and but fit for purpose. Ombudsman that are unable to understand plain English and constantly breach confidentiality before they even try to you? Are you going to raise their wages too? I’m about to post pieces on around the time of when the election takes place. Mr Corbyn I suggest you retract your statement in case you WIN! Because of you do … well … there is going to be a lot coming out … a lot of diverts being pointed, thigh you won’t have to worry about the TV News as they are obviously being paid off.

Ooh boy … I’ve told two people today exactly what is going on with me right now and what will go on fit the rest of 2017. Do you know what I get now I’ve divulged what I’ve been doing and what I will be doing?

Laughter before them saying “Your joking, right?!” to which I smile and say “No … And do you want to know what’s just popped up?” then tell them about some phone conversations and when hearing a location mentioned they say “What?! But they …” and I then get quotes of other locations and hearing then realise I was not only spot fucking on yet again but am about to prove it.

They then had it explained that two very big public services, one a court, is about to get their arses trashed in ways they couldn’t imagine.

Then one of them is going to get their arses thrashed to within an inch of their miserable lives along with their associated ombudsman.

To make the humiliation even worst I’ve warned one of them I am going to do this, but not how, knowing they will disregard it.

Another one is going to get roasted and then told at the end with a smile that the while process has been academic.

They kind of think they have me. Lol. Well … kinda … because … well I kinda ended up in a situation where it appeared that I was … abandoned.

Yeeeah I was going to check on this but … the process was once again academic and I ended up doing a much better job while I myself was being very ill informed.

I then realised that if I actually left myself intentionally in a limbo for once, not stranded there by someone else, that I could use this to my advantage.

It also helps that one of two things occurs in each case like this … either they are far, far too confident. Or perhaps they just don’t do enough research? Lol.

Whichever one of these two is the case it matters not. The outcome remains the same.

Four people, in fact, have been told of this little extra oversight that landed in my lap. Sorry, no five with my landlord and landlady. Every single one thought I was literally joking and I laughed and said … “wanna hear the tape?” and the realisation on their faces that on yet another occasion in a long list I was right.

One brother laughed on the phone tonight. Two family members are now surprised that I’d had heart palpitations with chest pain and reaching high blood pressure levels prior to my grandfather’s funeral but hadn’t told anyone about that either.

I could fill books with things I haven’t revealed.

In fact I can see my old friend Old Ken laughing from the afterlife.

He once asked me how I kept everyone in the dark and how everyone thinks they are one step ahead of me but the reality is in four steps ahead of everyone else?

Do you know what I said?

Yeah … most people like to fully inform those people that think they are one step ahead of the reality. Now why would I do that when saying nothing at all keeps me one step ahead?

There was a mere moment of confusion as he pondered what I said before roaring with laughter.

Trying to stay upright he said “But how have you kept things so secret?” to which I said “You know everyone thinks I talk a lot?” to which he replied “Yes”. I then said “Well when people think you talk a lot they tend to get this impression that you tell them everything!” to which he laughed so hard he fell off his chair to his left side and onto his living room carpet.

I would just be sitting their grinning at times and this time tears rolling down my face at the sheer joy I used to give him sometimes.

His honest view of me was like some mastermind chess player with a mix of Sherlock Holmes. Not always like that. There are times when I slip. My halo is always in a slipped position. Never quite straight.

Ken was diagnosed with kidney cancer some time later. I was rocked when I found out he only had so long to live.

I visited him regularly and was the only one that helped him regularly and I watched him writhe in pain and get thinner and thinner each day. Until he died.

There was no one. Often my arguments with picnic services involved them telling me they more or less only did anything when someone was dying of cancer. Unless this was the case they did fuck all.

But Ken slowly withered away and was in some God awful pain and the only person that did visit was lazy, uneducated and uncaring and works deliberately take his five teaspoons he needed, for his liquid oxycontin, downstairs and NOT bring them back up. Trying to tell others this they all thought he had lost his marbles.

Ken knew there was one person that wouldn’t think he had lost his marbles. There was one person that told him stories of the horrors that we going on in the DWP, NHS and local councils. There was just one single person that would come and investigate.

“Ken’s saying this woman’s hiding his spoons … we think he is delirious” is what three people said to me.

“Right, I’m going round there!” I answered to each.

“Right, see this guy here? He is super smart and can work out anything! Your in trouble now!!” is what Ken said to this false nurse while I was standing in the room while her chin was dragging around on the floor with a worried look on her face!

The fact that I’d just watched her walk to the road and around the corner so slowly that I thought she was a local woman with a broken foot. Thirty minutes late, I might add! So I had disregarded her as the nurse I was waiting for and was thinking “WTF?!” when she walked through Ken’s gate.

That was a death that no one should have suffered and in an undignified way too.

Not a day has gone by when I haven’t wondered how many others this had happened to and how many more it’s happened to and living relatives have been totally unaware.

Ken lived alone.

I live alone.

I’ve had a disability for twenty years I didn’t know about that I spent 14 years asking about when I got terrible pain while on my feet.

I’ve spent 14 years asking about it, telling people about it and took 14 years for me to prove it myself. Myself!

Forgetting the memory issues and 120 odd other things and as stated it affects my feet in six different areas. Walking is problematic and standing still is far worse.

I’ve spent 14 years battling with the NHS onto to realise they knew what I had for at least two years prior to my correct self diagnosis.

They say I can work. I say I can too but always maintained I’d need help and cannot travel on public transport in the rush hours.

I therefore can’t do jobs where standing up a lot of involved which rules out retail stores and sales for a start. That’s the definition of a disability.

I can’t travel on buses when the weather heads North of about 22 Celsius. At all. Body temperature regulation problems. That’s only a couple of the long list of things and as you can see it’s bad enough already?

I’ve avoided it, lost, won back and about to lose again a battle with the DWP over my disability.

It kind of come to a head last September 2016 and I was torn asunder. Regardless of how low I got and how badly I was affected … I still continue to do what I’ve always done.

I’m about to do it again, as it turns out.

On one occasion many years ago I spoke to … someone, not sure if it was a job agency? I told them that another issue I have is living in a country where the public seem to be becoming more and more selfish and amoral, unless TV cameras are on them. No one offers you a seat when I’m actually standing on the very parts of my body that cause pain.

I’ve said this for well over ten years to job agencies, the DWP and the NHS.

Here is a BBC News report about it being so bad they started to make people with INVISIBLE disabilities wear blue badges stating they are disabled.

Didn’t make a bind bit of difference …

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Tube badge for hidden illnesses ‘not as positive as hoped’ says lupus sufferer –


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