They are just … unbelievable.

The government that is. They have tried to delay their plans to deal with air pollution. This involves illegal levels of Nitrogen dioxide. This is the first I’ve heard anything about NO2 levels being high.

So the government tried to delay punishing their plans until after the election?

Well you know what this means?

There aren’t any plans.

It’s downright inhuman to do things like this, not to mention stupid because I doubt very much it would make a difference to who wins. It will likely make some difference but not enough that the Tories would lose.

Unless the pollution levels were really bad, there are no plans or intentions and half of Scotland voted for Labour, realising that is the only way to get the Tories out.

Plus, of course, there is the fear that getting Jeremy Corbyn won’t get the two things that voted to leave Europe for.

This is the most important thing that politicians should realise and not campaign against. Because to do so is to go against the wishes of the majority of the British public.

You should not campaign against the things people voted for not should you work against them if you get in.

It’s called a democracy for a reason and let’s be honest here, the EU referendum is the only example of a true democracy we have ever had. This is why it was crystal clear that the majority voted for two reasons and half of those voting to remain probably agreed with the two things anyway. Fear causing them to vote to remain.

If your going to leave Europe anyway now you might as well leave with all your belongings. I was going to say ‘cutlery’ as if your leaving a swish restaurant. Didn’t like that and tried to think of a better analogy but couldn’t think of one.

I wonder what other stupid things will be said or done over the coming weeks?

I’m not with stupid.

It is odd that it is an intention to ie about emissions by omission.


Odd that there is also a belief by many that the snap election was called due to an investigation about voting fraud.

Is there to be anything else pop up on our radars prior the the general election?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Government bid to delay air pollution plan fails –


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